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Advanced Insulation Concepts, Inc. began manufacturing and selling ISOWALL® Brand Insulating Panels in March 1977. We are members of a worldwide group of manufacturers who use continuous line panel laminating technology and market stressed skin sandwich panels under the trademark, ISOWALL®. Through the years we have continued to improve the product by developing Tongue and Groove Edge Treatment (TAGET), online core sizing, and high strength, thermally efficient connection systems. ISOWALL® users enjoy the benefits of the most up-to-date technology and the comfort of knowing that our basic lamination technology has been used successfully for more than 30 years.


We introduced REGENT® Brand Insulating Doors in 1984. Our purpose was to provide a line of cold storage doors which insulate effectively, seal tightly, and operate easily. REGENT® Single Horizontal Sliding Doors and Bi-Parting Doors are well known for their ability to seal and for their ease of operation. With the addition of our microprocessor controlled Flex Drive Electric Operator, REGENT® horizontal doors are truly "high speed." They are capable of averaging 40 inches per second and achieve a top speed of more than 60 inches per second. The REGENT® line also includes Single Vertical Sliding Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors, and Swing Doors.


Our most recent product introduction is INSULROCK® Brand Sandwich Panels. INSULROCK® panels have a core of structural mineral fiber and either metal or fiberglass reinforced polyester facings. INSULROCK® with painted galvanized steel facings has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and a wall constructed with six inch thick panels achieved a Fire Resistance Classification of 3 Hours. A wall constructed with four inch thick panels achieved a One Hour Rating. See Design No U042 in the UL Fire Resistance Directory.



ISOWALL and INSULROCK® Insulating Panels  

ISOWALL brand insulating panels are stressed skin sandwich panels consisting of steel, aluminum, or composite facings permanently bonded to a plastic foam core with a heat polymerizing adhesive. The panels are produced on a continuous, integrated production line which performs roll forming, core shaping, laminating, and sizing functions. This state of the art line, developed by AIC, insures a high standard of appearance and quality.

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INSULROCK® brand insulating panels are stressed skin sandwich panels consisting of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass reinforced polyester facings permanently bonded to a ConRock™ brand structural mineral fiber core with a heat polymerizing adhesive.

INSULROCK® panels look like ISOWALL™ brand insulating panels and can have similar facings and joint treatment so they can be used together when appropriate. The difference is the core. INSULROCK® has an inorganic core consisting of fibers of volcanic rock. INSULROCK® panels have achieved up to a Three Hour Fire Resistance Rating when tested by ASTM E119 (UL263).

Unlike plastic foams such as expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, or cellular modified isocyanurate to polyisocyanurate, ConRock does not burn. In fact, mineral wool is often used for fire protection of steel. An INSULROCK®
panel with steel or aluminum facings is almost entirely inorganic. The only organic materials in a typical wall assembly are a small amount of binder in the mineral wool, the panel laminating adhesive, and any joint sealant used.

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REGENT Cold Storage Doors  

Swing Doors - Clean, easy opening for pedestrian opening and emerging exits.

Single Horizontal Sliding Doors - Versatile workhorse for Cooler, Freezer and Processing Areas

Bi-parting Doors - Time tested design that is the right choice when space won't allow the use of a Single Sliding Door.

Vertical Lift Doors - Single piece design provides superior performance for refrigerated dock and applications with no side sliding space.

Specialty Doors

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OKTOPUS Lifting Equipment  

Distributors of specialized panel handling equipment for installing interior and exterior wall panels, roof panels, suspended ceiling panels, doors, and plate glass windows.

brand panel lifters attach to the panel facing with suction plates. Then the panel can be lifted and installed. The OKTOPUS and its associated crane or forklift do the heavy work.

OKTOPUS KI used with a forklift or telescoping forklift is excellent for installing interior partitions and exterior walls.

used with a crane is excellent for installing both roof panels and wall panels.

used with telescoping forklift capable of rotating is made to order for large exterior wall projects.

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