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Established in 1994, Architectural Iron Designs Inc. (AIDI) is a leading supplier of architectural metals, ornamental components, gate hardware and finishes. Our products are used in diverse applications ranging from railings, driveway gates, walkway gates, fences, window guards, furniture, signs, etc. The only limit is your imagination!

We strive to be the premier source for ornamental and architectural metals for the building trades, the design community and the consumer by offering quality products at competitive prices, quick response time along with product education.

We represent over 25 premier manufacturers. The Grande Forge collection from France is of unparalleled quality. The forgings from RikFer and Indital represent the best of old world Italian ironwork. The INOX and Feeney CableRail system provides stylish modern options. The DuraGates cantilever hardware from Comunello, in Italy, is the most technologically advanced sliding gate hardware in the industry. Vinylast is the highest quality paint for steel. BFT and FAAC manufacture the sleekest and most reliable gate automation.

Many items are stocked in our New Jersey warehouse for immediate shipment or pick-up and the rest are available as a special order or can be shipped to you within a few days.

Whether your requirements are large or small, we are committed to exceeding our customer's expectations and we look forward to assisting you with your next project.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Grande Forge Luxury Railings

Modern Series by Grande Forge image

Modern Series by Grande Forge

Make your staircase stand out by adding eye-catching elements to your railings. Our metal forgings for balustrades and railings made in contemporary designs will add chic detail to the ambiance of your house. Get a range of subtle designs or an accent detail for your stairway that are simply gorgeous.

Brass Handrails and Fittings by Grande Forge image

Brass Handrails and Fittings by Grande Forge

Keep your classic staircase looking great with Grande Forge's stylish brass handrail. The French craftsmen, who mastered the art of metal forgings, bring you an exclusive collection of brass handrails that are a unique piece of art. These items fit any architectural style and harmonize with any modern home.

Mozart Series by Grande Forge image

Mozart Series by Grande Forge

The Mozart collection by Grande Forge is sure to be the highlight of every conversation when guests arrive. These ornamental railing components, inspired by nature, is unique in ironwork. Find the creative intelligence of the artist, the unusual work of the blacksmith and the precise finish by the detailer. The intricate ironwork of leaves, flowers and even a stylized peacock will instantly enhance the look of your staircase or balcony

Black Diamond Series by Grande Forge image

Black Diamond Series by Grande Forge

Add the elements of elegance with a little splash of black that is bold and stylish. Let the combination of black and crystal complement the architectural spaces of your building. The sleek and smooth designs of our railings create a soft, sober and timeless ambiance that is visually charming.

Paris Series by Grande Forge image

Paris Series by Grande Forge

The Paris collection is one of the contemporary collections of AIDI that combines both luxury and glamour. This classic series of railing posts and balusters is a smart mix of artistic sense and efficiency. Interestingly, this series is a fit for all architectural styles and configurations.

Diamond Series by Grande Forge image

Diamond Series by Grande Forge

Our crystal fitted posts and balusters are the ultimate accessory that you would want to boost the charm of your staircase. Give your building a rich look with our Diamond Series of sophisticated fittings, especially meant for railings and staircases. Redefine royalty with these unique pieces of artwork done with crystals to enhance the entire look of your stairway.

Cast Iron Series by Grand Forge image

Cast Iron Series by Grand Forge

Finely detailed posts and balusters within the Cast Iron series blend a classic, yet modern look and feel. Perfect for staircase railings, balcony rails, garden gates and any ironwork design that can be imagined. These newels and pickets are supplied unfinished and can be painted or patinated to match any interior or exterior space.

Classic Series by Grande Forge image

Classic Series by Grande Forge

The Classic Series by Grande Forge is the blend of solid brass with forged steel. This classic combination used in making railings and balustrades is artistic whose style is unalterable. Complement your staircase with a rustic design that fuses the goodness of two metals to give your house a timeless look.

