Sherwin-Williams knows how to make sure your vision is achieved
On every project, under any condition, we're there for you every step of the way providing quality innovative coatings and colors along with expert service and support. We're a one-stop-supplier for architects, specifiers, engineers or design professionals. And we follow through with contractors to ensure that your performance requirements are met on time and on budget and that the end result remains true to your vision.

Solutions to make specification easy
From floors to walls to trim to ceilings, structural steel to masonry to architectural wood working, Sherwin-Williams has the most innovative products for every commercial or industrial application and substrate. By using the latest technologies, we're able to offer better choices, more options and never-before possibilities. We help you:

  • Meet today's specification challenges
  • Maximize performance
  • Control costs
  • Meet VOC regulations
  • Improve application efficiencies

Sherwin-Williams does more
Brand name reliability and expertise that adds value:

  • Prompt availability and fast delivery to help keep projects on time and on budget
  • Product specification, color matching and on-site advice
  • Local service and technical support through more than 3,500 company-operated stores that are near job sites
  • More than 1,800 representatives on hand to answer the needs of architects, specifiers, engineers, facility managers and contractors
  • Uniform product performance, pricing, and colors from site to site, project to project


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Green Programs and VOC Regulated Areas image

Green Programs and VOC Regulated Areas

Download our Green Programs and VOC Regulated Areas Reference Guide for the latest information on our products that contribute toward satisfying credits within various green programs. Plus learn about VOC regulations by area.
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Interior Paint - Paint Shield® Microbicidal Paint

Paint Shield® is the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint that kills greater than 99.9% of Staph (Staphylococcus aureus), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), E. coli (Escherichia coli), VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis) and Enterobacter aerogenes within two hours of exposure on painted surfaces. It continues to kill 90% of these bacteria even after repeated contamination on painted surfaces. The effectiveness lasts for up to four years as long as the integrity of the surface is maintained.
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Interior Paint - Duration Home®

Duration Home™ paint and primer in one features exclusive cross linking technology that actually repels stains. It also has advanced stain blocking technology to seal in stains already on your walls. Duration Home goes on smoothly and quickly and offers excellent hide. Duration Home is available in four sheens, including a technologically advanced flat finish that offers the same washability, durability and burnish resistance as the matte or glossier sheens. The flat finish hides minor drywall imperfections while providing a washable, rich look.
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Interior Paint - Harmony®

Harmony® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint's enhanced formula features Formaldehyde Reducing Technology to promote better indoor air quality. Harmony Paint also delivers great hide and a durable finish that withstand frequent washings. This zero VOC acrylic paint is also GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GreenGuard Certified for Children and Schools. Harmony's Odor and formaldehyde reducing properties works best when more surface area is painted.
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Interior Paint - SuperPaint®

When a job calls for a rich, beautiful appearance and quality performance, as well as time and material savings, SuperPaint™ Interior Latex Paint is the choice of professionals. It goes on fast, provides excellent hide, quick cleanup, and easy touchup - all of which increase your production, minimize repaints and keep your costs down.
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Interior Paint - ProMar® 200 Zero VOC

Professional painters have it all with ProMar™ 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Paint. A complete professional line that not only has zero VOCs, but is also available in six sheens and every color. All while delivering maximum productivity with exceptional durability and touch up.
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Interior Paint - ProMar® 400 Zero VOC

When you're looking for an interior paint for commercial and institutional settings that won't compromise performance or profits, count on ProMar™ 400. This affordable, technologically advanced coatings system is designed to increase your productivity and give your customers a tough finish.
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Interior Paint - ProClassic® Waterborne

Looking for the benefits of a waterbased enamel, but don™t want to sacrifice adhesion, durability and block resistance? ProClassic Acrylic Latex is the perfect choice. It delivers a high-performing, non-yellowing finish that withstands even the toughest wear and tear. A wet and dry hide allows you to apply fewer coats - saving valuable time and money.
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Interior Paint - Builder Solution®

Builder Solution® is a unique two-coat system designed to solve your two biggest problems, drywall imperfections and touch-up. And its time saving formulation will keep labor costs down. All of these benefits improve efficiency and reduce the customer callbacks that often stall the final close of the home.

