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Danver is the nation's leading stainless steel cabinet manufacturer. Located in Wallingford, Connecticut,we have perfected the approach of bringing color, style and design from the indoors, outside for 20 years. Taking a page from the traditional wood cabinet companies, the Danver cabinet line features dozens of styles in hundreds of sizes, all made from durable and environmentally-friendly stainless steel.Designers and architects of all disciplines have the luxury of design flexibility - the freedom to create outdoor kitchens anywhere - rooftops, decks, transition rooms, backyards and more.

Danver has created a paradigm shift, opening the door to options beyond the traditional stone, stucco and composite islands. These popular outdoor cooking islands are typically built with a grill cutout and stainless steel doors opening to unusable space, better suited to spiders than storage. Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens cabinets are a frameless, European-style, designed for plenty of storage and to accommodate all outdoor appliances regardless of brand including grills, refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, the Evo-brand social cooker, smokers, side burners, bartenders, kegerators, and wine coolers. For us, it's not about how your clients cook, but how they entertain and how that entertainment space reflects their lifestyle. With doors and drawer fronts that rival their wood counterparts for design and beauty, coupled with powder coat finishes in a variety of colors and realistic wood grains, you can create durable and beautiful signature outdoor kitchens for your clients.

We create a valuable experience for designers, architects and builders who choose to work with Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens. An experience that creates a partnership to continue creating beautiful outdoor living spaces together. We invite you to call 203-269-2300 to speak with a Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen expert, today!


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Cabinet Revit Files Library image

Cabinet Revit Files Library

Danver has developed a complete CAD library of our stainless steel cabinets and components in the Autodesk Revit format.

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Base Cabinets image

Base Cabinets

The leader in stainless steel cabinetry also has an eye for style. The stainless doors, drawer fronts and drawers come with a #4 brushed vertical grain to provide a rich contemporary look. Our modular cabinets also provide designers and homeowners with infinite flexibility in design configurations. We offer 4 configurations of cabinetry: Door/Drawer, Multi-Drawer, Under Sink and Full Height Door.
Grill Base Cabinets image

Grill Base Cabinets

Danver offers Grill Base Cabinets in many door and drawer configurations, including grill bases that include a warming drawer or refrigerator.

Grill base cabinets are available in widths from 27" to 62". Grill bases are specified 6' wider than grill width. Include grill brand and specifications for quote or with order. A 'trim kit' is specifically designed for each appliance to insure a proper fit. Standard outdoor cabinet depth is 27 7/8". Total height is 34 1/2" -- cabinet box is 30"H plus 4 1/2" adjustable legs. A tapered stainless steel leg with adjustable foot is also available for an open contemporary look. Black and stainless 'toe kick' are ordered separately and cut on-site. Stainless pulls are included. Stationary and pull-out shelves are available. Grill cabinets are available with wood grain or powder coat painted finishes.

Extra depth cabinets are available in most every size to accommodate those grills that require.

Appliance Cabinets image

Appliance Cabinets

Appliance cabinets have been designed to accommodate side burners, gourmet power burners in both standard height and new low version for "boils", refreshment / bartending centers, sear pods, pizza ovens, egg smoker grills, etc. Appliance bases are specified 6" wider than appliance width. Include manufacturer's name and specifications for quote or with order. A 'trim kit' is specifically designed for every major manufacturer's appliance to insure a proper fit.

Standard appliance cabinet depth is 27 7/8". Total height is 34 1/2", same as storage cabinets. Stainless pulls are included. Extra depth cabinets are available in most every size to accommodate those grills that require.

Indoor Cabinet Finishes image

Indoor Cabinet Finishes

Danver now offers their premium stainless steel cabinetry with a variety of exterior finishes for those who prefer the look of wood, want colors for their designer look or to blend in with the environment or just want the extra protection against the elements.
Outdoor Cabinetry Finishes image

Outdoor Cabinetry Finishes

Our outdoor cabinets are manufactured to exacting standards. This is why our products are trusted by designers, architects, contractors, builders and dealers worldwide. From a wet bar for poolside drinks to a complete outdoor kitchen, stainless steel cabinetry provides unparalleled beauty, durability and style. We now offer wood grain and powder coat finishes in a variety of standard species and colors.

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Commercial Cabinetry image

Commercial Cabinetry

Custom manufacturer with full turnkey capabilities in fabricating sheet metal products.

