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Aluminum Full-View Doors - Architectural Series

Aluminum full-view series doors can be used as a standard exterior garage door, as an interior "partition" or even as a versatile patio door to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces. Well-suited for restaurants, service stations, car dealerships, fire stations and trendy commercial retail and office spaces with a distinct architectural appearance.

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Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors - Energy Series with Intellicore®

Climate control, reliability, durability - our premier, thermally broken, polyurethane insulated steel garage doors have it all, providing excellent temperature control, energy efficiency and long-lasting service for a wide range of applications, such as firehouses, warehouses, and municipal buildings.

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Polystyrene Insulated Steel Doors - Energy Series

High quality, thermally broken polystyrene insulation is bonded to the outside and inside steel skins, creating durable and reliable doors for farm structures, municipal buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Offered in multiple steel gauges, door thicknesses and color options, they can be a perfect fit for any budget and building need.

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Ribbed Steel Door - Industrial Series

Industrial Series doors feature a variety of standard ribbed, flush and embossed patterns such as stucco and wood grain. Available in a wide selection of gauges for pro-grade durability, this series is a great choice for high-traffic applications including warehouses, distribution centers, and loading docks.

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Service Doors - CESD Series

Serving the industry with an array of curtain materials (prefinished galvanized steel in gauges from 24 to 18, stainless, or aluminum), slat profiles, and colors, ClopayA,''s service doors can accommodate most openings and building requirements.
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Counter Doors / Shutters

Clopay counter shutters (doors) are ideal for concession areas, cafeterias, pharmacies, cashiers, parts and tool storage areas where resistance to flame spread or smoke penetration is not required.
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Security Grilles - CESG Series

Open air model grilles provide security while allowing full visual access and air circulation. Full closure models provide visual access in most cases and enhanced security by preventing pilferage through openings. Applications include shopping malls, convention centers, schools, garages and other institutional, commercial and retail projects. Side-folding grilles are available in open air and full closure models and feature multiple styles, patterns and colors.
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Roll-Up Sheet Doors - Models 150C, 157C, 160C

Roll-up overhead sheet doors are ideal for mini warehouse and storage facilities. Constructed from 26 ga by 24 in wide sheets of steel roll formed with integral grooves that are hemmed together to form a continuous sheet guided vertically by roll formed guides.

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