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America's Indoor/Outdoor Quarry Tile. Metropolitan Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of unglazed quarry tile in the U.S. Metropolitan is known for producing durable unglazed quarry tile that can stand up to the most demanding treatment indoors and out.

Metropolitan Ceramics Quarry Tile Attains Green Squared Certification

May 22, 2012 - Canton, Ohio - Metropolitan Ceramics®, a brand of Ironrock Capital, Inc. has recently had a large selection of unglazed ceramic quarry tile products Green Squared Certified by Scientific Certification System (SCS).


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Unglazed Quarry Tile - QUARRYBASICS®

Combines long wear and great looking colors.The colors coordinate to fit high traffic, multi- use, commercial, and residential design needs. QUARRYBASICS are the fore-most natural, unglazed, high density ceramic tile made in the U.S.A.

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XA Abrasive combines two slip resisting additives to create a one-of-a-kind slip resisting tile with a Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ≥ 0.70.

With XA Abrasive, the properties of both Quarrybasics® X-Colors and Quarrybasics® Abrasive are incorporated into one tile. The silicon embedded surface, combined with the metallic additive through the body of the tile, work together to combat the effects of spills, moisture, extreme temperatures, and heavy traffic.

Use Quarry Basics® XA Abrasive in the most demanding environments and anywhere durability and slip resistance are important.
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Slip Resistant Quarry Tile - METRO TREAD®

METRO TREAD® features nine raised treads across the surface of each tile and spaced 5/8" apart for added slip resistance. METRO TREAD® has a dynamic coefficient of friction of ≥.60 wet at time of manufacture and is suitable for heavy traffic areas subject to frequent spills and moisture. METRO TREAD® is the right tile for commercial kitchen floors and is a slip resisting option when looking for an anti slip tile.

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Flashed Quarry Tile - Somerset™

Somerset™ combines the natural appeal of rich shade variation from tile to tile, with the durability and slip resisting features and benefits of our other Metropolitan Quarry tile. Somerset is the right choice for architectural designs and installations.
  • The perfect answer for restoration and renovation projects, indoors and out.
  • For new construction where a classic style is the desired result.
  • Suitable for commercial installations such as a courtyard or entryway.
  • The right fit for residential applications such as a patio, walkway or foyer.
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Flashed Quarry Tile with Texture - Down to Earth®

Down to Earth® is an indoor / outdoor, naturally slip-resisting unglazed ceramic tile from Metropolitan Ceramics®. Down to Earth® is 1/2" thick and has through-the-body flashed colors, distinct textures and unique sizing. Perfect for your outdoor porch, patio, walkway or pool surround.

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Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry products are one of the longest lasting flooring products available. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Tile Council of North America found quarry tile to be the best value among competing floor covering products based specifically on the price and longevity of the product.

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Green Squared Certification

Metropolitan Ceramics®, a brand of Ironrock Capital, Inc. has recently had a large selection of unglazed ceramic quarry tile products Green Squared Certified by Scientific Certification System (SCS). Green Squared™ is the flooring industry's first sustainability standard for tile and tile installation materials. Developed by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) tilethenaturalchoice.com under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) process, this sustainability standard recognizes manufacturers for their environmental leadership and corporate social responsibility across a broad range of indicators.For a complete list of the Metropolitan Ceramics® product colors that have been Green Squared Certified and for more on Metropolitan Ceramics® and Green Squared, visit the Metropolitan Ceramic® website metroceramics.com

Last Update: 2019-12-02