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Zenitel is the leading provider of intelligent communication solutions. Building on 70+ years of breakthrough innovations, Zenitel's technology is designed to be embedded into any organization's communication processes. As communication is critical in all areas of business, Zenitel is focused on providing intelligent communication solutions that allow you to hear, be heard and be understood, every time. 


The solutions are integrated with leading technology vendors within safety and security. The primary markets for Zenitel Safety & Security are building security, retail solutions, transportation, education, healthcare, industry, prisons and public safety/smart cities.


Zenitel is a Norwegian company , with local representation around the world. 

Zenitel offers a single line of IP based intercom devices which can be deployed on different platforms. The choice of platform depends on the customer needs and the size and complexity of the system.


INTERCOM​ Platforms

We offer a single line of IP-based Intercom Devices which can be deployed on several platforms.​

The choice of platform depends on the needs of the customer and the size of the overall system.​

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This is an open protocol for Voice over IP (VoIP). Our units should work on any type of communications system that includes a SIP server. For some larger brands, we have obtained a certification (for example, Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel)​

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IC-EDGE is a SIP system that runs natively on every single IP station we produce. It offers the customer a very cost-efficient communication system while even including some of the more advanced features such as integration and networking​

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ICX-AlphaCom is our dedicated platform for Integrated Security Communication over IP. The AlphaCom will unify all communication systems (Intercom, Radio, PA, Telephoney, etc.) on one single platform and integrate it with the components of a security system (fire, access control, CCTV, etc.) This very powerful platform is one of the most used in the security market, with a proven track record over several decades. ​

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Zenitel offers a wide variety of integrated solutions, which enable you to add sound to almost any Security System.

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ONVIF Compatible Solutions

More flexibility and more control with Zenitel ONVIF Compatible solution! Whether it's perimeter management, access control, indoor or outdoor security, Zenitel solutions bring you more flexibility and control to enhance and manage your facility's security and safety. Thanks to ONVIF compatible software it's easier to integrate and map Zenitel solutions with other security systems, while giving your security team more tools to manage not just video but also audio under the same control interface.

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Zenitel has a long-standing commitment to Cybersecurity, and we are proud to cooperate with CIS's efforts. We design each of our solutions from the outset with defensibility in mind. Our integrated, type-approved and certified products and systems for Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment have earned the reputation as the most flexible, reliable and advanced communication systems available.  We provide regular product security updates as needed and alert our customers to any recently addressed risks via technical bulletins.Because we have control of our software and hardware products, we can better guard against cyber threats. When issues do arise, we provide responsive support.

Cybersecurity Hardening Guide
Zenitel's commitment to Cybersecurity

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IP Vandal Resistant Stations

1008041200 IP Vandal Resistant Substation, 1 Button, TKIE

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Zenitel Video Library

Zenitel has firmly established itself at the intersection of two domains - communication on the one hand, security and safety on the other. As a leading player in audio and digital communication, Zenitel is the referred choice for situations that involve the protection of human lives and the management of critical situations. Zenitel's business focus is organized under two key segments: Secure Communications Zenitel's own Intercom and Public Address Solutions, and Radio including Third-Party Products) and Network Services. Zenitel's own products are marketed as Vingtor-Stentofon.

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Zenitel Academy

Get that competitive advantage by becoming an expert on our audio solutions for intelligent communications! How do you prefer to learn? How much time do you want to spend? Whether you are looking for intensive, classroom training, convenient online commercial and technical training through our Zenitel Academy portal, or even quick DIY answers via our Library, we have the essentials to get you up to speed and keep you up to date.

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Consultant Community

Zenitel's commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of consultants and specifiers ensures that customers will have their expectations not only met but exceeded.Through providing access to tools such as A&E Specifications and BIM Files, we ensure the architects and engineers have what it takes to handle any project.

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