Comtesse Series by Grande Forge image

Comtesse Series by Grande Forge

Elegant yet exuberant, the Comtesse collections set forth the classy image of the sophisticated families from the imperial times. Find the ribbed brass balusters that are highly polished and protected by a special lacquer. All these together, can positively transform the ambiance of your house and bring in a feeling of serenity.

Versailles Series by Grande Forge image

Versailles Series by Grande Forge

Add a touch of class to your staircase or railing design with gentle swirls, leaves and elements of nature. These brass balusters will embellish your living space as they add spectacular detail for a most amazing look of grandeur.

Harmonie Series by Grande Forge  image

Harmonie Series by Grande Forge

Polished brass and stainless steel forgings in the center make this line of posts and balusters unique. The mix of two metals used in these forgings creates a mystical harmony between the staircase and your furniture where the two components complement one another. Harmonie Series of posts is a decorative element that with its precision in details can intensify the beauty of your house.

Royal Series by Grande Forge image

Royal Series by Grande Forge

Whether you have a marble staircase or one with granite, our products for railings containing gilded embellishments on brass balusters will enhance the glamour of your entry hall. Give your house an edgy look with Grande Forge Royal Series that features solid brass centers in a hand patinated and lacquered Antique Bronze finish.

Carbone Series by Grande Forge image

Carbone Series by Grande Forge

Experience the beauty of a railing system that incorporates carbon fiber. The Carbone Series will offer a unique and modern appearance to any home or business with it's selection of handrail, posts and balusters. Easily malleable and suitable for different applications, carbon fiber has become a noble material. Used in the most advanced sectors, such as aeronautics, automotive or sport, carbon fiber has quickly become the unavoidable material of future applications.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Iron & Steel Railings

Textured Bars image

Textured Bars

Textured bars are an attractive choice for handrails, grills, panels, and other iron work projects. The different patterns of our best quality iron bars beautifully complete the modern elegance of any project. They are available in different designs and are best suitable for custom gates, fences and railings.

Steel Handrail & Fittings image

Steel Handrail & Fittings

Forged steel handrails are available in a variety of sizes to meet your project needs. Whether used inside the house or used outdoors, they are an effective alternative to wood and gives a professional finish to all railing designs. Also, get stylish handrail ends, a modern solution to finishing off a railing's tip.

Pipe Fittings image

Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings are essential when building a sturdy railing. Choose from our selection of elbows, flanges, pipe, sleeves and pipe connectors.

Twisted Bars image

Twisted Bars

Ironwork designs abound when you choose twisted bar as a component. View our selection of rope twists, fully twisted bar and single and double twisted bars. These bars can be used in railings, gates, fences or deck railings.

Hot Pierced Bars image

Hot Pierced Bars

Hot pierced bars come in a variety of design allowing fast installation of railing pickets. Pierced bars are available to accommodate square or round bars.

Bamboo-Forged Steel image

Bamboo-Forged Steel

This durable and versatile product is available in tubular or solid sections allowing for an infinite array of metal work applications. Use for balconies, handrailings, garden gates and much more.

Handrail Brackets image

Handrail Brackets

Handrail brackets are used to join staircase railings to the wall of a stairway for safety and utility purposes. Choose either classic brass stair rail brackets or intricately designed iron brackets for a regal touch. Our selection of handrail brackets features a variety of decorative and functional brackets to complete your railing.

Plain Steel Bars image

Plain Steel Bars

We offer plain steel solid round and square bar or solid steel flat bar or steel tubing for rails, gates and handrails.

Decorative Flat Bars & Ends image

Decorative Flat Bars & Ends

Decorative flat bar is perfect for handrails, balconies and balustrade rails. With many patterns and designs to choose we are certain you will find a design that matches your decor.

Half Oval and Half Round Bar image

Half Oval and Half Round Bar

Create a unique design with our steel half oval and half round bars.

Collar Material image

Collar Material

Make your own banding collars or use for other decorative metal applications. AIDI offers a large selection of collar strips and also pre-cut collars.

