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At Artisan, we strive to craft custom carriage house garage doors that are as close to perfection as possible. We use the feedback we receive from dealers and customers to continuously innovate and improve our materials, construction process, and products. Here are just a few ways we've elevated the garage door industry:

  • We are the only company to use a full-face frame system.

  • We offer a reinforced window system that's many times stronger than the competition.

  • We developed a proprietary pressure-laminating system.

  • We prefinish every individual garage door component before assembly and final finishing.

Luxury home builders choose Artisan products for their communities due to our proven track record of quality workmanship and sophisticated aesthetics.


Carriage House Garage Doors  

Artisan's American Farmhouse garage door simulates the look and feel of authentic barn wood to add sophistication and elegance to any home. And like every door, they're painstakingly handcrafted to ensure architectural excellence of the highest quality.

Why Choose American Farmhouse?

  • Built the Artisan way, so you can count on the best garage doors available.

  • Made from high-density urethane for a solid product that can withstand the elements.

  • Single and double doors available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

  • Choose from windows and lites in a variety of configurations for complete customization.

  • All of our attractive hardware and accessories are compatible with this door series.

  • Authentic look and feel of farmhouse garage doors that is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their home's curb appeal.

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Benchmark delivers the look and feel of real wood in an affordable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly package. However, because it is a composite garage door it is moisture-, insect-, and rot-resistant, along with being extremely low maintenance.

Why Choose Benchmark?

  • Solid Hem/Fir wood frame offers unmatched strength and durability.

  • Low-maintenance Extira® outperforms wood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

  • Attractive detailed beveled trim adds sophistication and visual appeal.

  • Factory primed for easy finishing or a white latex topcoat for quick installation.

  • Approved for dark paint color application.

  • High-performance urethane core with a 9.1 R-value for outstanding insulation.

  • Forest Stewardship Council-certified and built from recycled, sustainable materials.

  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

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Low maintenance and energy-efficient, Benchmark 2 simulates the look and feel of real wood garage doors. But because it's a composite carriage house garage door, the Benchmark 2 is also lightweight, eco-friendly, and impervious to moisture, insect damage, and rot.

Why Choose Benchmark 2?

  • Accepts a paint finish that will look beautiful for years to come without breaking the bank.

  • Streamlined construction methods offer enhanced design flexibility and customization.

  • Total wood door made from engineered lumber and sustainable composite materials.

  • Primed in a neutral color, making final color application easier in the field or factory.

  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

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Our finest wooden garage door, Medallion delivers the elegance and beauty that only a real wood product can bring to your home. These handcrafted luxury doors start at an affordable base price and can be upgraded and customized to meet your exact standards.

Why Choose Medallion?

  • Can be stained or painted to complement your home's unique style and color scheme.

  • Stain-grade doors are available in a variety of standard, select wood species.

  • Custom wood species can easily be accommodated, depending upon design and availability.

  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.


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Our only aluminum and glass garage door, Panorama brings a contemporary look and feel that will immediately elevate your home. This beautiful modern glass garage door is the perfect addition to a wide variety of properties, from mid-century modern ranchers to classic farmhouses.

Why Choose Panorama?

  • Handcrafted the Artisan way, so you can count on the best garage doors on the market.

  • Offers excellent light transmission into your garage since the majority of the door is glass.

  • Sophisticated, contemporary look boosts curb appeal and will grab everyone's attention.

  • Choose from windows and lites in a variety of configurations to customize your door.

  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

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Prelude 2, our affordable vinyl garage door, simulates the look of traditional, carriage house-style garage doors, but it's actually made from easy-to-maintain cellular vinyl. That means it's naturally moisture-, weather-, insect-, and rot-resistant for an extended lifespan.

Why Choose Prelude 2?

  • Built on an insulated steel core frame for strength and long-lasting performance.

  • Attractive, low-maintenance vinyl garage door with the design flexibility to complement any home.

  • Tricoya® composite upgrade overcomes the challenges associated with darker paint colors.

  • Bright white interior door surface is a great addition to any garage or workspace.

  • Lightweight product that reduces strain on door hardware, springs, and automatic openers.

