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Toilet Partition Manufacturers

Toilet Partition Manufacturers directory includes comprehensive cad drawings, BIM families, and csi 3 part Toilet Partitions specs. Additional content; Toilet Partition Manufacturers videos, details on phenolic toilet partitions that contribute to LEED credits, e-Catalogs and Arcat's patented SpecWizard® for accurately creating csi 3-part Toilet Partitions specifications quickly and easily. Arcat content is free to all architects, spec writers and builders that need to select phenolic toilet partitions for projects.   MORE +

Which Toilet is Right for You?

Whether updating an older bathroom toilet or finding a toilet for a brand new bathroom, many elements of your project will influence your decision. Toilet manufacturers have a wide range of options from which you can choose. Shape, flush power and system, height, and color are all factors you need to consider in order to get the right toilet for yours needs.

Become Familiar with Your Options

When deciding between a one-piece or two-piece toilet, one should consider each type's advantages. One-piece toilets are easy to clean, simple to install, and save space all while preserving durability. Two-piece designs tend to be less expensive and, because of better access to the pipes and parts, are easier to maintain. Both have comparable operation, but two-piece toilets may be the way to go for those working on a budget.

When considering flush power, certain toilet brands and types utilize different methods. The most common is the Gravity Flush System, a simple system in which the water weight is used to generate flushing power. These systems are generally quieter than a Pressure-Assisted Flush System, which uses pressurized air to force the water into the bowl. Although this system reduces the chance of clogs, it is noisier and can be more expensive to maintain. A tankless toilet offers a higher level of water conservation. Tankless models receive water directly from a supply line. The pressure is at a high enough level that one flush is able to push everything through the drainage system.

Do not confuse tankless toilets with wall mount toilets. Although they can look similar, the tank of a wall mounted toilet is built-in and hidden behind the wall. These models are becoming increasingly popular in modern constructions as they are great for saving valuable space in a bathroom. Wall mount models are best for new construction or remodeled bathrooms as alterations to the drywall and plumbing/waste system need to be made. In public and commercial settings, the most common types of toilets are tankless. Because of the frequency of use and abundance of commercial toilets (including urinals) in one area or building, high water pressure is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

Let ARCAT Help

At ARCAT, we know every aspect of your project is important. That's why we offer multiple services to assist you from conception all the way to completion. BIM Objects and CAD Drawings offer visualization that lets you see the components of your project and help you make decisions with ease. Our SpecWizard service lets you easily create your own customized 3-Part CSI Specification. Don't let the options and decisions of choosing a toilet cause you trouble; let ARCAT help flush your problems away.