Railing Posts image

Railing Posts

Railing posts are an ornate piece of metalwork that is used to coordinate with the balusters used in a railing project. These newel posts usually start or end the design of a staircase railing. View our selection of dragon posts, cast iron fence posts, finely detailed newel posts from Grande Forge and many other decorative heavy post designs.

Decorative Railing Panels image

Decorative Railing Panels

Decorative forged scroll panels come in many shapes and sizes and can be incorporated into any railing design.

Grande Forge Balusters/Pickets image

Grande Forge Balusters/Pickets

Grande Forge offers a large selection of baluster choices that range in style from traditional to contemporary. Delicate twists, chiseled edges, hammered bars and flowing scroll designs are all waiting to be discovered.

Railing Balusters/Pickets image

Railing Balusters/Pickets

Forged steel balusters can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. Create a traditional balustrade by using twisted bar with cages as the focal point or for the country look try using knotted bars for that balcony railing. View our selection of spindles and see what you can create.

Regency Railings image

Regency Railings

Ornamental, prefabricated railing panels from Regency Railings are perfect for staircases and balconies. These hand forged decorative ironwork components feature ornamental iron railing panels that provide a custom look for any interior stair railing at an affordable cost. This prefabricated and patented series by Regency is all about innovation that is expressly for home builders and wood stair companies.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Ornamental Metals

Rings and Circles image

Rings and Circles

To add a distinction to your iron fence, gate or railing, use iron rings and circles that are perfect for the display of your ornamental metal work. Our steel rings are strong and durable. Find our range of iron circles that have been forged to form unique designs.

Post Tops / Finials / Railheads image

Post Tops / Finials / Railheads

Find an extensive range of decorative railheads and finials in all styles and sizes for gates, railings, fences, and staircases. Get ornamental iron railheads in a variety of designs that can be best fitted in your Iron gates, grills, and railings. Our collection of decorative steel finials will give a perfect finish to your Iron design decor.

Railing Shoes and Cover Plates image

Railing Shoes and Cover Plates

Our ornamental ironwork guarantees sophisticated design, unbeatable quality, rapid assembly and excellent safety. Find the best quality iron railing shoes and flanges that will complete the look of iron balusters. These architectural metal pieces provide a perfect finish to your railing model and are available with us in brass and aluminum too.

Cross Bars for Window Guards image

Cross Bars for Window Guards

Forged cross bars come in handy as the notched back sides allow for quick installation of decorative bars. Use these decorative iron cross bars to create a unique window guard or balcony railing.

Rosettes image


Be it an iron, brass or aluminum rosette, our massive collection of metal rosettes is a perfect addition to your railings, metal furniture, wall partitions, old-world doors, and gates. These decorative metals are available in a variety of small and larger standalone rosettes that serves as excellent decor or focal points in metallic wall hangings and uplifts the overall look of your space.

Forged Steel Scrolls image

Forged Steel Scrolls

Steel scrolls are available in many different sizes and designs that are used in iron handrails, wall decors, and metal frames. With simple curves forged from a durable material, our steel scrolls will complete your gate or staircase with a perfect finishing detail.

Leaves, Roses & Grapes image

Leaves, Roses & Grapes

Decorative metal leaves and flowers are the way of giving your iron artwork a creative finish. Our popular collection of iron flowers and leaves showcased here are suitable for the fabrication within any gate or railing.

Solid and Hollow Balls image

Solid and Hollow Balls

Shop our collection of hollow metal balls that are formed using high-quality materials. Get steels balls and brass balls in a variety of sizes and styles. The elegant finish of these balls serves as a decorative element to your ironwork. They can be welded for easy installation too.

Decorative Collars image

Decorative Collars

Our premium models of decorative iron collars are available in square and round shaped designs. This range of artistic and decorative ironwork components can be used to adorn balcony railings, fence pickets or gate designs. Get this inexpensive, easy and effective add-on to your metalwork designs, by picking your style from our wide collection of decorative collars that are also available in brass and aluminum.