  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

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Our premier faux wood carriage house garage door, Rhapsody blends the rich look of real wood with the practicality of high-quality urethane. And its factory-finished exterior minimizes the need for frequent staining or painting, ensuring your door looks great for years to come.

Why Choose Rhapsody?

  • Faux wood overlay boards are molded in the subtle textures and patterns of sapele mahogany.

  • Lightweight facing reduces strain on door hardware, springs, and automatic openers..

  • Insulated, double-sided steel frame is very strong and features an attractive interior finish.

  • Low-maintenance materials resist moisture, cracking, insects, and decay for minimal upkeep.

  • Heat-reflective finishes minimize solar heat gain and are great for hot, sunny environments.

  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

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Symphony, a vinyl carriage garage door, combines the attractive appearance of historic wood carriage doors with the modern conveniences of cellular vinyl. These doors are also backed by an insulated steel frame for a sophisticated look and easy maintenance that's perfect for any homeowner.

Why Choose Symphony?

  • Remarkable wood-like appearance alongside profiled edge trim, panel, and window detailing.

  • Precision-milled frame overlay adds elegant detailing and first-class sophistication.

  • Simulated divided lites with profiled exterior grilles create rich architectural detailing.

  • Hidden fastening techniques contribute to a clean, mark-free exterior surface.

  • Vinyl construction provides excellent durability, dimensional stability, and impact resistance.

  • Factory finished with EasyCare® paint in standard or custom light colors.

  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

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These handcrafted products swing open and shut on hinges or roll open and closed in a side-to-side track like traditional barn doors. No matter which style you choose, our true swing and slider doors are the perfect addition to your home, garage, or barn.

Why Choose True Swing or Slider Doors?

  • Our doors can go anywhere and are built to match the unique size of your opening.

  • We also offer pedestrian doors that match your overhead door in style and material.

  • Choose true swing or slider doors in real wood or man-made composite materials.

  • We can craft a true arch jamb to match any true arch top swing or sliding door.

  • We can also provide jambs and casings to match your door and finish your opening.

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Quartet delivers the look and feel of real wood carriage house doors using faux hardwood and insulated steel. It's durable, versatile, energy-efficient, and the perfect choice for architects and homeowners who value quality and visual appeal.

Why Choose Quartet?

  • Steel frame and faux wood facing provide a stylish, low-maintenance garage door option.

  • Durable face is moisture-, crack-, insect-, and decay-resistant for minimal upkeep.

  • Face frame boards are molded in the subtle textures and patterns of quarter-sawn oak.

  • Features an energy-efficient insulated steel core frame with an R-value of 16.

  • Hidden fastening techniques provide a clean, mark-free exterior surface.

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The TimberLife series is made from either Accoya® or Tricoya® modified wood, which uses acetylation technology to prevent the cells in wood from absorbing water. The result is a beautiful, eco-friendly garage door that's the perfect combination of durability, dimensional stability, and versatility.

Why Choose TimberLife?

  • Structural stability and design flexibility that far exceeds the capabilities of natural wood.

  • Timber industry benchmark when it comes to performance and environmental sustainability.

  • Real wood product that's rot-, warp-, swell-, shrink-, splinter-, and insect-resistant.

  • Comes with a 50-year limited warranty against rot, termites, and expected degradation.

  • Proprietary lamination process and hidden joinery eliminate exterior fastener filler marks.

  • Bottom EPDM rubber-mounted astragal in an aluminum retainer provides weatherproofing.

TimberLife: Accoya
TimberLife: Tricoya

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Garage Door Materials  

Artisan Custom Doorkwork's custom wood carriage garage doors offer outstanding curb appeal and add sophistication to the facade of any home. They also effectively insulate your garage from the elements, particularly during extreme weather and very high or low temperatures.

We offer wood carriage garage doors in a variety of beautiful wood species, including douglas fir, Western red cedar, Spanish cedar, sapele mahogany, and red grandis. You can also choose from several finish options to match your unique style, including prime only, paint, faux stain, and stain.

Artisan currently offers two wooden garage doors: Medallion and TimberLife. You can learn more about these products below.

