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Interior / Exterior Substrates  

Nantucket® BeadBoard is manufactured in three different materials, MDF, MRI- and MRX-

For interior or dry applications MDF, (medium density fiberboard) is used. As an industrial and commercial grade building material MDF offers stability, durability and an excellent surface for painting. MDF is easily installed using finish nails, screws or construction grade adhesives, and can be cut with any type of manual or power saw.

In exterior applications or wet locations MRX- is the material used. MRX- is a water resistant product ideally suited for exterior porch walls and ceilings, garage doors, and bathroom locations. This "exterior" product is very dense. MRX- has an excellent surface for painting and is installed using finish nails, screws or construction grade adhesives. MRX- can be cut with any type power saw.

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Sheet Products  

Sheet available in standard lengths from 8 feet to 16 feet, a width of 48 inches and a thickness of 1/2 of an inch. The width of 48* inches simplifies the installation of authentic wainscoting in new construction. Sheet products cover larger surface areas such as interior and exterior ceilings. There are four different bead configurations for Nantucket® BeadBoard sheet products available. The 2 inch and the 3 inch center to center sheet products are manufactured using the "Standard bead" profile. The 1-5/8 inch and the 2-1/2 inch center to center are manufactured using the '"V-bead'" profile.
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Strip / Shiplap Products  

Another elegant solution from Nantucket® BeadBoard: our strip products dramatically increase your building options, simply by giving you another dimension in beadboard. Manufactured with 1/2" thick material, from 9" to 11" wide, in a variety of lengths, our shiplap strip products are perfect for a wide range of projects, especially remodeling and ceiling applications.

All of our strip products can be ordered with any of the distinctive bead profiles shown below, and made from any of our wide range of stock substrates. Our strip products are available either unfinished or primed. In addition, many of our strip products can be customized to meet your needs.
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Bead Profiles  

Nantucket® BeadBoard offers two distinctive bead profiles, the 'Standard bead' and the 'V-bead'.

The "V-bead" is the same bead profile found on historic wainscot and plank paneling. The 'Standard bead' is a custom bead profile that is larger and more pronounced than the 'V-bead' profile. Both bead profiles have their own advantages.

The 'V-bead' profile is an authentic scale reproduction of traditional wainscot. This allows the homeowner to add to existing wainscoting while maintaining a consistent visual effect.

The 'Standard bead' profile is manufactured to take advantage of the 4 foot width of modern building sheet good materials making it a perfect choice on new construction. Also the larger profile of the 'Standard bead' produces a sharper visual accent even after repeated coats of paint.
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Custom Substrates  

If the substrates we have in stock aren't exactly what your project requires, take a look at the custom order substrate materials we can use to create exactly the beadboard products you need.
Fire Rated
Nantucket® BeadBoard FR™ products are manufactured from premium-grade fire resistant fiberboard. FR™ products suit commercial projects where fire rated material has been specified, and are ideal for a variety of applications, including ceilings, wainscot, partition walls, elevators, and store fronts.
Stain Grade
Natural and stain-grade products (NSG™) from Nantucket® BeadBoard are manufactured using birch, maple, and oak veneers, with either MDF or veneer cores. Additional woods are available, and we offer a wide range of size and thickness options. NSG™ can also be ordered as Series 100 or 200 class products.
X-G Sheets
With X-G Sheets the beading runs across the short dimension of a sheet. This is extremely useful for cabinetry, furniture, wainscot, and store fixture work. Most of our Stock and Special Order profiles are available as X-G (cross grain). Contact us to verify if your core, thickness, and profile choice are X-G compatible.
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Special Order Profiles  

Profiles can be produced to a customer's dimensioned drawing. Contact us for information on how to submit your drawings. Drawings in .dwg or .dxf format insure the most accurate reproduction. A profile drawing will be produced that customers must approve as part of their Order Acknowledgement prior to production.
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