Other Decorative Elements image

Other Decorative Elements

Bring in a sense of clarity, freshness, and ease into your space. Our iron products designed and fabricated in a range of artistic items, includes cut letters and numbers, furniture legs, square ends, decorative forged nail heads and more. Use these little creative elements in your house to add a touch of drama in the corner of your home.

Home Decor image

Home Decor

Use our iron metal forgings for creatively designing the interiors of your house. Our artistic metal forgings can personalize any room with its contemporary style. Add a rustic look to the architecture of your space using our home decor metal items.

Flower Panels image

Flower Panels

Our steel flower panels are available painted or unpainted. They are offered in round or oval shapes with a variety of designs to choose from.

Decorative Castings by Grande Forge image

Decorative Castings by Grande Forge

The decorative iron castings by Grande Forge combines ancestral know-how and advanced technologies. The remarkable quality of precision that these castings possess show their superiority, as well as their ability to integrate complex geometry shapes. These cast-iron objects have a special touch as it combines both grace and robustness.

Ornamental Iron Castings image

Ornamental Iron Castings

Our finely crafted iron home accents for the outdoors and indoors are bold and sophisticated. The decorative iron castings meet the needs of modern-day home decor and suits all styles. The stunning designs of our iron castings are perfect for iron gates, ornate balconies, and elaborate old-world iron railings.

Gate Frame Accessories image

Gate Frame Accessories

Find aesthetic, contemporary and creative gate frame accessories that are made with innovative and unique designs to embellish your gates. These gate accessories are manufactured based on the latest trends using present-day techniques and are offered in various shapes to fit any gate pattern easily.

Readymade Gates By RikFer image

Readymade Gates By RikFer

Much like the main door of your house, the gate, at the entrance of your property, also plays an important role in making your guests feel warm and welcomed. Set the tone of your house with our wide range of readymade garden gates, side gates and driveway gates that are available in all standard sizes. These solid steel driveway and pedestrian gates, exclusively imported from Italy, are ready to install. They are galvanized and painted and come with hinges.

Gate Crowns And Top Scroll Panels image

Gate Crowns And Top Scroll Panels

Our decorative gate crowns add value and security to gate structures. Find an exclusive range of designs that will define the majesty of your building. Our classic gate crowns can elevate the overall look of your gate instantly.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Railings

Aluminum Cover Plates, Flanges & Shoes image

Aluminum Cover Plates, Flanges & Shoes

Embellish your space using our perfect accents especially designed for your stair railing systems. Shop our aluminum cover plates and shoes that are specifically designed to fit a wide range of balusters and posts. The shoes and flanges provide a sleek and classy look to the post or the baluster and also hide away any welding or holes at the bottom of the post.

Aluminum Handrail and Fittings image

Aluminum Handrail and Fittings

Our low-maintenance aluminum railing systems will fit your home and last for years. These professional looking rails are simple to set up and are long-lasting. They are built with state of the art technology so that you can be confident in your investment. The unique blend of flair and practicality of our handrails will embellish your space while also ensuring safety.

Aluminum Balusters & Posts image

Aluminum Balusters & Posts

Choose and shop from the best collection of aluminum balusters and posts for staircases, railings and decks. Our range of products includes stylish hammered edge bars with decorative centers, square and round balusters, cages on bars and more. Pick your style from our exclusive collection that is especially ornamented to add a unique touch to your space.

Aluminum Scroll Panels image

Aluminum Scroll Panels

The decorative aluminum scroll panels are an attractive addition to walls, gates, and stairs. Add a personalized touch to your staircase and choose from our vast selection of aluminum scrolls that will instantly elevate the overall look of your home.

Aluminum Pipe Fittings image

Aluminum Pipe Fittings

We offer a variety of aluminum pipe fittings for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" pipe. Choose from elbows, flanges, end caps and sleeves.

Aluminum Infill Castings image

Aluminum Infill Castings

Now bring in a touch of sophistication to your home and office with our stylish aluminum infill castings. Give your architectural spaces an elegant finish with these ornamental aluminum infill castings. These castings can be used in stair railings and steps to add volume to the decor.

