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Aluminum Flush Doors  

Cline's 100BE Flush Aluminum Series Door was the product that launched the company. Being the oldest manufacturer of flush aluminum doors, Cline has spent over 50 years perfecting this product. The 100BE series door is a staple product for water treatment facilities, offshore oil-rigs, military housing, government buildings, and hospitals. The 100BE Series offers strength, flexibility of design, and endurance. Any environment where the conditions are tough, chemically or physically, the 100BE stands up to the challenge.

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Cline's 200BE Flush FRP Series Door was built based on the strength and craftsmanship of our flush aluminum line. We kept the same structural framework used in our 100BE Flush Door Series and substituted FRP skins. FRP is another great option for tough environments and was especially designed to become tomorrow's school door, with availability today. The FRP door has color-thru FRP Skins which resist the abuse of everyday wear and tear, along with a UV inhibited FRP skin that will not fade over time. Schools require the ultimate door to withstand daily physical abuse and the 200BE Series FRP Door surpasses that test.

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Aluminum Screen Door  

Cline's 400SE Series Screen Door is the ultimate in heavy-duty screen door applications. That is why Cline's Screen Door is the perfect choice for commercial kitchens, greenhouses, food processing plants, and commissaries. Measuring 1.75 inches in thickness, Cline's Screen Door is reinforced for many different types of commercial hardware. Separated by a 5-inch cross rail, the upper screen portion of the door features an aluminum insect screen. The bottom screen portion has the same insect screen, but also features an aluminum expanded metal grill mounted directly behind the screen.

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Aluminum Stile & Rail Door  

Cline's 500SE Series Door is designed with ventilation in mind. This stile and rail door is derived from a 5-inch door stile design. Within these tubes you can add a louver, flush panels, recessed panels, or glass. The 500 Series design is a favorite for generator rooms, electrical rooms, and computer equipment facilities. These tubes are 1/8-inch thick, providing reinforcement for commercial hardware. Held together with 3/8-inch tie rods, the 500SE Series is strong enough to handle your security needs, while also providing flexible airflow configurations. The 500BE Series Door can be manufactured more than 6 feet wide and 16 feet tall with optional monorail cutout for an I-beam hoist. This is the most versatile product manufactured at Cline Doors.

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Aluminum Door Frames  

Not only does Cline offer exceptional doors, but also a heavy-duty framing system. All frames come with a 1.75-inch profile design combined with the choice of a 5-or 6-inch frame depth. Standard frames are manufactured with an open-back design or an optional closed-back tubular style to meet those individual job specifications. Cline's frames feature 1/8-inch thick walls to allow for surfaced mounted hardware. Cline also has the ability to provide our frames with transoms and sidelites, open for glass, fixed panels, and removable panels. All frames ship knock-down and assemble effortlessly in the field. This unique design provides a sleek appearance where all mounting hardware is concealed.

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Enviro Green  

Green since 1961, Cline Doors are made of recyclable aluminum materials, and designed to withstand even the harshest of chemicals or environments. Cline Doors pre- and post-consumer recycle content can contribute to your Sustainable Design and Green Building requirements, while our doors' low maintenance and service longevity also reduce your Life-Cycle Costs.

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Photo Gallery  

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