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Flooring can make a space. Select a category below to view flooring manufacturers and the information and content they have to offer. From cad details to BIM content to specifications, these flooring manufacturers show how their products can impact an interior whether it is commercial or residential.

Wood Flooring: Enduring and Refined

The timeless look of wood flooring complements any space whether solid, engineered, bamboo or cork flooring is installed, the end result will be satisfactory. Over the years, hardwood floor manufacturers continue to make products that suit their clients" needs while also developing environmentally friendly engineered wood flooring. Today's engineered wood flooring is humidity resistant and remains constant in dry areas. Solid hardwood is built for durability and its rustic look, while bamboo is developed for its easy maintenance and sturdiness. Cork flooring not only has a beautiful and natural appearance, it also provides a sound reduction benefit. Hardwood flooring also comes in patterns and colors that make any room look unique. See ARCAT's assortment of and CAD files from wood flooring manufacturers here.

Laminate Flooring: Economical and Adaptable

Laminate flooring brings quality and affordable charm. With an assortment of various patterns and colors available, similar looks to wood like Pergo or laminate wood flooring planks can be options without breaking the bank. If a tile or stone look is preferable, there are laminate flooring selections as well. Laminate flooring material is constructed for high volume traffic and is resistant to burns or scratches and is easy to install in any room of the house or establishment. Floor underlayment is required and needs to be put in place before the laminate flooring is installed, and some laminate flooring comes with floor underlayment attached.

Floor Tile: Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

The allure of tile flooring attracts consumers from all parts of the world. Not only is tile classy, elegant, and stylish, you cannot outdo its ease of maintenance. Floor tile manufacturers are constantly creating new ideas and products for their customers that allow them to express themselves through color. If you are looking for a traditional look, there is tile available that resembles wood a key example of floor tile's versatility. Commonly used floor tile such as ceramic hold up in high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, but can also be used indoors and outdoors. ARCAT has multiple BIM files from floor tile manufacturers here.

Vinyl Flooring: The Modern Chameleon

Vinyl flooring has been around for many years and continues to provide a classy look at an affordable price. ARCAT has several BIM files for vinyl flooring, which comes in a variety of patterns, colors and designs that could complement any space. Vinyl flooring types include: plank flooring, tile flooring, sheet flooring, and even garage and utility flooring. Vinyl flooring is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms due to its durability. Flooring epoxy or floor underlayment may be required before the vinyl floor is installed.

Rubber Flooring: A High Energy Option

Rubber flooring offers a great alternative to furnish a space for those with an active lifestyle. Rubber flooring is utilized in basements, home exercise rooms, gyms, garages, play rooms, schools and outside playgrounds. The material is easy to wash and sweep and comes in all different sizes rolls, mats, and tiles and colors, where its sheen lasts for an extensive period of time. The use of CAD files for rubber flooring will assist any project.