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Founded in 1946, Noble Company manufactures premium-quality, innovative products for the Tile, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, and Fire Sprinkler industries.

Noble Company product applications include Waterproofing, Crack Prevention, and Sound Reduction under tile flooring. The Engineered Fluids Division manufactures freeze protection fluids for various applications such as Hydronic under-floor heating, Solar Heating Systems, Geothermal Systems, and Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Noble Company is an American-based company, manufacturing products in Michigan and Louisiana. Our products are designed and manufactured to exceed applicable industry standards and are engineered for reliability. We are proud to have product in some of the highest profile projects in the world such as the: Burj Khalifa (Dubai), City Center (Las Vegas), and Laguna Honda Hospital (California).


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Tile Installation - Membranes

Sheet Membrane image

Sheet Membrane - NobleSeal® TS

A sheet membrane that provides waterproofing and crack isolation for thin-bed installations of ceramic and stone tile. A composite sheet membrane made from chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), with non-woven fiber laminated to both sides. Guaranteed for the life of the installation.
Features & Benefits
  • Ideal for thin-bed shower waterproofing
  • Water/vapor barrier - 0.15 perms per ASTM E96
  • Protects thin-set tile from cracking
  • Guaranteed not to rot, crack, or deteriorate
  • No curing - install tile immediately
  • Use over common substrates
Shower Pan Liner Waterproofing Membrane image

Shower Pan Liner Waterproofing Membrane - Chloraloy®

A premium shower pan liner for mortar bed installations of ceramic, marble or terrazzo tile. Made from chlorinated polyethelene (CPE). Superior preformance. Guranteed for the life of the installation.
Features & Benefits
  • Will not rot, crack, or rust
  • Holds a crease - simplifies installation
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Water/vapor barrier - 0.05 perms per ASTM E96
  • Meets plumbing code requirements
Sound Reduction Composite Sheet Membrane image

Sound Reduction Composite Sheet Membrane - NobleSeal® SIS

Reduces floor to floor impact noise created by walking, tapping, etc. on hard surface flooring like tile and hardwood floors. SIS is a composite sheet membrane made from an alloy of chlorinated polyethelene (CPE) with non-woven fabric laminated to both sides.
Features & Benefits
  • Thin (3/64" thick)
  • Minimizes the need to alter door and cabinet heights
  • Simplifies transitions between different types of flooring
  • Effective sound control (Meets ANSI A118.13)
  • Single sheet system saves time and money
  • Insures uniform thickness and quality
  • Can also provide waterproofing and crack isolation
Crack Isolation Membrane image

Crack Isolation Membrane - NobleSeal® CIS

Protects thin-set tile from cracking by relieving the stress caused by horizontal movement in the substrate. Also, helps to preserve tile patterns by bridging control joints.
Features & Benefits
  • Single sheet chlorinated polyethelene (CPE) construction
  • Insures uniform thickness and quality
  • High performance crack isolation membrane (ANSI A118.12)
  • Save Time - Tile immediately after installation
  • More than 30 years proven performance
  • Guaranteed not to rot or crack
Sheet Membrane image

Sheet Membrane - Noble Deck™

Membrane for thin-bed waterproofing and crack isolation for exterior applications with tile.
Features & Benefits
  • Provides waterproofing and protects tile from cracking
  • Sheet membrane minimizes variables in workmanship
  • Guaranteed not to rot, crack or deteriorate
  • No curing - install tile immediately
  • Use over concrete and some wood joist decks
Sheet Membrane image

Sheet Membrane - ValueSeal®

ValueSeal is Noble's NEWEST sheet membrane for interior, wet area waterproofing of floors and walls. ItA's ultra-thin and cost-effective for bonded waterproofing applications in both residential and commercial construction. At 16 mils, it is Noble's thinnest membrane. ValueSeal has superior characteristics compared to other thin waterproofing sheet membranes on the market. Made from Polyethylene.
Features & Benefits
  • Available in 3' and 6' widths
  • Use modified thin-set to bond and seam
  • Translucent - visually confirm coverage of thin-set
  • Thin, lightweight, flexible and holds a crease
  • For commercial and residential use
  • Suitable for common substrates
  • Crack isolation properties
  • Plumbing code approved
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Available sizes:
      o 3' x 33.3' = 100 sq. ft.
      o 3' x 100' = 300 sq. ft.
      o 6' x 66.67' = 400 sq. ft.
      o 5" x 30' Cap Strip
Shower Pan Liner image

