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Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions LEED Credit Data

Product is more energy-efficient than similar products
Product is more water-efficient than similar products
Product is more durable or requires less maintenance than similar products
Product contains pre-consumer recycled content
Product is recyclable or biodegradable after use
Product contributes to LEED 2009 or LEED V4 credits [ www.usgbc.org ]
Sustainable sites
Reduce heat islands, roof
Materials and Resources
Recycled content
Local/regional materials
Innovation and Design Process
Innovative design features
Product has green third-party certification or evaluation
Cradle-to-Cradle [ www.mbdc.com ]
EPA Energy Star [ www.energystar.gov ]
Products which can be evaluated in life-cycle assessment tools (LCA)

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For LEED information, please contact the manufacturer.