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The classic antique beauty of Old Carolina Brick is created by hand. Each brick is hand moulded in the colonial tradition of craftsmanship and lasting beauty. Used on historical restorations in Williamsburg, Monticello, Mount Vernon and Montpelier, Old Carolina brick add a unique warmth and flavor of history to any architectural design. Our hand made brick are primarily used on eminent residences from Charleston, South Carolina to Carmel, California by discerning designers and as well as on notably stunning commercial projects from New York to Sao Paulo.

Based on our commitment to quality and authenticity, Old Carolina brick are each hand moulded and then fired to provide the beautiful bisques, hues, and unique colors identical to those of brick made centuries ago. Our hand crafting process imparts distinctive folds, finger marks, and particular surface irregularities for individual characterization of each brick. Old Carolina handmade brick provide a unique appearance unequalled by conventional mass produced brick.

All Old Carolina brick are pavers, as well as face brick.

Brick chips now available.


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The Story of Old Carolina Handmade Brick

The history of making brick by hand can be traced back thousands of years to the early Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations where clay from the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates and Nile Rivers were formed by hand and left to dry in the sun. Later, in about the third millennium BC, the brick makers discovered that heat applied to the bricks would greatly increase their durability and be much more resistant to cold and wet weather conditions. This enabled the construction of permanent buildings where harsh, cold and wet conditions prevented the use of earlier mud brick. The early field kilns were fired with either wood or coal.....Click for more

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Old-fashioned Brick Southern Living Write-Up

Primarily used on new, fine residences throughout the country, our handmade brick are also used on numerous historical restorations in Monticello, Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, and Charleston. Old Carolina brick add a characteristic warmth and flavor of history to any design home.
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Period Home Write-Up

Old Carolina Brick Company brings hand-molded brick back to the built environment.
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Traditional Product Reports Write-Up

For this large Georgian-style estate in Lexington, NC, the Tryon brick was used throughout the house, outbuildings and landscaping walls. Based on the burgundy-red brick used for the original Governor's Mansion at Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC, the line has been used for restoration projects in Colonial Williamsburg.

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