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Residential Bathroom

The bathroom is the room where most of the ‘action’ in the house happens. Aesthetically and functionally, it is one of the most important areas of a home, with homeowners choosing bathroom design ideas that range from traditional and classic to ultra-modern and grandiose. If built from scratch, it is possible to allow homeowners to choose everything ideal for them from where the toilet is placed to the wallpaper on the walls. Although it is much pricier, it is justifiable considering the comfort it can bring to the occupants. In a lot of ways, homeowners who design their own bathrooms sometimes end up finding more happiness within the confines of this space than they expected. They have the freedom to imagine their bathroom is a space where they are most happy. This can be a determination of what catches the eye right from the bathroom design, to the shower in the bathroom, to even using the bathroom at certain times of the day just for the pleasure of bathing or just washing hands and face.

Commercial Bathroom Design

Designing a large, luxurious bathroom is no mean feat. In commercial settings, bathrooms usually become traffic and congestion hubs and can frequently put an undesirable impression on your customers or clients. Creating, and particularly maintaining an appealing and high-end aesthetic usually makes use of creative design principles. Though there may not appear to be much diversity to these principles, every task calls for a strategy, with which expert designers can help you.Firstly, prioritize the usage and sanitation in the bathroom. Make sure each task has its specific compartment within the space to avoid storage congestion or mixing of tasks.