Aluminum Rosettes image

Aluminum Rosettes

Aluminum rosettes can set a striking tone in any space of your humble abode. Crafted with precision, our metal rosette creates an artful aura that is eye-catching and is sure to spark a conversation. The aluminum rosettes come in all sizes and designs. Explore here for more exotic patterns of the rosettes.

Aluminum Leaves image

Aluminum Leaves

Our premium aluminum leaves represent the best in craftsmanship and design that can bring a classic sense of style to your home, both indoors and out. Get our aluminum decorative leaves that are widely used in railings, gates, grills and other places to boost the decoration and attractiveness of them.

Aluminum Tubing, Textured and Plain Bar image

Aluminum Tubing, Textured and Plain Bar

Create a lightweight gate frame or railing with our selection of aluminum bars. Tubing comes hammered or plain in different thicknesses. Our alumiinum solid bar comes plain or hammered.

Aluminum Railheads/Finials image

Aluminum Railheads/Finials

Buy our quality aluminum finials and railheads to enhance the look of your stairs, fences, gates, decks and more. These forged aluminum railheads can be used indoors and out on all types of construction from balconies to indoor balustrades or window grills. These finials are purely aesthetic and are a thing of beauty.

Aluminum Scrolls image

Aluminum Scrolls

Our aluminum scrolls can be incorporated into numerous projects, including gates, railings, balconies, fences, and furniture. Scrolls serve as a focal point when used in any metal work and immediately draw in the eye of the observer. Add a personalized touch to your staircase and choose from our selection of aluminum scrolls that will elevate the look of your home.

Aluminum Rings and Circles image

Aluminum Rings and Circles

Choose quality aluminum rings and circles from our collection. These aluminum rings are best used for decorative accents in balconies, fences and gates as they are solid, durable and robust. Shop online for our high-quality aluminum rings and circles.

Aluminum Picket Castings image

Aluminum Picket Castings

Our selection of aluminum picket castings add personality to any railing system, deck or fence. The architectural features of these pickets, combined with expert craftsmanship, offer a creative style that is popular in modern architecture.

Aluminum Cages image

Aluminum Cages

Quality materials, hand-forged components, and attention to detail are what set our aluminum cages for outdoor railings and interior railings apart. These quality decorative elements for railings, gates, fences, furniture and more are available with us in a wide range of styles and different sizes

Aluminum Collars image

Aluminum Collars

AIDI's aluminum collars offer both beauty and durability. The designs of our aluminum collars can suit any project demand. They are attractive because of their sophisticated design and are easily adaptable in any space.

Aluminum Post Caps image

Aluminum Post Caps

Find our vast collection of aluminum post tops here. They are available in assorted styles like ball post caps, pyramid post caps and pineapple post caps. Add these gorgeous post tops to your aluminum fence and gate system to enhance its appearance.

Aluminum Handrail Brackets image

Aluminum Handrail Brackets

These handrail brackets are designed in such a way to provide support between the handrail and the wall. They can easily fit the shape of your rail and come in matching finishes to ensure safety and style in your outdoor or indoor space.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Stainless, Cable & Glass Railing

CableRail by Feeney image

CableRail by Feeney

Our collections for the CableRail system by Feeney are easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. These items are corrosion resistant and add years of value to your deck or railing project. Our CableRail accessories can fit any indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential design.

Ultra-tec Cable Railing Infill image

Ultra-tec Cable Railing Infill

Ultra-Tec, the ultimate cable railing infill, offers concealed hardware which allows for unobstructive views and easy installation. Ultra-Tec is available in pre-cut cable lengths or spools of cable for larger jobs.

INOX Stainless Steel Railing System image

INOX Stainless Steel Railing System

This modular system allows for flexibility of part selection and ease of installation vs. comparable welded systems.

Available in 304 and 316 grade for interior or exterior applications in a satin finish.

Three infill options available: solid stainless rods, CableRail or glass.

