Since 1973, Super Stud Building Products, Inc. has been a proud manufacturer of the industries most diverse offering of steel framing components and accessories for use in the construction of commercial, institutional and residential structures.

With its roots in the New York Tri-State area, Super Stud has successfully met the needs of some of the most demanding design professionals and contractors the building industry has be offer. Our commitment to quality products and prompt service has allowed us to expand to markets including the entire East Coast and beyond.

Our team of professionals in sales, customer service and production are committed to furnishing competitive pricing and timely deliveries for the full term of a project.

Our manufacturing facility has the latest equipment in shearing, roll forming, slitting, stamping and brake forming equipment enabling us to satisfy the most demanding production schedules without compromising quality.

Super Stud plays an active roll in the steel framing industry. We are involved with the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the Association of Walls and Ceilings International (AWCI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), (SFA).


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Drywall Systems

Framing products manufactured by Super Stud are formed from steel coil, meeting AISI and ASTM Standards. Our manufacturing facility has the latest shearing, roll forming, slitting, stamping and brake forming equipment enabling us to satisfy the most demanding production schedules without compromising quality.
The EDGE™ Steel Framing System  image

The EDGE™ Steel Framing System

The EDGE™ Steel Framing System features lightweight and high-strength steel combined with an innovative design that incorporates a closed triangular lip. This (US Patents: US D606211 S1, US 8,056,303 B2 Additional patents pending) system provides the framer with the safest installation environment in the industry. The EDGE™ also delivers increased wall heights, while still meeting ASTM standards for screw retention and penetration. Combine those features with industry leading STC ratings and The EDGE™ is hard to equal.

The EDGE™ is UL Classified for use in one-, two-, three- and four-hour wall assemblies and complies with ASTM C645 and C754. Its design characteristics result in reduced injuries and increased safety by eliminating 95% of sharp edges found on traditional drywall framing systems.

Safety Data Sheet

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Load Bearing Systems

Super Stud Building Products offers a full line of structural framing members and accessories available in 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, and 10 gauges. This complete line of stud, joist and track systems are ASTM, ICC and UL compliant. Super Stud utilizes the latest technologies, engineering and light gauge manufacturing to insure that our products meet industry standards for performance, strength, safety and overall functionality.

Super Stud Structural products comply with the following:
  • ASTM A1003 for Specification of Sheet Steel
  • ASTM C955
  • ASTM A653 (formerly A446 & A525)
  • UL ' Super Stud Building Products structural framing systems comply with generic fire tests conducted by
  • UL and the Gypsum Association.
  • ICC ' in compliance with all ICC standards

Safety Data Sheet

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Curtainwall Systems

Curtainwall framing is designed to extend out from a building through connection clips and/or welded connections. While curtainwall studs do not typically carry vertical loads from the structure itself, they are considered load-bearing as they must be engineered to carry the load of the exterior finish of a structure combined with whatever wind load specified by the designer or that pertains to a given region. Super Stud manufactures a complete line of curtainwall framing products that adhere to the same ASTM compliance standards as our other structural framing products. We provide a separate catalog for these applications to facilitate easier use by design professionals.

Safety Data Sheet

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Deflection Clips

Limiting deflection of a curtainwall is critical to the performance of the finished system, sealants and components anchored to the framing system. Super Studs Curtainwall Deflection Solutions provide lateral support for curtainwall systems. They are one of the highest-tested load capacities available, and supply direct attachments to web and support. Most clips are reversible and compatible to both welding and mechanical connections.

Deflection clip Products

Bypass clips
  • SSTB and SSDB bypass clips
  • SSDS deflection strut

Head of wall clips
  • SST 600 and SST 362 (replaces ETTC)
  • Extended head of wall clips (SSTX)
  • ITTC interior top track clip

Fixed Clip Products (no deflection)
  • Cut to length clip angles
  • Pre-drilled clip angles
  • Utility Angles (10′ lengths)

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New F-Track image

New F-Track

Super Stud F-Track is an economical option for horizontal corners such as soffits, drop-ceilings, box-outs, and other drywall features that require a smooth, straight, corner intersection at 90 degrees. The single-piece F configuration allows for both horizontal and vertical framing attachment: without having to build up double tracks or track and angle members. The double thickness in the vertical inner flange provides rigidity and strength, which helps with both installation and long-term system stability and resiliency. The hemmed edges on the inner and outer flanges give added strength and safety, and complement our line of EDGE'' stud and track framing products. And, like all Super Stud steel products, F-Track is Made in the USA, with zinc-coated steel: minimum 25% recycled content, and 100% recyclable.

