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DriSteem's Adiatec wetted media systems provide evaporative cooling and humidification for a wide variety of applications while taking advantage of the free cooling and energy savings inherent with this technology. These systems work by using the heat already in the air to evaporate water as it passes through saturated media, saving on energy costs compared to alternative evaporative cooling equipment or steam humidification.


Features and Benefits

Vapor-logic Controlled:

  • Low maintenance. The system manages the concentration of dissolved solids to minimize scaling and lengthen media life (patent pending). Replacement media cassettes are easy to install.
  • Reduced water waste and extended media life result from the system's ability to minimize scaling by tracking the volume of evaporated water.
  • Maximum performance is achieved by the controller's monitoring of the system; a message is displayed when it's time to replace the media.
  • Drain blockage is prevented by the system's ability to flush debris before it can settle (patent pending).
  • Made in the USA



Capacity: Varies with application. See our performance chart for system efficiencies and capacities.

Control: Vapor-logic® controller or user-controlled

Applications: Any application requiring cooling or humidification. Especially suited for applications requiring simultaneous cooling and humidification. Commonly used in data centers, industrial manufacturing, printing facilities, and applications using air-side economizers. Can be installed in air handlers and ducts.

Options: BACnet®, Modbus® or LonTalk® communication protocols


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Wetted Media System