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Energy Star

Appliances that have earned the Energy Star label are ENERGY STAR qualified because they're more energy efficient than standard models. The higher the energy efficiency rating, the less energy an appliance will use. Not only will high-efficiency appliances save you money on your utility bills, but they also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Common Appliances

The most common types of appliances found in a home are refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. Other examples include clothes washers, dryers, and stoves. Appliances vary in efficiency and cost, depending upon their intended function and the technology they use. A refrigerator uses more energy than a clothes washer, but the refrigerator is also more efficient than the clothes washer was 50 years ago.

Commercial Appliances

Commercial appliances are appliances that are designed and manufactured for use in commercial and industrial applications. These applications can include a wide variety of uses including food service, medical, industrial, and institutional uses. There are many different types of commercial appliances that are designed for use in these particular applications. Commercial refrigeration is one of the most common and popular applications. Commercial refrigeration is used in restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores and is designed to keep food cold for extended periods of time. Commercial refrigeration also has many other applications including keeping pharmaceuticals cool and frozen foods frozen. Another application is commercial dishwashing. Commercial dishwashing appliances have many different uses, including in restaurants, schools, and hospitals. Commercial dishwashers are designed to clean dishes quickly and efficiently. Commercial dishwashers are also designed to meet strict health codes and standards. Commercial ovens are another commercial appliance that is used in many different settings. Commercial ovens are used in restaurants and in homes