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The last three decades have seen HOLDRITE® evolve from a single product family business to an international corporation and acknowledged industry leader. Hundreds of millions of HOLDRITE® products have been installed into a wide variety of projects from single-family and multi-family housing to hotel, government, military, healthcare, institutional and many other market sectors. By understanding both the large project perspective and specific application requirements, HOLDRITE® has developed solutions that assist in establishing a “shop standard” for the collaborative efforts of developers, architects, engineers and contractors. Over the years, HOLDRITE® has become the industry standard for “Converting Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions.”℠

HOLDRITE® has established a reputation as a leading manufacturer known for innovative products and services in such categories as pipe and equipment support systems, acoustical plumbing solutions, water heater accessories, and water and firestop sleeving systems. HOLDRITE® also offers value-added no cost services to the contractor, wholesaler, and engineer to assist with multiple stages in the project. These VIP services include specification and submittal assistance, 3-D product drawings, custom detail application pages, and material “take-off” assistance to help plan for product inventory levels. As always, HOLDRITE® will stay at the forefront of the construction industry by offering innovative and cost-effective products that are optimized to be the best solution for the total application.

HOLDRITE® is a Reliance Worlwide Corporation brand.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Acoustic Isolation

Acoustic Isolation image

Acoustic Isolation

  • On average, the HOLDRITE Silencer system reduces plumbing noise by 87%.
  • Integrates with HOLDRITE Pipe Support Systems
  • Reduces plumbing noise and vibration
  • Compatible with Copper, PEX, CPVC, Cast Iron and other materials
  • ISO-3822 Certified Lab Tested
  • Field tested and approved

{{}} {{this.hide}} Copper Supports

Copper Supports image

Copper Supports

  • Unique copper-bonding process
  • Heat the pipe, not the bracket
  • Solutions for various applications
  • Support 1/2" to 11/4 " CTS
  • Designed for stud bays up to 24"

{{}} {{this.hide}} CPVC Supports

CPVC Supports image

CPVC Supports

  • Brackets and insert solutions for the ideal support of CPVC Tubing
  • Compatible with CPVC tubing and cements
  • Inserts are lockable and glueable into brackets
  • Grooved inserts create stronger glue joint
  • Some application solutions require no glue

{{}} {{this.hide}} DWV Testing Systems

DWV Testing Systems image

DWV Testing Systems

  • The SAFE, DRY, FAST inline DWV testing method
  • Meets plumbing code requirements and is rated up to 50 feet of head pressure/22 PSI/5 floors
  • Easy to install in all building types and keeps contractors and job sites safe and dry
  • Designed for PVC, ABS, and Cast Iron DWV piping systems with 2", 3", 4" and 6" piping solutions
  • Performs up to 5X faster than inflatable DWV testing devices

{{}} {{this.hide}} Electrical Supports

Electrical Supports image

Electrical Supports

  • In-slab "Pop Up" Support Solutions
  • Provides 90 degree solution
  • Compatible with flexible and rigid conduit
  • Mounts directly to decking or with rebar for slab-on-grade installation
  • UL listed HOLDRITE® Stout brackets support junction and outlet box applications
  • HOLDRITE® Stout telescoping platform supports conduit, wiring and cabling

{{}} {{this.hide}} Firestop Sleeves

Firestop Sleeves image

Firestop Sleeves

  • Provides superior waterproofing and fire-stopping capabilities
  • Meets and exceeds building code requirements
  • Achieves UL Ratings
  • Patented cast-in-place technology and mid-body water seal
  • Telescoping sleeves

{{}} {{this.hide}} Inserts and Clamps

Inserts and Clamps image

Inserts and Clamps

  • Ideal for Copper, PEX and CPVC Tubing
  • Isolate tubing from wood or metal framing
  • Mount directly to HOLDRITE products or other mounting surfaces

{{}} {{this.hide}} No-Hub Fitting Restraints

No-Hub Fitting Restraints image

No-Hub Fitting Restraints

  • Ideal for restraining hubless cast iron soil pipes against separation during high thrust conditions
  • Engineered to meet plumbing codes, pipe manufacturers' installation instructions and CISPI installation handbook
  • Installs in minutes
  • Built with stainless steel, black iron and/or galvanized components
  • No special tools required for installation
  • No field cutting or modifications required
  • All components included in each kit

{{}} {{this.hide}} Overhead Supports

Overhead Supports image

Overhead Supports

  • Overhead pipe support for Copper, PEX, CPVC and other material types
  • Ideal for high and tight runs, single and multiple runs
  • Versatility with cast-in-place concrete slabs, all-thread rod and direct to ceiling

{{}} {{this.hide}} Pex Supports

Pex Supports image

Pex Supports

  • The torchless installation
  • Protect Your Stub-Out
  • Support PEX or Copper Stub-Out methods
  • Minimizes concealed joints
  • Reduces in-wall fittings
  • Flame-free environment at stub-out location
  • Compatible with all PEX manufacturers

{{}} {{this.hide}} Plenum Supports

Plenum Supports image

Plenum Supports

  • Smoke and flame rated isolators and clamps
  • Meets and exceeds codes
  • Meets ASTM E-84 25/50 and UL-94 V-0 requirements
  • Ideal for Copper, PEX and CPVC Tubing
  • The only patented solution for use in plenums and air ducts
  • Reduces the amount of tubing needed to complete a run

{{}} {{this.hide}} Telescoping Supports

Telescoping Supports image

Telescoping Supports

  • HOLDRITE® Stout and HOLDRITE® EZ-Strut provide superior strength and telescoping design
  • Supports Copper, PEX, CPVC and other pipe materials
  • Numerous components integrate directly into multiple sides of brackets
  • Ideal for stub-out, vertical or horizontal installations

Last Update: 2018-06-07