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As a paver installation company, Appian Construction began installing sand set pavers and bricks in 1984. Over time the industry demand for products to elevate pavers, inspired Appian Construction to begin on a pedestal system of their own. Today, Appian Way Sales Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of all AWS Pedestal products including the adjustable Diamond Head Series, Perimeter Pedestal System and the Joist Plate System. The products distributed by Appian Way Sales are used to elevate and support pavers, natural cut stone, ceramic tiles and wood tile systems. AWS Pedestals have been supporting pavers since the year 2000.

Always innovating, AWS Pedestals introduced an adjustable head system in the fall of 2014. Initial focus on the Pacific Northwest use of the AWS Pedestal Systems has now spread across the country. AWS Pedestals are no longer a regional product. The pedestal systems are now offered in all fifty states and the provinces of Canada (through a Canadian distributor).

At Appian Way Sales, Inc. Service is the key to our company success. Call the distribution office to discuss your project and get assistance determining your pedestal needs. Expect a prompt return quote including shipping costs to the destination of your choice. AWS Pedestal Systems is here to provide all your service needs.


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Pedestal System - Diamond Head™ Series

The AWS Diamond Head Series® turns difficult slopes into level surfaces and allows utilities and drains to be run under the surface. Air and water move freely to allow for the health and longevity of the sub-surface.

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DHS Pedestal Installation

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Pedestal System - Joist Plate™

Tired of maintaining that old wood deck against the sun and weather? The AWS™ Joist Plate™ System is a new answer to an age-old problem. Durable, versatile pavers as a deck surface will stand the test of time.

Joist Plate System Installation Instructions

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Pedestal System - Perimeter Pedestal®

Your project deserves a more professional edge piece. AWS™ Pedestal System now brings the answer to these difficult edging dilemmas with our new Perimeter Pedestal®. It snaps together similarly to the full pedestal system and to its component shim pieces. Always innovating, we strive to meet all the requirements of paving installations. AWS™ is the complete pedestal system for your needs.

AWS Perimeter Pedestal Installation Helpful Hints

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How-to Calculate the Number of AWS™ from Square Footage

Using the square footage of your deck or patio, calculate the number of AWS™ pedestals or joist plates needed to install any size of paver.

Last Update: 2019-12-02