Woodinox Railing System image

Woodinox Railing System

A modern and sophisticated look will be achieved when using the WOODINOX Railing System. The combination of stainless steel and the warmth of wood will welcome any visitor to a home or office.

Glass Clamps and Glass Mount Brackets image

Glass Clamps and Glass Mount Brackets

Glass clips and clamps are crucial components for keeping glass infills solid and sturdy within the handrails, while also maintaining the stellar feel of the glass panels suspended in air, or surreally affixed. They can even be used in acrylic or wooden panels, or as grips for lightweight shelving. They provide a sense of stability, prevent slippage, and preserve the look of your panels.

LED System for Stainless Steel Railing image

LED System for Stainless Steel Railing

Now you can illuminate a stairway or a walkway without having to light up an entire area.
Increase security without increasing your costs thanks to the latest generation of high energy saving LED lights.


1-1/2" & 2" Round Stainless Steel Railing System

Round tubing, in polished or satin stainless steel, offers a variety of design applications for both commercial and residential needs. Our stylish collection is known to add a decorative, yet functional, accent to any railing in the home or business.

PanelGrip Glass Railing System image

PanelGrip Glass Railing System

The beauty of glass is timeless. When teamed with high-quality architectural metals, the result can be stunning. Used for both residential and commercial applications, our glass railing systems allow one to showcase the grandeur, rather than hiding it.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Brass Railings

Brass Handrail & Ends image

Brass Handrail & Ends

Get the best brass handrails to give your staircase a perfect finish and exquisite brass ends that will add finesse to your home decor. Shop for the best brass handrails and ends for commercial and residential purposes here.

Brass Tubing and Sleeves image

Brass Tubing and Sleeves

Brass tubing is commonly used for architectural detailing. Our quality solid brass round tubing and steel sleeves for round tubing are ideal for handrail or foot rail applications. A staircase should be as attractive as it is useful, and with these fittings, that is exactly what you will find here!

Handrail Brackets image

Handrail Brackets

AIDI's stylish brass handrail brackets redefine elegance. These handrail brackets are made of high-quality solid brass for wall mounting and glass mounting. Its sleek and polished finish can perfectly restore the charm on your staircase.

Post Brackets image

Post Brackets

Our brass post brackets are available for mounting metal railings in all kinds of settings like handrail, foot rail, stair railing, kitchen rail system and more. We offer them in variety of styles and sizes.

Footrail & Armrail Brackets image

Footrail & Armrail Brackets

Select from our range of bracket styles that can support your tubing. For optimal support, you can choose our durable brackets that will also complement your bar rail. Our arm rail and footrail brackets finish would make you buy it now.

Flanges image


AIDI's high quality brass flanges are great for porches, walls or decks. Our range of ornamental brass flanges include wall flange, floor flange, angle flange and canopies in brass. Shop from our comprehensive collection of brass flanges.

End Caps image

End Caps

Find brass end caps and finials that are suitable for home and office buildings. Made with quality and care, our end caps will rightly express the creativity of your railing with its bold look. These metal accents create a visually intriguing ambiance.

Ball Fittings image

Ball Fittings

AIDI supplies a large range of ball fittings to support your railing. Usually, a heavier ball fitting provides the needed strength for a solid foot rail and hand railing. Shop for your railing from our collection of ball fittings that meets rigid standards of quality.

Flush Fittings image

Flush Fittings

The flush fittings section of the brass railing category features a variety of decorative and functional fittings to complete your railing project. Our brass flush fittings are available in a wide range to match every style and budget.

Glass Clips image

Glass Clips

We offer a selection of glass clips from Grande Forge that help create the appearance of floating glass railings. Our glass clips and grips provide a safe and stable way to fix glass panel to walls, railing posts, and other surfaces to create a fine architectural railing system.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Paint & Patinas

Vinylast Paint image

Vinylast Paint

Shop Vinylast Paint for a quality finish to any metal object. AIDI offers a variety of paint colors in various sizes or try the aerosol spray paint for quick and easy application. Use our Vinylast paint for interior or exterior metal designs. It dries faster and had excellent adhesion to hot dipped galvanizing.

