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New trees and shrubs need help. They must remain stable to develop a proper root system. Stake and wire systems require a lengthy installation, need to be adjusted, and must be removed within 12 to 24 months after installation. Tree Staple stabilizers are||A||...simpler The unique design of our stabilizers permits quick and easy installation (one person using a simple sledgehammer can install the product in less than 1 minute) and eliminates the need for removal. Less expensive Contractors save money by getting more work done in less time and do not have to return to the site to adjust or remove anything. How much can you save on your next project? Better looking Likely the greatest benefit is that the Tree Staple™ system works without being seen. The below-grade feature of the Tree Staple stabilizer means that immediately upon installation, you have a finished, mature look to your new landscape. Safer And if the aesthetics alone are not enough of an enticement, think in terms of safety. Tree Staple stabilizers eliminate the danger of exposed stakes and wires that might injure children or pets. And kinder to trees Essentially, stake and wire systems strangle trees (called "girdling"), cause bark damage, introduce unnatural stress on the trunk and inhibit proper growth. Below-grade stabilizing lets a tree move naturally, to grow properly and be more resistant to the forces of nature. Read research showing why Tree Staples are better for trees and shrubs.
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