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##Not just for heating

Fireplaces are not just for keeping warm in the middle of winter. They serve several household uses other than heating. They can be used for cooking as well as providing a focal point to any room. The fire is part of many family traditions during the holidays when stories are told and special memories are created. There are many different sizes and types of Fireplaces on the market. There are outdoor chimenea which can be used for tailgating, cooking, and entertaining. There are fireplaces that can be installed inside of your home. Understand that one Fireplace will not look and perform the same as another. Just because its a fireplace does not mean that it will be efficient. When you contact a representative for Preised Industries, Heating & Air in Corpus Christi, ask him about the efficiency of the fireplace. Depending on the size, and type of fireplace there are certain efficiencies that apply.


A fireplace is a structure made of stone or brick where a fire is burned. They are mainly designed to increase warmth in a room. They also may have the dual purpose of serving as a method of cooking or as a place for burning waste material. A chimney plays an integral role in the functioning of a fireplace, serving as both a source of heat and a way to supply exhaust for smoke and hot gases.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces can be cleaner than wood burners and more cost effective to run, but more importantly, gas fireplaces have a much more realistic effect, they can look and feel real and can follow the same trends as a traditional wood burning fire. No matter which style of gas fireplace you have, they are all easy to maintain, however they do come with some general safety precautions. The first is never to leave a gas fireplace unattended and secondly to make sure that if a new gas fireplace is fitted it is always fitted by a professional. A home should never use more gas than specified by the manufacturers. Many modern gas fireplaces now are fitted with speed ignition and safety valves, which regulate the amount of gas leaving the cooker neatly, no matter how long the gas has been turned on.

Wood Fireplaces

A wood-burning fireplace or stove is a space heater that burns wood fuel to heat an enclosed room. A fireplace is an indentation in a chimney flue or hearth for building a fire. Wood-burning fireplaces must be designed and built specifically for that purpose to prevent excessive, and often deadly, fires. Modern, EPA-approved stoves became available in the United States during the 1980s. They were recognized by consumer groups, along with manufacturers, as a clean and efficient way to heat a home. These stoves have a specially sized firebox that allows more complete combustion of the fuel by providing an enhanced airflow to the fire.