Aqualast Paint image

Aqualast Paint

To keep your metal objects looking beautiful for a longer period, you need more than just a paint. Shop our Aqualast Paint which is a eco-friendlier version of our Vinylast Paint. It gives long-lasting life on all ironwork and is water based for easy clean up.

Sculpt Nouveau Patinas and Metal Finishes image

Sculpt Nouveau Patinas and Metal Finishes

To achieve a more natural finish on your metalwork project use our range of Sculpt Nouveau patinas and metal finishes. Sculpt Nouveau provides smart solutions for cleaning, finishing and protecting metal surfaces. A wide variety of traditional patinas, smart stains, dye oxides, metal waxes/oils and sealers is available here to ensure your project will last for many years.

Highlighting Patinas image

Highlighting Patinas

The ancient art of patinization fused with modern day paint technology to articulate metallic effects on paintable surface is the trend that is quickly picking up. Our exclusive painted patinas are distinctive that carries a timeless look of bronze, copper and the weathered appearance of rusted iron.

Gilders Paste image

Gilders Paste

Our range of Gilders Paste has a variety of unique painting applications. It can be used to highlight the look of your metallic and wooden objects. Apply it to the body of the article with finger or brush in a rubbing motion to achieve that unique finish for your item.

Primers and Thinners image

Primers and Thinners

Use our primers and thinners for better results when painting your metal work. Our primers give long-lasting adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material that is being painted. Whereas, the thinner provides best results when used to thin oil-based paints or clean up after their use.

Metal Coatings image

Metal Coatings

Create the appearance of metal on any surface by using metal coatings by Sculpt Nouveau.

Clear Coat / Sealers image

Clear Coat / Sealers

Apply a protective clear sealer to preserve your painted or patinated metal finish.

RustResolve-Rust Converter image

RustResolve-Rust Converter

It is a complex mixture of vinyl acrylic copolymer and tannic acid. Treat corroded steel and iron surfaces with this magic solution that is strong yet eco-friendly. RustResolve neutralizes the corrosion process by converting the rust into a blue black organic compound which can then be painted over.

Metal Cleaner image

Metal Cleaner

Sculpt Nouveau's Metal Cleaner and Degreaser works on all types of metal surfaces. This cleaner is specifically formulated for the rapid and complete removal of rust, dirt, oil and grease from most iron surfaces in preparation for metal finishing

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Gate Hardware

Gate Hinges image

Gate Hinges

Hinges play a vital role in the functionality of your gate. Here at AIDI we offer a wide selection of hinges, whether self closing or non-self closing, for wooden, steel, aluminum and chain link gate.

Locks and Latches image

Locks and Latches

Locks and latches provide added security to your gate. Choose from numerous styles of security locks, pool safety latches and simple gravity latches. We offer styles for wood, chain link, aluminum and steel gates.

Gate Closers image

Gate Closers

Ensure your gate closes each and every time by installing a gate closer. Models are available for all types and sizes of gates. We offer hydraulic gate closers that offer a final snap action; especially useful for pool gates. Adjustable gate springs can be used for a simple garden gate.

Panic Hardware image

Panic Hardware

Free-exit or "panic" hardware is a must in applications where the outside door is always locked, but exit from the inside is a must. This is especially true in schools and shopping malls.

Gate Stops and Handles image

Gate Stops and Handles

Avoid damaging your gate when someone opens it by installing a gate stop. Gates stops guarantee the gate won't open past a certain degree. Gate handles make your gate easy to open. They are aesthetically pleasing as well and will add value to your gate.

