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ROCKFON® is a leading provider of acoustic stone wool and metal ceiling solutions and suspension systems.

For the past 20 years, the ROCKWOOL Group has been present in North American through ROXUL® Inc., the leading North America manufacturer of stone wool insulation products for the North American market. ROXUL has two strategically-placed manufacturing facilities, one in Milton, Ontario (East) and the other in Grand Forks, British Columbia (West). Both factories use world-class technology to produce residential products, as well as a wide array of industrial, commercial and marine stone wool insulation products.

With the acquisition of Chicago Metallic®, ROCKFON provides customers a complete ceiling system offering combining ROCKFON stone wool and specialty metal ceiling panels with Chicago Metallic suspension systems.

All ROCKFON solutions meet the strictest requirements for acoustical performance, fire protection and hygiene enabling you to Create and Protect aesthetic indoor environments.


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Suspended Ceilings image

Suspended Ceilings

ROCKFON® acoustic ceiling tiles have performance advantages made possible by a raw material found only in ROCKFON™® products: stone wool. Stone wool is produced from volcanic rock, or basalt, which features unique properties that give stone wool a number of superior performance characteristics and attributes. Make the most of your flexibility and creativity with numerous choices in tiles, plank sizes and patterns. Available in standard 2x2 and 2x4 formats or larger, ROCKFON® ceilings can help you better define areas and functions in a particular space, or create a unique look by spanning planks across entire corridors.

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Design decoration

Basic white


Special area


Impact resistance


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Innovative and aesthetically-pleasing vertical frameless or framed acoustical baffles offer high sound absorption, contribute to acoustic comfort and are fast and easy to install. They are ideally suited for acoustical corrections.

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Innovative and aesthetically-pleasing horizontal frameless acoustical islands are available in square and rectangular format. They offer high sound absorption, contribute to acoustic comfort and are fast and easy to install. They are ideally-suited for acoustical corrections.


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Metal Baffle Ceilings image

Metal Baffle Ceilings - Intaline™

The Intaline™ tee grid-based system allows for module alignment and easy installation. The round and V-base panels of Intaline™ include a range of baffle heights and feature variable baffle spacing.

Curved Ceilings image

Curved Ceilings - CurvGrid™

Curvilinear Ceilings - From retail and gallery settings, to offices and auditoriums, the applications for CurvGrid™ are excitingly open-ended. CurvGrid™ can dramatically define an area, while lending energy to the surrounding space.

Linear Ceilings image

Linear Ceilings - Planar®, PlanarMacro® MacroPlus™

ROCKFON® Linear Metal Ceilings provide ceilings with continuous linear lines in a variety of styles and painted, wood-look or metal finishes. The spaces between the panels may be left open for acoustical or air movement requirements, or closed. Panels also may be perforated for increased acoustical performance. Our linear designs have been used extensively on exterior and interior applications and give designers several options for creating visual design continuity which can flow from inside a space to outside the building.

Plank / Tile Ceilings image

Plank / Tile Ceilings - Planostile™, SpanAir™, Traditions™

Planostile™ offers design flexibility for a wide-range of interior and exterior applications. It features a variety of sizes, profiles, materials, perimeter options, finishes and accessories. From every perspective, it will perform to your expectations. SpanAir® Panels make it extraordinarily simple to retrofit and conceal 15/16" suspension systems with a fresh, stylish look. These easy-to-install panels provide a dramatic alternative to exposed grid lines. With finely crafted perimeter angles and cornices, the distinct look of Traditions™ embossed metal panels comes together remarkably. A variety of design patterns ensures you'll have no lack of options for a striking completion to any installation.

Security Ceilings image

Security Ceilings - Metaline™, Securline®

Securline® planks offer the best security for supervised and unsupervised areas in detention facilities. This security ceiling and wall system is access-resistant, abuse-resistant and exceptionally strong. Metaline™ security panels and suspension are a high-performance aluminum ceiling that provides access resistance in supervised dayrooms and corridor areas in detention facilities as well as other locations requiring restricted access to the ceiling plenum.


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1 3/8" Drywall Suspension Ceiling image

1 3/8" Drywall Suspension Ceiling - 640/660, 650/670, Radius, SpanFast

Engineered to maintain accurate spacing between furring runners, ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® Drywall Suspension provides robust and economical support for flat and curved ceilings. ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® suspension systems are made from galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and offers high load ratings for seismic, fire-rated and non-fire-rated applications. For curved applications, the ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® Radius System is ideal for concave and convex shapes. When using drywall ceilings in corridors, SpanFast® is the ideal choice for minimizing labor, reducing time and costs, and eliminating the need for mid-span hangers.

1 3/8" Suspension Ceiling image

1 3/8" Suspension Ceiling - 660 Wide, BarrierGrid

The 660 Wide Face special application grid products provide options for a traditional exposed ceiling or a wide-face, bold look. Aluminum capping provides corrosion resistance and added protection in harsh environments, and is approved for all Seismic Design categories. ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® BarrierGrid® components and assemblies are created for clean process areas requiring isolation from the ceiling plenum. Whether selecting a standard or premium system, precision placement of factory applied gaskets ensures system integrity.