Shower Pan Liner - RichPan

Shower pan liner made from flexible PVC. Meets plumbing code requirements for shower waterproofing applications.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Drains

FreeStyle Linear Drains™ image

FreeStyle Linear Drains™

Rather than traditional center shower drains that need four slopes and small tiles, the FreeStyle Linear Drain uses a single slope which allows the use of large format tile. This provides significant design flexibility. This drain can also be installed at the exit of the shower for barrier-free showers.

The FreeStyle Linear Drain has a membrane clamping collar mechanism. For reliable, watertight connection of the waterproofing membrane to the drain. All styles are 16 gauge 316 stainless steel and meets ASME and CSA standards of 300lb load centered on a 2" diameter plate.
Features & Benefits
  • Single slope to drain allows the use of larger tiles and greater design flexibility
  • Low profile and high capacity drainage make it ideal for barrier free applications
  • Membrane clamping mechanism assures a watertight seal with the waterproofing membrane
  • Waste pipe solvent welded into the drain for a watertight connection
  • Incorporate NobleSeal® for the most dependable waterproofing system available
  • One-Piece PVC or ABS construction ensures dependable performance with no manufactured seams
  • Contemporary styling with a selection of 7 drain lengths and four brushed stainless steel or tile top strainer styles
  • Save time - quick and easy installation
  • Custom sizes available for quantities of 50 or more

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Niches / Benches

Noble Waterproof Niches image

Noble Waterproof Niches

Waterproof niches that are ready for tile. They can be installed in minutes without penetrations of the Niche. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) and coated with acrylic polymer finish. Adds thermal resistance (R value of 2.5 to 3.0).
Features & Benefits
  • Save Time - Install in minutes
  • Niches mount flush in 2" x 4" stud wall construction with 1/2" backer board
  • Waterproof and ready for tile
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Adds thermal resistance - R Value 2.5 to 3.0
  • Custom sizes and shapes available (for quantities of 50 or more)
Noble Waterproof Benches image

Noble Waterproof Benches

Preformed waterproof benches are ready to tile. Ideal for showers, steam rooms, saunas, and spa applications. Save time in installation versus traditional methods and help prevent the growth of fungus and mold.
Features & Benefits
  • Benches are waterproof. No additional waterproofing needed
  • Save time! Ready for tile and install in minutes
  • Choose from a varaiety of shapes and sizes
  • Customized benches available (for quantities of 50 or more)
Noble Shelf Bench image

Noble Shelf Bench

Noble's Shelf Bench is strong and beautiful. Unlike standard floor model benches, the shelf bench ties into the wall studs and is suspended, for those who prefer a tiled shower floor under their bench. Heavy-duty, high strength aluminum frame allows a load capacity of up to 400 lbs.
Features & Benefits
  • Saves time! Ready for tile, strong, and reliable
  • Bench foam is solid. No mortar to mix and cure

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Pre-Slopes & Shower Bases

PRO-SLOPE™ For a Mortar Bed Shower image

PRO-SLOPE™ For a Mortar Bed Shower

PRO-SLOPE is a preformed composite made from durable expanded polystyrene (EPS) that creates a code required 1/4" per foot slope under the waterproofing membrane in a mortar bed shower.
Features & Benefits
  • Slope allows moisture to drain - helps minimize the risk of mold, fungus, and odor
  • Saves time - lightweight; easy to cut and install
  • No mortar, no mixing, no curing
  • Available in 3 sizes with extensions to fit most showers
Composite Shower Base image

