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Why choose Archer Douglas?

In a world that's beginning to look the same no matter where you go, you crave meaningful over mediocre, extraordinary over average.

In a word, you seek ‘custom.'

Custom architectural panels.

Whether you're a motivated architect or designer, a discerning business owner or a sophisticated homeowner, Archer Douglas may be your next valuable relationship.

We believe in aesthetics as much as function and we believe that every space, indoor or out, can be made remarkable and unique.

Custom in design. Custom in application. Customized just for you!

We work with professionals.

People who know architectural panels know how unique the custom concept is.

While we usually work with landscape architects, building architects, engineers, designers, and contractors, we also work with homeowners and business owners. Whether you need a single designed panel or 50 custom-made pieces to do the job, we can do it together.

Hardware and installation.

At Archer Douglas, we do one thing and we do it well: build exclusive, custom-made architectural panels for commercial and residential clients who want to wow all who see them. We focus on partnering with clients from concept to delivery. While we don't install, we ensure everything is built ready for you or your contractor to install according to your specifications.


Wall, Fence, Screen, & Gate Panels  

From architectural fence panels to decorative railings, if you can imagine it, we can build it.
Let us help you turn dreary into dreamy, forgettable into memorable.

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Window & Door Panels  

Your neighbors' windows and doors will weep with envy after you add a touch of creativity and sophistication to yours.
Built to withstand the elements. Built to leave lasting impressions.


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Privacy & Shade Panels  

Whether you're looking to create cozy outdoor spaces or keep prying eyes away, custom-made shade panels and privacy panels merge function and purpose with innovation and beauty.

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Decorative & Artistic Panels  

What is art? How about one-of-a-kind sculptures that you can't find anywhere else; transforming inspiration and imagination into forms so extraordinary they make you say out loud - wow!

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Signage & Branding  

Innovative brands deserve beautiful custom panels and signage. You can only make one first impression.

Ensure that your branding leaves one that's unique, positive and lasting.

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This is the stage when we design panels that are both built to last and leave lasting impressions.


Whether you know what you want or just have ideas, as your project partner, we'll be with you every step of the way.


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This is the beginning of the project partnership as we learn about your needs and help make your vision come to life.


We'll take everything into consideration, from space requirements, local code regulations, and specifications to choosing the perfect materials for your environment.

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Your creative expressions are about to become functional works of art, and that begins with our laser-cutting process.


We'll precision cut the patterned panel, then fabricate the support structure, followed by bending and welding whatever your design requires, then add the durable powder-coat paint or other finishing touches, according to your design.


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As soon as your project completes the finishing process and quality inspection, it is ready to ship.


Your project components will be carefully wrapped and securely packed in custom-built crates. We offer local delivery options and ship throughout the North America and international too.

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Project Gallery  

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Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews
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