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Adaptable Work Spaces: We fabricate interior glass door solutions in our own factory! We are proud to provide room dividers, office enclosures, glass walls, stackable glass partitions, conference room dividers, barn doors, swing doors and fixed glass office separators nationwide. The Space Plus team of specialists work with each client individually and actively participate in making sure project budgets, functional requirements and deadlines are 
met. We do this through a concerted effort to optimize communication with each client, learn about project requirements right up front and by building lasting relationships with our clients through successful project outcomes. Each project is different! Every Space Plus team member personally cares about their client’s respective projects passionately and when a customer comes back to work with us on multiple projects, we accept it as the most
valuable compliment. Earning client loyalty is always uppermost in our minds.

Continuous innovation, efficient product estimating & “value beyond doors” are what set us apart from any other entity. Since we own the entire process from factory to field, we bring value to the table with the highest quality products, best pricing and a full range of services from project consultation all the way through to successful, sustainable installations.

From glass walls that provide a demountable & movable option that can integrate into the rest of the office interiors to improve your company’s efficiency and productivity; our product line promotes more flexible and lively work spaces!

We take pride in every project so that you can too.


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Room Dividers

Create privacy on demand for offices, multi-unit loft buildings, classrooms, hotels, healthcare facilities, public buildings and more. Made of glass and aluminum, our products are recyclable and perfect for green construction projects! Our room dividers allow for ample natural light to flow through while curtailing foot traffic in areas where privacy is needed. ADA compliant locks and accessories are available too.

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Office Partitions

Maximize every inch of floor space for minimal cost with our interior glass office partitions made of tempered or laminated glass. They improve the functionality and balance between open collaborative work spaces and private offices that need to lock. Boost morale with uplifting work spaces that optimize flexibility, productivity and style. The variety of glass types, frame finishes and accessories were all designed with safety and quality in mind.

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Barn Doors

Space saving, clutter free barn doors with thick tempered or laminated glass come in a variety of styles to meet your project needs. Our wall slide solutions hug the wall to save space while showing off the beauty of our glass door solutions. We also have suspended barn door with exposed tubing hardware that is stunning and NO bottom track. Our frameless glass barn doors also boast an exposed tube hardware and are fabricated with 10mm thick glass and no bottom track. For more information on ANY of our barn door solutions, please call us for a FREE consultation.

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Privacy Walls

Flexibility in a work space has become the number one wished for layout! Our sliders can stack, slide, lock, swing or just remain stationary all based on your project requirements! Glass privacy walls allow for natural light to flow through at custom widths and heights to comply with your vision of the most flexible office environment. Perfect for commercial spaces, hospitality, healthcare, multi-unit residential buildings and many more applications. Some of our privacy walls can double as dry erase boards too, perfect for classrooms or any training room!

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Swing Doors

Interior glass swing doors are the perfect alternative to traditional office hinged doors. Choose from a variety of glass types, frame finishes and ADA compliant locks and latches. Our casing matches our frames perfectly for lasting style. Our swing doors are virtually maintenance free and the materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly!

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Suspended Systems

Say goodbye to old-fashioned cubicles. Today's offices, healthcare facilities and other professional units use bottomless track suspended systems to create modern flexible workspaces.

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Pass-Through Windows

Create a friendly reception area with our tempered glass pass-through windows, featuring the flexibility of privacy with an easy opening for customer interaction.

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Frame Finishes

  • Our frames are made of the highest quality aluminum, are virtually maintenance 
free and are 100% recyclable.
  • Various frame colors allow you to match or contrast with other interiors.
Glass Types image

Glass Types

Choose from 5mm thick tempered glass, 7mm thick laminated glass or 10mm thick for frameless glass barn doors. The opacity options are nearly endless including clear, frosted, linen, milky, smoked, laminated and various combinations! All recyclable and perfect for green construction projects.
Frame Designs image

Frame Designs

Various frame sizes are available including 1.5", 3" and 2.5" (for suspended systems) These sturdy aluminum frames are virtually maintenance free and are recyclable/environmentally friendly. They will always keep their original size and shape. Our frame finishes include some that are heat treated where the wood-grain look is electronically heat transferred to the anodized aluminum giving it a more traditional look. Or, select one of our modern frame finishes to meet your project needs!
Handles & Locks image

Handles & Locks

  • ADA compliant lever/lock system for swing doors.
  • ADA handles in various sizes.
  • Flush indent handles with key locks available.
  • Slider hook latch/lock with key (has master key capabilities).
  • Flush slide bolt allows a panel to be stationary when needed for privacy 
and unlocked at any time from the inside.
Smart Tracks image

Smart Tracks

  • Bottom tracks meet ADA requirements - 3/8" low profile format.
  • Smart track allows for multiple tracks to be added as needed. Panels can stack 
to optimize the opening clearance.
  • No screws in the flooring
  • Tracks can be recessed up to 3/8" to be flush with flooring.
  • Patented locking system ensures the panels will never leave their tracks.
  • Suspended systems with no bottom track are also available

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Workspaces image


Our commercial workspaces are crafted from the highest grade materials, designed to boost collaboration, productivity, and natural lighting. Enhance your existing cubicles by adding a sliding glass panel to give privacy when needed! This is revolutionary!
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Our interior glass door solutions are perfect for allowing privacy when needed for consultations and exams, yet easily open to maximize space and natural lighting. Enhance the well-being in your rooms today.
Hospitality image


Take banquet rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants and business centers to new heights with privacy on the fly. Our sliding glass room dividers cater to a patron's evolving needs, enhancing the dynamic usability of space while maximizing natural lighting and minimizing costs.
Education image


Today's classrooms demand flexibility to encourage collaboration and stimulate learning. Our sliding doors, swing doors and room dividers practice provide safety first, quality always-transforming spaces for heightened creativity.
Government & Public Buildings image

Government & Public Buildings

BOOST COLLABORATION IN PUBLIC OFFICES. Increase functionality and efficiency in public spaces with sliding glass doors and dividers. Our safe and functional glass offers premium collaborative transparency, privacy when needed and adds a stylish element to any room.
Multi-Unit Buildings image

Multi-Unit Buildings

Maximize your property's floor plan with added value. Our sliding glass doors and dividers can maximize space at a minimized cost in residential developments and condos, with incredible style and flexibility at the best lead-time in the industry.

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Find a showroom closest to you.

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Environmentally Friendly

The Sliding Door Company and its commercial division (Space Plus), is proud to be a part of huge efforts towards producing, assembling, shipping and installing state of the art interior sliding door solutions in support our nation's efforts to preserve the environment.

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The USGBC does not endorse, nor does it certify, any products, however, the wide range of interior partitions and doors offered by THE SLIDING DOOR COMPANY® will greatly assist in achieving valuable credits toward the different specific levels of LEED certification.

Last Update: 2017-11-15