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Easy Climber makes installing a home elevator as simple and affordable as possible, whether it's new construction or a remodel. With a dual focus on customer safety and builder convenience, we believe that our solution is the best the industry has to offer. Our products our designed from the ground up to be reliable and safe as well as simple to plan for and install. It doesn't take weeks to put our elevators in, it takes days (or less). Plus, we offer fair and reasonable pricing to our contractors and builders so they can pass savings on to their clients, win more jobs and save time in the process.

All Easy Climber Home Elevators are manufactured right here in the United States by expert engineers who have years of industry experience. Those same engineers are here to help you at any level during your planning or project phases. We will provide expert technical advice and the resources to ensure your project(s) go as planned every single time. What's more, we'll handle the installation for you. Simply put, your builder or contractor will provide the "space" for the elevator, including the pass through and we'll do the rest. It's as easy as that.

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Easy Climber Shaftless Home Elevator image

Easy Climber Shaftless Home Elevator

Easy Climber is the newest and most efficient home elevator on the market. Easy Climber Home Elevators are designed with today's premium on square footage in mind, in addition to builder's time and costs. Our shaftless elevators require minimal space and construction and can be installed virtually anywhere in a home, condo or apartment. Unlike most home elevators today, there is no motor room, no elevator shaft, no pit to construct and no special electric wiring. In fact, Easy Climber doesn't even require a load-bearing wall to be safely installed.
Easy Climber Hoistway Home Elevator image

Easy Climber Hoistway Home Elevator

If your project calls for a home elevator to be installed within a hoistway (elevator shaft) due to location or other variables, Easy Climber is still your simplest solution. Just like our shaftless elevator, our hoistway solution requires minimal space and can still be installed at almost any spot that you choose. Just like our standard home elevator, our hoistway solution requires no extra motor room, elevator pit or expensive electrical work. It is still 100% battery operated and we'll still handle the installation. For added convenience and efficiency, we give you the choice of using our pre-engineered enclosure (see diagrams) or having the builder provide the hoistway in the material of your choice. Great for use in areas where code requires an enclosure to surround the home elevator, these units are just as efficient and affordable as our standard elevators.
See What Customers are saying about Easy Climber Home Elevator image

See What Customers are saying about Easy Climber Home Elevator

Review by Cindy E.

"Look how beautiful it turned out! We are so thrilled with it. Please refer on to corporate that Pete and Mike are absolute treasures. I have never seen two people that cared so much about making everything perfect!! It was not an easy job but they both put their heart and soul into it. Thank you so much - without you we wouldn't have it. It was so refreshing to us to do business with your company! Every comment I made was from the heart and we will recommend your company to anyone that needs anything for assistance. Thank you so much!"

Review by The Bryant Family

"The Easy Climber Elevator has opened up a whole other world for my son who cannot climb stairs, now with the help of the elevator, he is able to easily access his bedroom located on the upper level with minimal to no help, therefore gaining independence, whereas before he needed assistance from both parents."

Review by Stan W.

"We are tickled about our new elevator. This is the first time I™ve seen the second floor of my home! It™s like an early Christmas present. I bought it for necessity but it is a wonderful investment."

Review by Richard O.

"From the very beginning it was totally professional, we've heard a lot about work done by a lot of people and I would say from the beginning of the project to the end some of the best people I've ever encountered. We looked around and we determine that for what we were willing to spend we might as well just stay here and get an elevator instead of downsizing. The Easy Climber Elevator was everything we desired."

Last Update: 2019-12-02