SketchUp 3D Model Libray

2024 May 13
SketchUp 3D Model Libray

ARCAT's BIM Library also includes SKP files for Trimble's SketchUp. All SketchUp files are availble for download for free without giving up your personal info.

Where can you download SketchUp Files?

There are many sites on the web that have extensive libraries of SKP files. If we are missing any from this list, please let us know via the feedback button at the right and we'll it listed here.

  • 3D Warehouse - Trimble manages the best SKP file library of them all that also includes user submitted content.

  • ARCAT BIM - Arcat has a massive BIM library with 1000's of BIM objects in Revit formats, SKP and IFC. All is free without giving away your personal data.

  • BiblioCAD - Another massive library of quality content.

  • TurboSquid - Is a 3D model site that has the most 3D formats available including FBX and Blender.

  • CG Trader - Also a 3D model site for all 3D modelers. Where Arcat and Trimble focus more on construction, architects and engineers.

  • BIMSmith - Like Arcat and Trimble, BIMSmith's content is focused on construction.

Why is SketchUp worth trying?

If you haven't explored SketchUp, you need to. SketchUp is used by some of the top firms in the construction industry from the largest general contractor to a 2 person residential landscaper.

SketchUp Advantages

  • Easy to learn - after watching 2 youtube videos, you can pick up SketchUp and start massing a building

  • Reasonably priced - compared to other software, the value is tremendous.

  • Extensibility - SketchUp was originally designed with the ability to create custom functionality with Ruby. This is important for automating tasks, manipulating geometry, prototyping and much more.

  • Prototyping - Because of the ease of use, API access and through Ruby - prototyping and exploring creative designs allow you to find the perfect creative solution.


If you got this far, you need to try SketchUp for the Web right now. Oh, sorry. First watch SketchUp for beginners and a few others on YouTube before diving in.

Push / pull - is one of the greatest innovations in 3D. We all should buy that dev a beer.

Good luck designing your next house or commercial entry that will knock the socks off your next client. :)