Composite Shower Base - ProBase®

ProBase is a composite shower base that is waterproof, sloped to the drain, and ready for tile.
Kit includes:
  • Sloped ProBase Shower Base available in 3 sizes
  • Positive Weep ProtectorA,A(TM)
  • NobleSealant 150 - 10.3 oz tube
  • NobleSeal® membrane for flashing at perimeter
  • Preformed corners (4 inside, 4 dam)

Features & Benefits
  • Presloped, waterproof shower base - ready for tile
  • Made from polypropylene honeycomb for extra strength and durability
  • Adaptable to many shower layouts and sizes
  • Saves time and labor
  • Available in 3 sizes:
      o 48" x 48"
      o 32" x 60" with center drain
      o 32" x 60" with end drain
Single-Slope Shower Base image

Single-Slope Shower Base - ProBase II

ProBase™ II provides a complete solution for a linear drain installation. It installs quickly and easily with modified thin-set to provide the code-required slope to drain in conjunction with Noble Company™s Freestyle Linear Drain'. ProBase II is offered in two configurations: 32x60 Tub Replacement Kit and 64x64 Base Kit with Accessory Kit

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Installation Products

Weephole Protector image

Weephole Protector - Positive Weep Protector™

It is critical for weep holes to remain open and free of clogs. The Positive Weep Protector is a simple drainage solution that keeps weepholes in the drain's clamping ring open. A much more effective and convenient solution than pea gravel, broken tiles, or other traditional solutions.
Features & Benefits
  • Helps prevent mortar bed saturation from weep hole clogs
  • Easy to install, permanent solution
  • Highly effective, reliable, and affordable
Curb Overlays and Solid Curbs image

Curb Overlays and Solid Curbs

Noble Curbs save time by replacing lath and mortar to create a tileable surface. They are made from high density expanded polystyrene and coated with an acrylic polymer. Curb overlays are installed over a waterproofing membrane and stacked 2 x 4's and provide a watertight, tileable surface on shower thresholds. Solid curbs are thin-set and replace 2x4's.

Features & Benefits
  • Waterproof and ready for tile
  • Saves time! Easy to install
  • Easily cut to size with utility knife
  • Standard lengths are 3A,A', 4A,A', and 5A,A'
  • Custom sizes are available in quantity (minimum 50 units)
Pre-Formed Corners image

Pre-Formed Corners

Inside Corners
Seal inside corners with certainty. Inside Corners protect against leaks in lap or folded corners. Made from chlorinated polyethelene (CPE).

Dam/Outside Corners
Protect shower pan waterproofing from leaks at thresholds and/or for outside 270 degree angles. Available in CPE or PVC.
Drain Flashing image

Drain Flashing - NobleFlex®

NobleFlex Drain Flashing provides a smooth transition between a NobleSeal waterproofing membrane and a standard, three-part clamping ring drains.

Available in 2 depths - 3/4" and 1-1/2"
Custom sizes available (minimum quantity of 50)

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Adhesives & Sealants

Wet Set Adhesive image

Wet Set Adhesive - NobleBond EXT

A wet set adhesive for bonding NobleSeal® and Noble Deck™ sheet membranes in interior and exterior applications on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Features & Benefits
  • High strength, water resistant bond
  • Fast cure time
  • Non-flammable
  • Low odor, zero VOCs
  • No solvents, ammonia, or hazardous chemicals
  • Contains MicroSept™ antimicrobial protection. Inhibits growth of mildew and bacteria
  • Not suitable for applications in steam rooms, standing water, concrete substrates that have been chemically cleaned, and pressure treated plywood

Available in 4 gallon and 1 gallon containers. Coverage: Approximately 100 square feet per gallon.
Latex-Based Adhesive image

Latex-Based Adhesive - NobleBond 21

Pressure sensitive, latex-based adhesive for bonding NobleSeal® sheet membranes. Suitable for installations of crack isolation and sound reduction membranes on floors. Not for exterior, wet areas or vertical applications.
Features & Benefits
  • No curing
  • Low odor and zero VOCs
  • Non-flammable
  • Latex based, water clean up

