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Subsurface Investigation

The process of gathering information about the soil and rock formations beneath the surface of the ground. This includes collecting samples and analyzing them in the laboratory, as well as measuring properties of the soil and rock such as permeability, density, and strength.

Site Remediation

Different techniques are used depending on the type and extent of the contamination. Generally, the techniques used include excavation, stabilization, bioremediation, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, and chemical oxidation.

Contaminated Site Material Removal

It is important to ensure that the contaminated material is disposed of in accordance with the local, state, and federal regulations. Then the site must be tested to confirm that the contamination has been eliminated and that the area is safe for future use.

Water Remediation

Once the source is identified, the next step is to contain the water to prevent further damage. This is typically done by using barriers, such as plastic sheeting, to limit the spread of the water.

Facility Remediation

Removal of hazardous materials is a very important process that must be done safely and correctly. Hazards can range from asbestos-containing materials, lead-based paints, hazardous chemicals, and other materials.