Used in telecommunications, laptop storage, military applications, aircraft service and PC Board Storage
  • As little as part production or as much as complete production and assembly for end user delivery to multiple locations
  • In-house powder coat line reduces lead times and finger pointing
  • Services include: short runs; production quantities; prototype development, reverse engineering
  • As an OEM supplier: product development; build to customer specs
  • Expertise working with stainless steel
  • We practice lean manufacturing for reduced lead times

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Outdoor Pizza Ovens image

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

The wood fired oven provides baking, roasting and smoking functions that achieve a healthy, delicious and unique eating experience. These outdoor ovens are suitable to prepare all kinds of food including pizzas, roasts, turkeys, lamb, bread, ribs and your own special dishes. The oven will also provide a unique entertaining environment for family and friends. Enjoy the centuries old tradition of 'wood-fire' cooking in your backyard patio!
Grills, Burners, and Grill Hoods image

Grills, Burners, and Grill Hoods

Danver offers Grills, Burners, and Grill Hoods for most all your outdoor cooking needs. Whether you are feeding only one or many, our selection of grills will fit your every need. Our grills offer both convection and infrared burners. Click on link to access a pdf to help you understand infrared cooking.
Smoker Grills and Specialty Ovens/Cooking Appliances image

Smoker Grills and Specialty Ovens/Cooking Appliances

Danver offers Smoker Grills and Specialty Ovens/Cooking appliances for most all your additional outdoor cooking needs. Whether you are feeding only one or many, our selection will fit your every need.
Outdoor Refrigeration, Ice Makers & Freezers image

Outdoor Refrigeration, Ice Makers & Freezers

Outdoor refrigeration is at the top of the list of amenities for the complete outdoor kitchen. There is nothing worse than running back and forth to the indoor kitchen or the basement for refrigerated products when they can be at your fingertips. We offer some of the finest refrigeration available at value pricing.
Bartending Centers and Beer Dispensers image

Bartending Centers and Beer Dispensers

Nothing completes a perfect outdoor meal better or enhances your entertaining than a nice, cold drink. Bartending Centers and Beer Dispensers are the perfect way to deliver those drinks. Danver offers built-in bartending/cocktail centers from 14 inches to 42 inches wide from 3 manufacturer's, Solaire, Alfresco and Glastender Home. We also offer Summit brand beer dispensers/keggerators with from one to three taps, guaranteed to quench your thirst.
Barbecue Islands image

Barbecue Islands

Barbecue Islands have been evolving over the past few years. With the growth in homeowners adding Outdoor Living and Entertaining Areas in their backyards, more fully functional Outdoor Kitchens have been replacing the traditional Barbecue Islands. Many people still like the idea of stone, stucco or masonry islands, but the traditional stainless inserts lack functionality. The trend now is to build a surround from the island materials, but to insert stainless cabinets instead to create a fully functioning outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor Sinks and Faucets image

Outdoor Sinks and Faucets

Danver's Outdoor Sinks and Faucets are available in many sizes and configuration. Whether you are playing bartender for a few or cleaning and cooking for many, we offer the size and configuration that will accommodate your needs. Click on one of the buttons to the right to access the sizes and styles available.

Danver's Sinks and Faucets are crafted from high quality 304 series stainless steel. They have full undercoating with sound dampening pad. All are fully rated SGS and CSA tested products, and come with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warrantee.

Our 16 & 18 gauge sinks and faucets are crafted from 304 Series stainless steel with 18/10 chromium nickel content, with full undercoating for sound dampening. When properly maintained they will retain their brilliant satin luster for years to come.

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Doors and Drawer Fronts image

Doors and Drawer Fronts

The durability of the stainless steel resists stain or corrosion: As its name implies, stainless steel cabinets and doors resist stains, but they must be cleaned periodically.

Permanent Protection: Harsh chemicals like chlorine and muriatic acid (used when cleaning pavers) and salt from the ocean (salt breaks down to chlorine when not removed) will mar the stainless if not cleaned regularly. To protect the stainless in these environments with a virtually maintenance-free finish, you have the option of protect-a-coat, a clear coat that takes retains the look of stainless; realistic powder coat wood looks in 8 species; and 10 standard designer powder coat colors.

Surface Finish of the fronts of the stainless steel cabinets is what's called a #4 brushed finish with a vertical grain, both beautiful and tested to be resilient. Appliances use a #4 finish as well.

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Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen image

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen

Architects and the design community now can enjoy the freedom to create unique outdoor living areas with the advent of designer colors and realistic wood grain powder coats. Whether you're designing and outdoor living area to blend with the landscaping, patio furniture or continuing an interior theme to the outdoors, the BROWN JORDAN Outdoor Kitchen collection offers a palette of colors with unlimited opportunities.

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In the News image

In the News

December 22, 2017 - Danver is proud to introduce the Post & Panel System (PPS), a versatile, streamlined outdoor kitchen system designed for multi-family properties where storage is not required and reduced weight is an advantage. Constructed of stainless steel for a modern aesthetic and exceptional durability, the PPS provides strong countertop support and is available in a variety of powder coated finishes.

CLICK HERE to download the full press release

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