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Exterior Paint - Duration™

Duration™ Premium Exterior Coating is formulated with PermaLast™ technology and infused with advanced acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance. Duration is self-priming and provides a mildew-resistant coating. It requires just one coat for repaints and two coats for new work so exterior jobs get done fast.
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Exterior Paint - Resilience®

Resilience® Paint is the perfect choice for residential and commercial exteriors. It has outstanding hide, brushability and exceptional resistance to moisture. With Resilience, the threat of rain or dew will not slow down or delay the job because it is specially formulated with breakthrough MoistureGuard™ technology, resisting moisture twice as quickly as standard exterior latex coatings. Newly painted exteriors develop resistance to moisture in just two hours rather than the four-hour minimum most coatings require.
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Exterior Paint - SuperPaint™

Performance and protection you can count on. SuperPaint™ offers coverage and durability, providing a dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant coating that withstands the elements. You can apply most sheens in cold weather, even in temperatures as low as 35™ F. Once applied, it offers excellent adhesion and hide - resisting frost in cooler conditions and chalking, peeling and blistering in hot and humid conditions. With its fast, efficient application in all temperatures, SuperPaint will increase your production year-round. And with its ability to withstand the elements, it will minimize repaints, keep costs down, and lead to more satisfied customers & referrals.
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Exterior Paint - A-100®

With a 100% acrylic formula that coverswell and lasts, A-100® Exterior Latex Paint is a proven performer that meets your expectations and your need to keep an eye on the bottom line.
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Exterior Paint - WoodScapes®

WoodScapes® is a breakthrough stain technology that is warranted for twice as long as you would expect a traditional stain to last. With fast application and brush load, efficiency and productivity are optimized. The thick formula ensures a uniform finish with no lap marks and great coverage. Woodscapes is self-priming with easy water cleanup, saving you time and money

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Primers - Pro Industrial' Pro-Cryl™ Universal Acrylic Primer

This self cross-linking acrylic primer is designed for construction and maintenance applications and is engineered for surfaces where rust and corrosion resistance is critical. Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Primer is a water-based alternative to solvent-based metal primers. It can be used on all bare steel, aluminum and galvanized substrates and is ideal for structural steel, machinery, piping or equipment found in schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and industrial sites.

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High Performance Coatings - Pro Industrial Acrylic Coating

Pro Industrial Acrylic Coating is a fast-drying coating that is perfect for commercial spaces. This product is easy-to-apply by brush, roll or spray.
High Performance Coatings image

High Performance Coatings - Pro Industrial™ Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy

The washability, chemical resistance and hard, impact-resistant finish of Pro Industrial™ Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy makes it the ideal coating for high traffic areas like hospitals, schools and restaurants. Its excellent hide and great coverage minimizes the number of coats needed. Specially formulated for block, drywall, masonry and concrete, its the perfect coating for almost any commercial project that demands durability, performance and the ability to withstand repeated cleanings. Pro Industrial™ Pre-Catalyzed Epoxys singlecomponent, waterbased formula will save you valuable time. There is no need to mix or measure. There is no limited pot life. Application and cleanup is fast and easy. Available in eg-shel and semi-gloss, this product allows you to deliver the look your customers want on time and on budget.
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High Performance Coatings - Pro Industrial™ Water Based Acrolon 100 Polyurethane

Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 is an advanced technology, <100g/L VOC, waterbased, acrylic urethane. This is a high gloss, abrasion resistant urethane that has excellent weathering properties.
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High Performance Coatings - Pro Industrial™ Multi-Surface Acrylic Coating

Pro Industrial™ Multi-Surface Acrylic is specifically engineered to provide high hide and good stain resistance. This interior/exterior, self-priming, waterborne gloss acrylic can be applied to marginally clean surfaces, making it ideal for use on walls and ceilings found in warehouses, manufacturing structures, schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and industrial sites, where a thorough cleaning is impractical. It provides excellent color and gloss retention and is great for use on a variety of substrates. Pro Industrial™ Multi-Surface Acrylic is a dryfall-type coating that provides alkyd-like hardness. It is ideal when multiple substrates need to be painted, but only one product purchase is desired. It is available in a wide range of colors. This fast-drying gloss acrylic is easy to apply by brush, roll or spray and is intended for interior and exterior use on marginally prepared surfaces.
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High Performance Coatings - Bond-Plex™

A single component, waterborne acrylic, adhesion promoting coating formulated for direct application to pre-finished metal siding.
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High Performance Coatings - ArmorSeal® Floor Coatings

A broad range of epoxies, urethanes, primers and patches for light to heavy traffic areas combining both aesthetic appeal and high performance.
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High Performance Coatings - Waterbased Tile Clad®

Waterbased Tile Clad® is a two component, high performance, water based, epoxy amine finish coating. Developed for use in industrial environments. Waterbased Tile-Clad is a high gloss, abrasion resistant, low yellowing epoxy finish with excellent weathering.
High Performance Coatings image

High Performance Coatings - Waterborne Acrylic Dryfall

Paint in all kinds of production settings without giving it a second thought. Waterborne Acrylic Dryfall applies easily by airless spray and dries rapidly - before it has a chance to settle on machinery, equipment and floors. Best of all, because it can be quickly swept away, you'll eliminate the need for strong cleaning solutions and greatly reduce your cleanup costs.

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Coatings for Concrete and Masonry - Conflex XL™ High Build Coating

Meet customer expectations and reduce callbacks with Conflex XL. This elastomeric waterproof coating protects masonry and concrete surfaces from water penetration, even in severe weather environments. It's available in smooth and texture finishes, ConFlex XL will not trap moisture vapor inside, which reduces blistering and failures. Application is smooth and efficient, resulting in a pinhole-free finish with less labor.
Coatings for Concrete and Masonry image

Coatings for Concrete and Masonry - SherCrete Flexible Concrete Waterproofer

This single component provides a slip-resistant, breathable finish designed to protect various concrete surfaces from water intrusion. This unique water-based coating offers unmatched versatility for use on new or existing residential and commercial structures. It can be used as a stand-alone product or over-coated to provide maximum performance in high-traffic areas. Its easy application, fast drying times outstanding durability and tintability to hundreds of colors make it the ideal choice for professionals who demand speed, quality and aesthetic appeal.
Coatings for Concrete and Masonry image

Coatings for Concrete and Masonry - UltraCrete Texture Coating

UltraCrete Textured Masonry Topcoat is a 100% acrylic aggregate-filled coating used to produce a textured finish on properly prepared interior or exterior surfaces. The pleasing texture which results has the ability to minimize defects and irregularities found on poured cement aggregate block and sheetrock joints.
Coatings for Concrete and Masonry image

Coatings for Concrete and Masonry - Loxon® 7% Siloxane Water Repellant

If budget and compliance concerns are at the top of your list, Loxon Siloxane Repellant is your ideal choice. It meets the most stringent VOC regulations and provides protection from moisture.

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Fluid Applied Flooring image

Fluid Applied Flooring - Terrazzo

Terrazzo is comprised of a matrix material used to bond the flooring to the substrate, as well as bond a variety of aggregates within the floor. The design of the floor can mix and match several terrazzo matrix colors and aggregate selections to complete this unique flooring surface, customized for each installation.
Fluid Applied Flooring image

Fluid Applied Flooring - Ceramic Carpet™

Colored quartz blended with clear resin for a truly unique style. Durable, easy to clean with chemical, stain and skid resistance. Available in a wide variety of color blends and custom textures.
Fluid Applied Flooring image

Fluid Applied Flooring - Decorative Mosaic Coating System

Varying sizes of multicolored vinyl chips bring depth and highlight the design while providing excellent durability and good chemical resistance.

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