Drop Bolts and Ground Catchers image

Drop Bolts and Ground Catchers

Drop bolts will add functionality to your swing gates by providing that extra security to large driveway gates and for smaller gates by ensuring they don't blow open. Drop bars come in a variety of styles both lockable and non-lockable

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Sliding Gate Systems

Aluminum Gate Track image

Aluminum Gate Track - CGA - 350.5P

This rolling gate model is recommended for commercial or residential applications. The heavy duty track extrusion is perfectly weldable for aluminum gates.
Galvanized Steel Gate Track image

Galvanized Steel Gate Track - CGS - 250.8M

This mini galvanized track model, can still handle a 1000lb gate and is a perfect option for not only residential properties, but also for many light duty commercial sliding gate applications. Can also be used where ever a sliding barrier or privacy is desired such as decks, trash enclosures, loading docks, ramps, etc. A versatile and economical system.
Galvanized Steel Gate Track image

Galvanized Steel Gate Track - CGS - 350.8P

GATE OPENING: up to 26.4FT - OPENING WEIGHT: up to 1700LBS
Recommended for medium size industrial or commercial rolling gates. This is the perfect model to accommodate the larger, more decorative wrought iron estate gates.
Galvanized Steel Gate Track image

Galvanized Steel Gate Track - CGS - 350.8G

GATE OPENING: up to 59.4FT - OPENING WEIGHT: up to 4050LBS
This cantilever gate hardware model is specifically designed to handle the larger, heavy duty industrial/commercial sliding gate, especially in high traffic applications.
Aluminum Gate Track  image

Aluminum Gate Track - CGA - 350.5M

Our light duty aluminum hardware is used for residential and commercial sliding gates, especially where the application calls for an aluminum gate.
Galvanized Steel Gate Track image

Galvanized Steel Gate Track - CGS - 250.8P

This model can accommodate light to medium weight gates and is commonly used for a wide variety of commercial and residential installations.
Stainless Steel Gate Track image

Stainless Steel Gate Track - CGI - 350.5P

This stainless steel cantilevered gate system is corrosion resistant and suitable for commercial and residential applications.
V-Groove Track image

V-Groove Track

Sliding gates work well with the V-Groove Rolling Gate System. Track is bolted to the ground for smooth operation. Available in 10-ft. and 20-ft. lengths, each section of V-Groove track is galvanized steel of superior quality. The inverted round top of the track makes it easy on the vehicle tires and causes less friction.
V-Groove Wheels image

V-Groove Wheels

Smooth rolling action for sliding rolling gates with V-Groove wheels. Different sizes and wheel dimensions allow gates of different weights to roll easily without any friction. From simple 4" wheels with either 1 bearing or 2 bearings that can bear up to 937 lbs per wheel to twin wheels with V-Groove to hold up to 4233 lbs per wheel weight.
V-Groove Track Accessories image

V-Groove Track Accessories

Choose from a variety of V-Groove accessories to complement the functionality of your rolling driveway gates. Guiding plates, support rollers, nylon rollers, and connection pins are just some of the V-Groove track accessories for rolling gates provided by Locks4Gates.
Overhead Track System image

Overhead Track System

Comunello overhead track systems offers a solution for industrial doors when mounting hardware on the floor is not an option.

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Gate Operators image

Gate Operators

Automate your sliding or swing gate with a sophisticated gate operator system. These openers are manufactured by top suppliers, BFT and FAAC. The operators are available in various models to accommodate most gate sizes and weights.

Gate Access Control image

Gate Access Control

Gate access control systems can be integrated into any gate operator system. Make access through your gate easy and convenient by installing a coded keypad box or perhaps one with an intercom would work. Shop today to find the device that will work best for your gate application.

Driveway Loops and Vehicle Detectors image

Driveway Loops and Vehicle Detectors

Driveway loops are a quick and efficient way to gain entry through a gate. Since the loops detect the presence of a vehicle, there is no need for a keypad or remote control device to open the gate. Loops can be buried under the driveway surface or they can be saw-cut into the driveway.

Gate Operator Accessories image

Gate Operator Accessories

Gate operator accessories help to enhance the performance of your slide or swing gate. Choose from fire department boxes, timers, photocells for safety, safety edges and much more.

Last Update: 2019-12-02