Available in 4 gallon and 1 gallon containers. Coverage: Approximately 150 square feet per gallon.
Polymeric Sealant image

Polymeric Sealant - NobleSealant 150

Polymeric sealant used to seam Nobe Membrane sheets together, seal penetrations, drains, edges, or corners.
Features & Benefits
  • Creates a watertight Seal
  • Synthetic co-polymer rubber - high solids
  • Excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight and weathering
  • Unaffected by exposure to water after it has cured
  • Adheres to wood, metal, concrete, glass, plastic & rubber
  • Broad temperature use range

  • Seam membrane sheets together
  • Seal penetrations of the membrane
  • Provide a seal between the waterproof membrane and clamping ring drain
  • A concealed terminal edge sealant
  • Adhere preformed corners to the membrane, studs, etc.
  • Spot bond sheet to vertical or horizontal surface

Available in 10.3 ounce tubes. Coverage: Approximately 40 linear feet per tube.
Solvent Welding System image

Solvent Welding System - NobleWeld 100

NobleWeld 100 is a solvent welding system for seaming sheets of Chloraloy® and NobleSeal® TS.
Features & Benefits
  • Chemically fuses bare CPE sheets
  • Provides high-strength seam

Available in 1 quart and 1 pint containers. Coverage: Approximately 50 linear feet per pint.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} NOBURST® Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid

Antifreeze and Heat Transfer Fluid image

Antifreeze and Heat Transfer Fluid - NOBURST® -100

A non-toxic pre-mixed antifreeze and heat transfer fluid. The product is to be used in place of water and other water-like fluids in systems where freezing may either cause damage or interfere with the functioning of systems or equipment and/or toxicity to humans or animals is a concern. NOBURST A,A-100 is safe for use where contact with potable water is a possibility. Not for use in automotive systems or in systems containing galvanized pipe.

Active Ingredient:
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • De-foaming agent
  • Essentially non-toxic
  • Generally Regarded As Safe
Freeze Protection image

Freeze Protection - Super NOBURST®

SUPER NOBURST is part of The Noble CompanyA,A's complete NOBURST fluid care system for hydronic boilers and solar systems. With proper installation and annual inspection, SUPER NOBURST will protect systems from freeze damage and severe corrosion for 10 years. All ingredients in NOBURST non-toxic* and are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) for use as food additives by the FDA*. NOBURST is safe for use wherever there is a possibility of contact with potable water. This product must NOT be used in automotive cooling systems or with galvanized metals containing zinc or aluminum.
Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid image

Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid - NOBURST® AL

An antifreeze and heat transfer fluid for systems which contain aluminum components. NOBURST AL has inhibitor technology that is compatible with all metals commonly used in hydronic heating systems including brass, cast iron, steel, solder, copper and aluminum. The product is to be used in place of water and other water-like fluids in systems where freezing may either cause damage or interfere with the functioning of the system. NOBURST AL is not to be used in contact with or potential contact with potable water.
Features & Benefits
  • Use with all metals except galvanized steel
  • Special inhibitor package
  • Non-corrosive
  • High system efficiency
  • Blended with deionized water
Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid image

Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid - NOBURST® HD

NOBURST HD is a non-toxic* antifreeze and heat transfer fluid with a special inhibitor package allowing for use where system temperatures demand glycol stability. Safe for use up to 325A,A degrees F. The product is to be used in place of water and other water-like fluids in systems where freezing may either cause damage or interfere with the functioning of systems or equipment and/or toxicity to humans or animals is a concern. NOBURST HD is safe for use when there is a possibility of contact with potable water. Does not contain silicone-based additives, which can harm systems at high temperatures.
Propylene Glycol Antifreeze image

Propylene Glycol Antifreeze - NOBURST® LC

NOBURST LC is a lower concentration, non-toxic, inhibited, propylene glycol antifreeze with burst protection to -100°F. It safely winterizes all fresh water systems. NOBURST LC is recommended for use in residential homes and recreational vehicles.

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