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A Century of Expertise Yields Far More than Just a Door

Masonite Architectural strives to be customers' indispensable partner for creating successful buildings and shaping better environments - so they can always specify with confidence. A passion for authentic craftsmanship and trend-forward thinking drives us to create the most distinct, innovative offering in the industry.


Professionally Crafted Wood Doors Leave a Stunning, Lasting Impression

Today, our network of design and manufacturing locations is the most extensive in the wood door industry, and creates wood door solutions that range from the world's most distinguished authentic wood stile and rail doors made in London, Ontario to our broad commercial wood veneer door offering made in Northumberland, Pennsylvania to our highly customizable doors made in Largo, FL. We service and supply wood doors for projects around the globe to help shape better environments.


The Right Door for the Right Opening

Our streamlined portfolio simplifies the selection and specification process, while providing the breadth of products that provide optimal performance and aesthetic solutions for every market, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Multi-Family
  • Government

ASPIRO™ & CENDURA™ Series for Legacy Brands

• Marshfield-Algoma & Harring: now ASPIRO™ Series
• Mohawk: now CENDURA™ Series

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ASPIRO™ Series - Architectural Doors

Aspiro Series - Highest Aesthetic and Performance Qualities



Product Data Sheets

Door Selector 

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Graham-Maiman Series

The beauty and reliability of Graham and Maiman wood doors has made them a favored choice for construction projects nationwide.

Graham and Maiman can provide most types and styles of wood doors and is one of the few manufacturers able to deliver both custom and standard doors on the same order. Through our ability to produce uniquely designed doors, Graham and Maiman offer architects total design freedom.



Product Data Sheets

Wood Door Literature


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Baillargeon Doors

The Baillargeon brand has been specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of architectural, institutional, fire and commercial wood doors and jambs in Canada since 1985.

When your ideas are packed with innovations, when your projects require custom solutions or when your creativity demands something much more than run-of-the-mill... anything is possible with Baillargeon! This custom approach opens up a world of potential. Have a complicated door design? We take pride in making the seemingly impossible - possible.

Baillargeon branded doors and frames can offer extraordinary detail to your project, are custom fit to your opening and backed by the Baillargeon compilance guaranty.


Technical Brochure



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Performance Solutions

Performance Solutions that Drive Successful Buildings

Whether you're providing enhanced acoustics to ensure peace and privacy in patient rooms or greater durability to stand up to high levels of traffic in a hotel lobby - we have the right door solution for every opening. Our ongoing research provides you with the tools, resources and expertise to empower great designs for any market. As a result, you can confidently specify the right products for all your building's aesthetic and performance needs.

  • Acoustics
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Aesthetics

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Healthcare projects are complex and require more than a one-door solution. Not only does each door influence the overall aesthetic, the correct choice helps block out noise, stands up to abuse, and supports a sterile environment. Let us provide the solutions you need to create a more successful healthcare facility.

Doors For Healthcare Solutions:

  • Stile & Rail: Office Suites & Public Areas
  • Plastic Laminate: Public or Common Areas
  • High Impact Door: Patient Room Entry & Surgical Units
  • Oversized Door: Cross Corridor
  • Lead-Lined Cross Section: Imaging Room


Performance Solutions:

  • Acoustically Sound Spaces - Patient Rooms
  • Extreme Durability - Corridors & Surgical Units
  • Optimal Hygiene - Clinical Areas
  • High Level of Aesthetics - Public Areas


Design Guide - See a floor by floor guide to simplify your healthcare project.

Case Study - Durability and performance meet at the Clarity Child Guidance centre.

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From the elegance of a luxury hotel to the unique, modern vibe of a boutique property - or the comfortable approach of a full/focused or economy hotel ' hospitality environments call for a versatile array of architectural doors that serve to enhance the overall guest experience, leading to glowing reviews and return stays.

Doors for Hospitality Solutions:

  • Wood Veneer: Reception / Lobby
  • STC Rated Door Core: Guest Room
  • Factory-Painted MDO Door: Guest Room
  • Louver Door: Restroom Stalls
  • High Impact Door: Back of House


Performance Solutions:

  • Acoustics - Guest Rooms
  • Durability & Security: Guest Rooms
  • Sustainabilitty
  • Aesthetics - Lobbies and Hallways


Hospitality Guide - See our floor by floor design guide

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To maximize student achievement, today's schools require more than a talented staff. Doors can help improve focus by providing secure, sound spaces to learn and grow.


Education Design Guide



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Office / Mixed-Use

Office & Mixed-Use Environments Simplified

There is a lot to consider when tackling office environment projects.  Streamline your process for selecting the right doors with by downloading our room-by-room design guide.


Working in a well-designed and attractive office can have a major influence on worker productivity. Doors can influence a healthy and productive workforce by providing secure, sound spaces to keep work projects moving forward.


Office / Mixed Design Guide 

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Door Selector

The NEW Masonite Architectural DoorSelector™ Tool should be used for quick option reference only and is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of available doors. If you have any questions on specific door construction options, please make sure to reach out to your Masonite Architectural representative

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Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews