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Architectural Panel & Façade Systems  

Designwall 4000 is the go-to panel choice for large scale projects. Available in either embossed or non-embossed, Designwall 4000 is uniquely equipped for the finest design ingenuity.

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The ultimate in design flexibility, Designwall 2000 architectural wall panels allow for complete creative freedom. With horizontal and vertical application capability, the Designwall 2000 joint provides maximum thermal efficiency while creating a double barrier against air and water penetration.

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Designwall R Series architectural wall panels provide a profiled, accent version of BENCHMARK's Designwall 2000 wall panel with variable rib configurations at 7/8" deep. Variable rib configurations are available in 24" module widths. Designwall R Series interfaces and engages with other Designwall horizontal panel profiles to create a distinct accent.

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Vale delivers a 5/8" deep ribbed profile for wall applications. The asymmetrical profile is designed for horizontal or vertical application. Vale is suitable for new and retrofit applications across the commercial and industrial market sectors.

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Wall Panel Systems  

Kingspan's Accent Fin is the perfect way to give your building designs a finishing touch and make them stand out from the crowd. The Accent Fin products are designed to be compatible with Kingspan's KS Series and Optimo® insulated metal panel range, fitting perfectly in the joinery between panels. With six fins to choose from, there's sure to be an accent that's right for your design.

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Optimo® insulated metal wall panels deliver a flat, aesthetically appealing modern building envelope solution. The use of pearlescent micas or metallic colors can provide an even more dynamic finish to any project. Optimo® has the same joint as KS Series panels and can integrate with a variety of profiles. 


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KS Series insulated metal wall panels provide unique aesthetics through a wide range of profiles while delivering supreme thermal performance. Adjustable module widths can integrate for distinct architectural flair. KS Series panels can be customized with trimless ends and pre-formed corners to provide a clean, finished appearance.

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QuadCore KarrierPanel is a cost-effective universal barrier wall alternative solution to traditional multi-component wall systems. KarrierPanel utilizes Kingspan's fully engineered KarrierRail to securely and safely transmit loads from a wide range of non-combustible faCade options to the structural supports behind the insulated panel.

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QuadCore KS Granitstone is a complete, high-performance insulated metal panel solution that resembles and has the texture of stucco masonry. KS Granitstone can integrate with other KS Series panels to create a unique accent. Five standard Granitstone Quartz finishes are also available providing an extra pop of color.

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Roof Panels Systems  

The KingSeam insulated standing seam roof panel system features the traditional look of a standing seam roof for a sleek, stylish appearance but with all of the benefits of an insulated metal panel. That means unrivaled energy efficiency with high R-values, increased durability and proven protection against fire. KingSeam panels also install quick and easy, reducing construction costs. The superior thermal and airtight design can lower building operational energy demands as well.

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The KingRib series of insulated roof panel system offers a cost-effective alternative to field-assembled high rib roof applications, with all the outstanding benefits of insulated panels – high R-values, energy efficiency, and an unrivaled fire rating. KingRib's 3 or 5 rib profile allows for long span requirements and/or severe loading conditions.

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Case Studies  

Ryerson University's Centre For Innovation practices what it preaches with a sustainable vision for the present, using insulated metal panels.Highlights

  • The Centre for Urban Innovation serves as a showcase for energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Architects preserved a 130-year-old building, while incorporating brand-new labs and research facilities

  • Kingspan's MF Fire Rated panels provide a fire resistive rating up to three hours - important in a lab environment

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The CHK | Central Boathouse is not only a functional boathouse situated on the Oklahoma River, it also houses a concert hall, art gallery, office spaces and more.

  • The CHK | Central Boathouse merges architectural form with function

  • Designed to be utilized as a multi-purpose space for a wide variety of event types

  • Integrates design elements inspired by jazz music

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  • Jacksonville's new Greyhound terminal is phase one of a brand-new regional transportation center

  • One of the city's most energy-efficient buildings

  • Sustainability is featured in building design, lighting and HVAC

The new Greyhound terminal in North Florida utilizes insulated metal panels to highlight modern design and a sustainable future.

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  • Blue Bird Self-Storage is rapidly expanding with the growing demand for units in Canada

  • The self-storage facility was designed with aesthetics and performance in mind

  • Using insulated metal panels allowed for easy construction

Vaughan, Ontario's newest self storage facility blends modern design with class-leading R-value. Designed to appeal to a profitable demographic, the new Bluebird Self Storage utilizes Kingspan IMPs to create a visually appealing building that also holds up to the rigors of Ontario's winter.

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