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Made from a blend of wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent, composite wood is an ideal garage door material. Our wood composite garage doors are heavy, dense, and strong, and they're also an eco-friendly choice due to their construction from recycled, sustainable materials.

While composite wood mimics the rich appearance of real wood, it takes far less time and effort to maintain. It's also naturally moisture-, weather-, insect-, and rot-resistant, ensuring that you'll get your money's worth for years to come.

Artisan currently offers two composite wood garage doors: Benchmark and Benchmark 2. You can learn more about these products below.

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Faux wood is a urethane-based product that's created by pressing wood pieces together in a rubber mold to imprint a wood grain on its face. While faux wood garage doors maintain the sophisticated character of real wood, these doors require much less maintenance, are rot-resistant, and hold paint better.

Because they're made from water-based, sustainable materials, faux wood garage doors are also an eco-friendly choice. Plus, they can withstand high temperatures created by sun exposure and darker paint colors, which can be problematic for some other materials.

Artisan currently offers three faux wood garage doors: American Farmhouse, Quartet, and Rhapsody. You can learn more about our custom faux wood garage doors below.

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Vinyl carriage garage doors are a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an affordable option that's both low maintenance and durable. Unlike wood composite or faux wood, vinyl doesn't contain any wood byproducts. However, it can still be shaped and routed using standard woodworking tools.

Because they're lighter than solid wood, vinyl doors reduce stress on hardware, springs, and openers. They're also naturally insect-, moisture-, and rot-resistant, making them ideal for humid climates. Best of all, vinyl doors require minimal maintenance – simply wipe them down a few times a year.

Artisan currently offers two vinyl carriage garage doors for sale: Prelude 2Symphony. You can learn more about these products below.

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Garage Door Accessories  

Decorative hardware dresses up your door and immediately enhances your home's overall curb appeal. Our selection includes strap hinges, latches, pull handles, clavos, and ring pulls.

All of these accessories are hand-forged and powder-coated in an attractive black finish. You can choose from a heavy-duty ¼" thickness or a lighter-weight 3/16" thickness. If you live in a coastal environment, we also offer aluminum accessories with the same black powder-coated finish.

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Specialty glass options offer a unique look and provide additional security by obscuring the inside of your garage. Our standard window glass is ⅛" thick, double-strength clear glass, but we can easily upgrade your door with tempered or insulated glass.

Adding windows to your carriage-style garage door design, not only lets natural light into your garage but it also adds warmth and curb appeal to your home. Glass goes a long way to making your garage feel like an extension of your home, instead of a stand-alone space.

While standard clear panes are a popular choice, many homeowners lean towards specialty glass for garage doors, including frosted, glacier, and seeded glass, to increase the curb appeal of their home.

What is Specialty Glass for Garage Doors?

The easy answer is any type of glass that is not standard, double strength clear glass. Glass is an amazing material and comes is a large variety of designs that make choosing one type more complex than expected.

Specialty window glass can have one or more of these features:

  • have a color (or tint)

  • be reflective

  • have a texture or pattern

  • be obscure or more opaque

  • be tempered (4x stronger than standard glass)

  • be laminated

  • be insulated

  • be Low-E (low emissivity) glass

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Door stops enhance the look of your garage door opening while also keeping the elements out. They're typically made from wood, vinyl, or Q-Lon (foam) and can be finished to match your garage door. All of our door stops also come with a weather seal, which is available in four different colors.

We can even create custom wood jambs for any garage opening, along with matching wood casings. Keep in mind that door jambs and casings are considered custom orders and will be subject to material availability and the complexity of your design needs.

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Garage Door Design Gallery  

When you choose an Artisan carriage house garage door, the customization possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re not sure where to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Our Garage Door Design Gallery allows you to create the perfect garage door for your needs, while also giving you an idea of our capabilities.

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There are endless garage styles to choose from, and it can get even more intricate as you start incorporating smaller details. It's an exciting journey to customize a garage door so it fits perfectly into your home, but where do you start?

We'll help you answer the question of how to choose a garage door style, by providing different characteristics of the design process as well as a small quiz to match you with one of our Artisan door series.

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