Other applications:
  • Floor holes and edge of slab:
  • Top of wall or soffit at the edge of beam
  • Box-out around plumbing
  • Decorative soffits and ceiling drops
New T-Track image

New T-Track

Super Studs T-Track has a four-flange configuration that permits framing attachment from three directions. T-Track can be used in either vertical or horizontal applications. Oriented vertically at interior wall T intersections, T-Track provides a backer surface for attachment of single-layer gypsum board, without having to add blocking. This single application can eliminate up to three studs, and simultaneously reduce cracking and increase stiffness at the wall intersection. In horizontal applications at the top of a wall that terminates below parallel trusses, T-Track provides a top backer surface for ceiling attachment, eliminating the number of katz blocks to adjacent trusses.

Other applications:
  • Ceiling support from both sides

{{}} {{this.hide}} DragonBoard® High-Performance Sheathing & Structural Subflooring

DragonBoard® High-Performance Sheathing & Structural Subflooring image

DragonBoard® High-Performance Sheathing & Structural Subflooring

DragonBoard® is the only UL Classified magnesium oxide construction board in the world. Use it wherever a fireproof, mold-free, fungus-free, high impact surface is needed. DragonBoard® handles and finishes like drywall, and is the ideal surface for residential and commercial exteriors, interiors, shaftwalls and flooring. Its high performance characteristics can offer value and cost-effectiveness to a project.

Considered a green construction panel due to its organic composition and positive contribution to indoor air quality, DragonBoard® is manufactured with the environment in mind. DragonBoard® is made from mineral components and water, and contains no solvents, oils, toxic ingredients, heavy metal salts or asbestos. In fact, DragonBoard® construction residue can be disposed of in regular landfills, without risk to the surrounding environment.

Click here for more information about DragonBoard®.

{{}} {{this.hide}} energex® EIFS

energex® EIFS image

energex® EIFS

energex® Exterior Wall Systems have been applied to more than 100 million square feet of structures since 1978. energex® is an exceptional exterior insulation and finishing system. The energex® System is comprised of four major components which provide permanent insulation, shape and textures that form a unique exterior wall.

energex® is available in an unlimited range of colors and textures, and is formulated to resist cracks, stains and fading. Finishes range from silicon-based, to metallic and traditional, to stone. energex® remains committed to supplying superior and advanced products to the industry. The system meets the Uniform Building Code and has completed rigorous testing programs consisting of flame and water resistance, freeze/thaw, impact resistance, water vapor transmission and wind load capacities. For both residential and commercial exteriors, energex® Exterior Wall Systems is the product of choice.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} FRO MAR™ Steel Panels

FRO MAR™ Steel Panels image

FRO MAR™ Steel Panels

The FRO MAR™ Steel Panel System is an innovative patented product, using galvanized sheet steel combined with a patented design to achieve unprecedented structural strength in a 33 mil panel. Testing has shown the galvanized finish will last in excess of 150 years. The system is mold, mildew, termite and fire resistant. Each wall section can be produced to accommodate the designers residential or commercial plans, and any number of standard or custom exterior finishes can be applied to it such as brick, vinyl, stucco and various cementitious siding systems.

FRO MAR™ is also an excellent solution for commercial spandrel panel design conditions where structural integrity combined with lightweight and speed of construction are key design considerations. This application is becoming more relevant with the implementation of the new model energy codes that state the application of high-density thermal barriers to the exterior of a building must require a lightweight structural backing. This application of FRO MAR™ is also drawing more attention and interest from the architectural community. It represents significant advantages for the design professional in dealing with this design challenge.

FRO MAR™ recently obtained the difficult Miami-Dade NOA certification for Category Five construction, meaning that to-date, it is the only panel system certified to withstand 150-mph sustained wind loading and the vaunted missile impact test, without the need for any exterior sheathing. FRO MAR™ is truly a landmark product in our industrys efforts to deliver an affordable, sustainable and certifiably safe residential steel solution for 21st Century needs.

Click here for more information about FRO MAR' Building Systems.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Galaxy Hollow Metal Door & Frames

Galaxy Hollow Metal Door & Frames image

Galaxy Hollow Metal Door & Frames

Galaxy Metal Products, LLC is a quality manufacturer of hollow metal doors and frames. Galaxy products are available from stock, knockdown frames to economical honeycomb insulated doors. Custom hollow metal doors and frames are manufactured to architectural specifications and designed to meet complex hardware requirements.

Galaxy provides engineering service for the development of shop drawing submittals and finished hardware. Our team of trained field technicians is always available to aid with on-site installation. Combined with competitive prices and on time delivery, Galaxy offers our customers an unmatched package in our industry.

Click here for more information about Galaxy Metal Products, LLC

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Sustainable Construction

All steel materials from Super Stud Building Products, Inc. have as a minimum the following recycled content:
  • Post-consumer: 19.8%
  • Pre-Consumer: 14.4%

For LEED: post-consumer plus half pre-consumer = 27.0%
Many products have higher values; check with Super Stud Technical Services for additional recycling information. All Super Stud steel products are 100% recyclable.

Last Update: 2017-12-19