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SRC 360 Mobile Safety Railings

SRC 360 Mobile Safety Railing is a freestanding, non-penetrating, OSHA compliant passive fall protection system designed to be used around leading edge fall hazards. The SRC 360 Mobile Railing Systems are commonly used for guarding rooftop perimeters, roof hatches, skylights, dock doors and truck pit protection, warehouse traffic lanes, crowd control, pier and rail yard protection and much more. The SRC 360 railing systems utilize weighted base plates and railings that do not require any mechanical penetrations in roof membranes or other substrates. They can be used for permanent or temporary use. Each of our safety products are third-party tested and certified to meet all applicable OSHA standards for fall protection namely 1910.28, 1910.29 and 1926.500-503.

We pride ourselves in our portable guard rail designs. Each portable guard rail is simple to install, and flexible in the respect that they can be set up in a number of different configurations which allow workers to be productive within the barrier without the need to be tied off to an anchorage point.

You can rest assured that here at Safety Rail Company, our professional sales and engineering staff are here to help in meeting your specific fall protection requirements. We also provide custom colors and galvanizing and our engineering team ensures safety, quality and compliance. Give us a call today with any questions. Safety Rail Company is here to support business productivity by making the work environment safe, secure and OSHA compliant. Made in USA.
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Permanent Guard Rails

SRC Permanent Guard Rails are one of the most versatile railing systems available. These railings can be mounted on roofs, floors, walls, pits, curbs or just about anywhere fall protection is required. Safety Rail Company offers three styles of railing holders. One for floors and curbs and two more for pits and walls. The most important feature of these guard rails is that they can be removed from the holder when access is required. Floor mounted railings stand 42'" tall. Pit railings are 6'" taller allowing the railing holder to be mounted on the vertical wall of the pit. A variety of sizes, color and sizes are available for any application.

Give us a call today with any questions. Safety Rail Company makes work environments safe, secure and OSHA compliant. Made in USA.
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Skylight Guarding

SRC Skylight Guards are one of the strongest guards on the market. Skylights can potentially be very dangerous if not properly protected. In fact, OSHA considers unprotected skylights to be equivalent to having a hole in a roof. Our SRC Skylight Guards are 100% American made, and available in custom colors and sizes. They are constructed to prevent contact or breakage of the skylight lens in the event of a fall. In addition, our Skylight Guards are easy to install. No drilling, welding, or mounting required. Simple set in place over the skylight and walk away.

You can be sure that with Safety Rail Company you are provided with only high quality products second to none. Our mission is to create a safe, secure, OSHA and CalOSHA compliant workplace; allowing your business to increase productivity without the worry of injury or fatal risks. Made in USA.
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Roof Hatch & Fixed Ladder Guarding

SRC HatchGuard for access hatches on roofs or vaults pose an obvious significant fall hazard when open. The SRC HatchGuard is the quickest, most comprehensive way to guard these openings. These one-piece guards fit over the roof hatch and compression fit to the curb of the roof hatch. They are completely non-penetrating; no drilling or welding required. Other systems that bolt to the curb of the skylight all come loose over time, the SRC HatchGuard does not. Built-in grab bars and 2-foot landing zone make egress/ingress safe and easy. OSHA compliant and available in a variety of powder coated colors or galvanized finish.

Safety Rail Company is here to assist and make your fall protection program be as affordable and easy as possible. We encourage you to call and allow us to help in developing the best possible protection plan for your business.
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SRC Never-Rust Temporary Warning Line System

SRC Never-Rust Temporary Warning Line System. Lightweight and quick deployment make this a great choice for setting up a visual warning around a known hazard. Simply set the high-impact polyethylene stanchion in place, drop the weighted rubber base over the top and string the warning flags. Quick setup and easy removal are benefits you will appreciate every time you use them. Stanchions and bases can be stacked and stored compactly away for the next use.

Give us a call today with any questions. Safety Rail Company makes work environments safe, secure and OSHA compliant. Made in USA.
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Self-Closing Gate

SRC Self-Closing Safety Gates are used across a wide range of industry indoors or outdoors, wherever access control is required. SRC Safety Gates are an OSHA compliant solution for securing unprotected openings or controlled access points around work areas. Each gate offers 6'" of length adjustment with options to fit up to 2'" round or square posts or flat wall attachments. Length sizes range from 16-39'". Finish options include powder coat, galvanized or 304 stainless steel.
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Mobile Fall Arrest Anchor, Non-Penetrating

SRC Mobile Fall Restraint Anchor is a mobile anchorage device designed to restrain (1) worker from reaching a leading edge fall hazard. Often used on flat roofs around camera equipment, lights or leading edge serviceable equipment that allows workers to only reach up to the equipment but not go past it creating a fall arrest scenario. The SRC Mobile Fall Restraint Anchor is completely freestanding and non-penetrating therefore not rated for fall arrest but can be a good option for fall restraint when fall protection railings cannot be installed.
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Cross-Over Ladders

SRC Cross-Over Ladders are an essential part of moving personnel over and across barriers. Safety Rail Company offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit field needs. Our systems consist of:
  • Modular components allow infinite configurations
  • Non-skid tread plate decking on stairs and platform
  • Galvanized stairs and powder coated railings
  • Bolt together design allows reduce shipping cost and allow easier rooftop installation

Give us a call today with any questions. Safety Rail Company makes work environments safe, secure and OSHA compliant. Made in USA.
Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews