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Reusable Elastic Forms And Matrices
US Formliner image | RECKLI Baluster Moulds
US Formliner image | US Formliner

RECKLI baluster moulds are made of an elastic synthetic material with a Shore hardness of approx. A 55 which enables easy demoulding without damage even of the most intricate balusters. The elastic moulds consist of 2 parts. The two halves have a slot and key locking system. This prevents slipping and holds the mould together tightly, thus preventing leakage and reducing to a minimum the subsequent treatment of the seams. The two slightly conic halves of the mould can be held together with the aid of boards and clamps for casting the baluster. However, it is simpler and safer to use the appropriate one-piece sheet steel supporting form which we can also supply, at a surcharge.
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