15/16" Suspension Ceiling image

15/16" Suspension Ceiling - 1200, 1250, 1830, 200, 250, 730, 830, 1260/1280, 260/280, BarrierGrid

Traditional ceiling grid products from ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® provide options for well-designed, sustainable and economical commercial ceilings with a 15/16" exposed face. Non-directional main tee and hook or stab-in cross tees provide quick, firm installations. ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® Seismic Ceiling Systems include the Seismic 1200 Intermediate and Heavy Duty grid, along with the Unopposed Tee Clip, Seismic Separation Joint Clip and Seismic Perimeter Clip which work together to save up to 75% in material and labor costs. ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® Special Applications grid solutions provide you with alternatives. Choices that help you elevate aesthetics even in moisture- and chemical-laden spaces. The harsher the environment, the more performance oriented the ceiling system must be.

9/16" Bolt Slot Suspension Ceiling image

9/16" Bolt Slot Suspension Ceiling - 4500, 4600, 4000 HRCmax, 4500 HRCmax, 4550, 4600 HRCmax

Aesthetic ceiling grid products from ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® provide options for flawless and continuous lines, with a choice of reveals and crisp intersections to accent any ceiling. This discreet system offers aesthetic qualities and unmatched performance. High Recycled Content ceiling grid products from ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® are made with the highest industry standard recycled material content (65%) to help you maximize your LEED® results. The same trusted design as standard ceiling suspension, HRCmax® ceiling grid is compatible with industry standard acoustical panels, lighting and air diffusers.

9/16" Integrity Suspension Ceiling image

9/16" Integrity Suspension Ceiling - 4200

Chicago Metallic™ Integrity 4200 ceiling suspension system with a 9/16" narrow face and 1-5/8" heights showcases the smooth, white finish of a Rockfon tile with a double-reveal grid profile. The non-mitered intersections allow for design flexibility and ease of installation. The narrow profile accepts light fixtures and air diffusers as well as industry standard narrow reveal edge acoustical ceiling panels. Suspension is flame spread Class A and suitable for general areas. Popular applications include offices, airport transit stations, healthcare and galleries. All Chicago Metallic™ stab cross tees include Quick-Click integral clips for fast and sturdy installation.

9/16" Suspension Ceiling image

9/16" Suspension Ceiling - 4000, 4050

Aesthetic ceiling grid products from ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® are exposed with a narrow face that accentuates a ceiling design with its subtle, crisp, clean lines. These systems minimize the appearance of the ceiling grid, while emphasizing the aesthetic qualities of the ceiling design.


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The Importance of Acoustics image

The Importance of Acoustics

Ambient noise levels affect people'™s health by increasing general stress levels. Continued exposure does not lead to habituation; in fact, the effects worsen (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).
Fire Performance image

Fire Performance

Stone wool, the core material of our stone wool products, can withstand temperatures up to 2150°ree:F (1177°ree:C). It does not contribute to the development and spread of fire. It is made from basalt rock and is non-combustible.
Humidity resistance image

Humidity resistance

Rockfon® stone wool ceiling panels are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity.

Humidity can weaken the structure of certain ceiling materials and cause them to sag. In extreme cases they may even fall out of the grid.

This will often happen in buildings under construction where the building is not hermetically sealed or materials have not dried out. Additionally, humidity levels are naturally high in wet rooms like kitchens and sanitary areas, and moisture problems can occur.

Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity. They can be installed at temperatures ranging from 32 ™F to 104 ™F. No acclimatization is necessary, and Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels can be installed in the early stages of construction (when the windows are not fully sealed) without any risk of sagging.
Indoor Climate image

Indoor Climate

Factors that affect the indoor climate are the Indoor Environment, Light Reflection, Cleanliness and Hygiene. ROCKFON stone wool ceilings contribute to a better indoor environment by offering low particle emission and excellent insulating properties. ROCKFON stone wool ceilings offer superior light reflection and diffusion which reduces energy usage. The ROCKFON product range meets all cleaning requirements. Stone wool is water repellent and has no nutritional value. The ROCKFON Medical range offers three levels of performance designed to meet the requirements of zones with different levels of infection risk.

Indoor environment
Light Reflection
Impact Resistance image

Impact Resistance

Heavy wear and tear requires impact resistant ceiling panels.

Impact resistance of construction materials is an important issue in schools and gyms.Ceilings in these kinds of areas need to be able to withstand tougher-than-average wear and tear as well as frequent mounting and demounting.

Reinforced surface

Rockfon® Impact™ ceiling panels feature a reinforced surface. These impact-resistant ceilings also offer all the advantages of Rockfon stone wool tiles: fire safety, sound absorption, ease of installation and humidity resistance.

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