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California Slate Company is the premier resource for natural slate roofing material in the United States. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have long-standing relationships with the top quarries around the world and pride ourselves on choosing only the best natural slate available. Our specific products – many exclusive to us – are selected for their durability and unique colors and characteristics. The dependability of our products is a key component of our mission.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California Slate Company serves projects throughout the West Coast, including Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. We also ship slate to any location, and will gladly send you a full-size sample of any slate in stock.

Natural slate is an environmentally friendly product that will last for generations. Slate is not only waterproof, but fireproof – an important consideration when choosing a roofing material.

We look forward to working with you on your next project and helping you select a strikingly beautiful, long-lasting slate that’s ideal for your needs.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Del Castillo Gray Slate

Del Castillo Gray Slate image

Del Castillo Gray Slate

A California Slate Company exclusive, with S.R.I. - Solar Reflective Index and C.R.R.C. - Cool Roof Rating Council certification. Truly non-fading and non-weathering, Del Castillo Gray is difficult to find - we are the only U.S. company to carry it. It is a medium gray slate, lightly textured with just a vague hue of silver or blue.Unparalleled durability puts this remarkable slate in a class of its own. It will maintain its original look for generations.

{{}} {{this.hide}} True Black Galcar Slate

True Black Galcar Slate image

True Black Galcar Slate

This highly textured slate is quarried in La BaNa, Spain. There is extensive variation in this material and the overall esthetic is rustic rather than uniform. It reflects light very evenly and provides a classic, Spanish-style slate look.

The test results are top-notch, making this a slate that can tolerate any weather conditions. Usually in stock at all times. A 100-year guarantee is provided for this easy-to-work-with material.

{{}} {{this.hide}} True Black Hebra Slate

True Black Hebra Slate image

True Black Hebra Slate

True Black Hebra is quarried in La BaNa, situated in the LeOn region of Spain. It is smoother and finer in texture than True Black Galcar, and its strong vertical grain reflects light differently, resulting in a quite dissimilar appearance on a roof. Overall, it has a very refined look. True Black Hebra is slightly darker than True Black Galcar but its other qualities are fairly similar. Its test results are excellent and it is easy to work with (no need for power tools). Alpine conditions pose no problems for it.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Lugo Green Slate

Lugo Green Slate image

Lugo Green Slate

Quarried near Lugo in northwestern Spain, Emerald Gray Green is a refined slate with a green background and flecks of lighter gray green throughout. It has a smooth, even texture and carries the distinction of being one of the only colored slates from Spain. It is unfading which means it will retain its original appearance throughout its lifetime. Emerald Gray Green Slate offers a sophisticated look that suits both classic and modern buildings. It can be used where a lightweight application is required.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Vermont Strata Gray Slate

Vermont Strata Gray Slate image

Vermont Strata Gray Slate

Vermont Strata Gray Slate starts off with an even, medium gray color. When exposed to the elements over time, a certain percentage of the slates (perhaps 20%-40%) will change color, taking on buff or brown tones.

Vermont Strata Gray Slate is available in many sizes and weights.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Gray Green (Semi-Weathering) Slate

Gray Green (Semi-Weathering) Slate image

Gray Green (Semi-Weathering) Slate

Gray Green (Semi-Weathering) Slate is the quintessential Vermont slate. Quarried since the middle of the 19th century, it defines the industry in Vermont more than any other. The tones vary from medium grey to light green. It is of medium-smooth texture and is available in a large number of sizes and weights.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Brazilian Charcoal Slate

Brazilian Charcoal Slate image

Brazilian Charcoal Slate

A very hard, very uniform slate, Brazilian Charcoal Slate has a dark gray background with shades of pure black in individual slates. It creates a very pleasing effect when installed.

Brazil is a relative newcomer to the slate industry, yet one of the most technologically advanced, resulting in extremely high quality control and a slate that is one of the most consistent in the business.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Brazilian Multi-Color Slate

Brazilian Multi-Color Slate image

Brazilian Multi-Color Slate

Brazilian Multi-Color is a slate with a light gray background coupled with approximately 40-50% of multi-color tiles which have a very vivid color range from orange to red with hints of green. The color appears more fossil-like than solid and the result is a rich tapestry with a very distinctive look. The slate comes only in 7-10 mm (no lightweight versions) and is chunky but still manages to have a reasonably smooth face.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Chinese Strata Gray Slate

Chinese Strata Gray Slate image

Chinese Strata Gray Slate

California Slate Company's Chinese Strata Gray Slate sets an elegant tone for any home. The graceful, polished feel of this slate creates a dignified look, blending with the light day sky or shining in the evening.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Chinese Forest Green Slate

Chinese Forest Green Slate image

Chinese Forest Green Slate

Varying hues of medium green and the rugged feel of this slate blend harmoniously with the surrounding shades of nature. California Slate Company's Chinese Forest Green Slate is distinctly accentuated by copper vents and pipe jacks, and beautifully complements most home styles and colors.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Autumn Shades Slate

Autumn Shades Slate image

Autumn Shades Slate

Autumn Shades Slate is one of the most unusual and distinctive of all the slates quarried in the world. With a roughly textured surface and an inviting array of colors - a dark grey base with highlights in a stunning combination of yellows, orange, red, pink, and brown - there is no other slate like it. Autumn Shades Slate is rustic and earthy, yet sophisticated.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Olive Gray Slate

Olive Gray Slate image

Olive Gray Slate

Olive Gray Slate is a highly textured slate with a subtle mix of grey and green shades, ranging from dark grey through tannish grey.

This is a medium to heavy stone with an average cleft.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Burgundy Slate

Burgundy Slate image

Burgundy Slate

Deep rich hues of wine and plum give this Burgundy Slate a luxurious feel. Reminiscent of a Welsh slate, it does not fade or weather.

Burgundy Slate is rough textured, heavy, and when installed provides a very distinctive look. Finding a slate of this consistent color is becoming difficult, as domestic slates which are plum or purple in color either have a tendency to weather or contain markings of other colors (usually green).

This slate can create the look of an historical Welsh slate at a fraction of the cost.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Slate Shield: Lightweight Roofing System

Slate Shield: Lightweight Roofing System image

Slate Shield: Lightweight Roofing System

Slate roofs are beautiful, long lasting, water-resistant, and fireproof - but they're also heavy. A traditionally installed slate roof will weigh a minimum of 640 lbs./sq. when using a genuine "lightweight" slate. (If the roof weighs less, the slates are probably too thin to have a serviceable life span.) A traditionally installed "standard weight" slate roof typically weighs 900 lb./sq.

In the western United States, many residential and other structures were built to be roofed with wood shakes, wood shingles, or composite tiles, all much lighter than slate. However, many cities on the West Coast prohibit wood as a roofing material due to fire risks, and most composite materials have proven problematic. If slate is preferred for its durability and fire-resistance, but the structure is not designed for the weight of a traditional slate roof, a Slate Shield roof system may be the answer.

Instead of the heavy rafter system required by traditional installations, the Slate Shield process utilizes a series of butterfly hooks that are pre-applied to a water-repelling panel. This fast and affordable system creates a lightweight application as well as superior attachment of the slate to the roof surface.

The Slate Shield method uses half as many pieces as a traditionally installed slate roof, and so weighs in at 400-500 lbs./sq. while giving the appearance of a "standard weight" Vermont or Spanish slate roof. The 12″ x 10″ slate tiles are easy to handle, and because only the hip, ridge, and valley tiles are nailed, installation time is reduced substantially.

Slate Shield Installation Manual

Last Update: 2018-04-25