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Three generations of craftsmanship and experience go into each stairway. Skilled engineering and cost efficient construction techniques are combined to create detailed stairways in metal and wood. Stairways are fully fabricated to the dimensions of your building. Each stair is built one step at a time. Custom stair work has been our speciality throughout the years and our stairways are simply the best available. In addition to spiral stairways, we manufacture all other types of stairs including circular and straight stairs. These stairs are available in many materials including mild steel, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze.

Our stairs are manufactured from only premium grade materials. We at Stairways believe this to be one of the most important qualities of our stairs. We also provide designers, architects and engineers alike with the support necessary to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. Experience throughout the years has elevated us to national recognition as a leader in the design and manufacture of spiral and custom stairs with the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship in mind, at the lowest possible cost to you. Our fully equipped shop and experienced craftsmen can help you with your design. For years now we have set the industry standards for quality, reliability and on-time delivery of precisely manufactured factory built stair systems.


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Spiral Stairs Welded image

Spiral Stairs Welded

Welded spiral stairs constructed of various metals of quality hardwoods, or combinations. For all residential, commercial, industrial uses, interior or exterior. Nine spiral stair models plus custom designs also available. Factory fabricated and shipped welded one section or sections. Single floor or mulity level can ship up to 52'™ in one section, any height avalible.
Metal and Wood Stairs image

Metal and Wood Stairs

A fully assembled steel (welded) spiral stair with wood treads and/or wood handrail manufactured by Stairways, Inc. Can ship one section or it can be spliced in two sections or more depending on the height of the stair. Splicing may also be necessary if the stair is being installed in a space with limited access. Stairways Inc. uses the best grades of material available to fabricate our spiral stairways.

We fabricate spiral staircases any diameter to any height which allows our customer to customize spiral stairs to meet their personal needs. Stairways Inc spiral stairs will enhance any residential, commercial or industrial project. We can use any combination of steel and wood, alum and wood or stainless steel and wood. We offer many options of wood species.
Wood Stairs image

Wood Stairs

Stairways Inc all wood spiral staircases can be used commercially or residentially. Standard wood species red oak, available in any wood species. Any diameter, any height available. All Stairways Inc all wood spiral stairs are assembled in our plant then disassembled numbered and crated for shipment. Matching balcony railing available with any combination of baluster and handrail or wood species.
Aluminum Stairs image

Aluminum Stairs

Stairways Inc aluminum spiral stairs are available welded or bolted. Ideal for industrial, commercial or residential applications. Any height, any diameter available. Aluminum spiral stairs can be a mill finish, wet painted or powder coated. One of the best solutions to corrosive environments. Standard fully assembled or bolted aluminum spiral stairs are built with a 3/16" thick checker plate tread with a matching landing platform.
Standard Spiral Stair Kits image

Standard Spiral Stair Kits

Our Kit Stair systems come in a box with instructions and can be installed by two people in less than a day without the need for any special tools or expensive equipment.
Standard Spiral Kit (Bolted) image

Standard Spiral Kit (Bolted)

Standard Spiral Kit (Bolted). This is our most common spiral stair. It is a bolted assembly with stamped parts. The cost is comparable to a Fully Assembled welded spiral staircase. It is economical to produce and ship. There are limited options, but there are still a good variety of step baluster and handrail designs to choose from. Standard spiral stair kits are available in diameters from 40" to 72" with no height limitation. Available materials for this type of staircase are steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Assembly of a Standard Spiral Kit stair requires two people and approximately 8 hours to complete and it is the most economical to ship.
Galvanized Steel Stairs image

Galvanized Steel Stairs

Galvanized stairs are one of the many different types of stairs offered by Stairways, Inc. We manufacture galvanized stairs for any industrial, commercial or residential project.

We also offer these in any diameter or height. These galvanized stairs are used in water treatment plants, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, beach front homes, schools, amusement parks or any other project that will need to withstand harsh weather environments. We offer these stairs in a fully assembled welded unit and also in the kit form. Any diameter and style available. These stairs are fabricated from the finest materials on the market and then sent to the galvanizing plant and chemically cleaned. They are then hot dipped in the galvanizing bath and cleaned. The stair is shipped back to us where we inspect it once more and then ship to the customer.
Stainless Steel Stairs image

Stainless Steel Stairs

These strikingly beautiful stairways will add architectural interest to any custom residential or commercial project. The stainless steel spiral stair can be fabricated to any diameter and style according to the customer's specifications. We use the finest grades of stainless steel on the market. We offer any combination of styles which include all stainless steel or stainless steel with wood treads and landing platform and different handrail systems. Our experience sales staff will be happy to work with you in anyway possible. We also offer blue line drawings, engineer calculations and CAD drawings. The finishes we offer are a #4 brush finish on the stainless steel stair and a bare finish on the wood so the customer can finish on the job site. We also offer a mill finish.

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Heavy Duty Stair Kits image

Heavy Duty Stair Kits

As part of our extensive line of wood spiral staircases, metal spiral staircases and custom staircases - both in kit form and fully assembled - Stairways Inc. offers standard and custom heavy duty spiral stair kits and other Outdoor Stairs, in both steel and aluminum. Heavy-duty spiral staircase kits are assembled in-house, and then dismantled and disassembled for economical shipment to you, the customer. Our disassembly process also allows for easy reassembly on the job site, with the added advantage of a finished metal spiral staircase appearance and finish. Standard heavy-duty spiral stairs are available in steel or aluminum.

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Planetary Pattern Step Design image

Planetary Pattern Step Design

Planetary Pattern design is guaranteed to accent your space beautifully, and make your project seem out of this world!
Econo Grate image

Econo Grate

The Econo Grate step gives you the same exterior water drain as our bar grate step but at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for around pools or decks when snow and ice is not a concern but when water drainage is required.

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Design Information image

Design Information

Technical data needed for the design process.

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Customized Straight and Circular Stairs Quote Form image

Customized Straight and Circular Stairs Quote Form

Fabricated to order.
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