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FiberTite, Seaman Corporation

Roofing Systems

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Revit BIM Files for Roof Edge Systems

Membrane Roofing  

Membrane Roofing

Membrane Roofing Fascia  

Membrane Roofing: 200 Fascia

Membrane Roofing: AT Fascia For Larger Height

Membrane Roofing: AT HG Fascia

Membrane Roofing: AT Standard Fascia

Membrane Roofing: Canted Fascia For Larger Heights

Membrane Roofing: Canted Fascia

Roof Systems  

Roof System: Adhered

Roof System: Ballast

Roof System: Green

Roof System: Hybrid

Roof System: Induction Welded

Roof System: Mechanically Attached

Roof System: Simulated Metal

Roof Coping  

Coping Cap: Arched

Coping Cap: Parapet Flat

Coping Cap: Parapet Tapered

Coping Cap: Parapet Tapered 6-12in Tapered

Coping Cap: Parapet Tapered 16in or Larger

Roof Coping: Arched

Roof Coping

Roof Coping: Flat

Roof Coping: Tapered

Roof Coping: Tapered 6 12in Wall

Roof Coping: Tapered Larger than: 16in Wall

Roof Drip Edges and Gravel Stops  

Roof Drip Edge: AT Drip Edge 3

Roof Drip Edge: AT Drip Edge 4.5

Roof Drip Edge: AT Drip Edge 6

Roof Drip Edge: AT Drip Edge 7.5

Roof Drip Edge: AT Drip Edge

Roof Drip Edge: Gravel Stop

Fascia Termination Bar

Gravel Stop

Industrial Gutters and Downspouts  

Downspout: Closed Face 4x4

Downspout: Closed Face 4x6

Downspout: Open Face: 4x4

Downspout: Open Face: 4x6

Industrial Gutter: IG 1: 6

Industrial Gutter: IG 1: 7

Industrial Gutter: IG 1: 8

Industrial Gutter: IG 1: 9

Industrial Gutter: IG 2: 6

Industrial Gutter: IG 2: 7

Industrial Gutter: IG 2: 8

Industrial Gutter: IG 2: 9

Industrial Gutter: IG B: 6

Industrial Gutter: IG B: 7

Industrial Gutter: IG B: 8

Industrial Gutter: IG B: 9

Roofs Downspouts

Roof Industrial Gutters: IG 1

Roof Industrial Gutters: IG 2

Roof Industrial Gutters: IG B

Material Library  

FiberTite Material Library

Walkway and Protection Materials  

FTR Crossgrip Walkway

FTR Crossgrip Walkway: Gray Pad