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Steam Sauna has been providing top quality steam generators for virtually every commercial and residential application for over 30 years. Steam Sauna’s leading design, development and product lifestyle improvement programs have resulted in the most complete line of steam bath products for your club or home.


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Commercial Steam Generator - Executive Series

Whether you are a club owner, spa consultant, architect, or builder, designer, you will find our generators to be the most technologically advanced available. Built with only the best Quality Components and over 40 years of experience, backed with ISO international manufacturing Quality Management System and are CSA certified & UL listed.
  • Payback Period: Recover your cost in ~ 18 months.
  • Available in 208-600V, single/three-phase.
  • Microprocessor-controlled multistage operation.
  • 100% digital, most advanced water level sensing with a self-correction system.
  • Exclusive dual water inlet construction.
  • Dual steam outlet construction makes super-quiet smooth steam.
  • Exclusive multicycle self-cleaning system.
  • Built-in drain cooling system meets building codes.
  • No cooldown tank required.
  • Incoloy 800 industry-grade heating elements and stainless steel boiling tank.
  • Atmospheric pressure, safe to operate.

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Modular Dry Sauna

Modular Dry Sauna for 2 persons

Modular Dry Sauna for 3 persons

Modular Dry Sauna for 4 persons

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