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Kitchen Design

During the last few decades, the way the kitchen is used has changed dramatically. It’s no longer regarded as little more than a place to prepare food for the dinner table, but as an integral part of the living space and a key part of bringing the family together. What was once a strictly functional room has now gained elements of a comfortable space where families can enjoy each others company. There have been many changes in the fundamentals of kitchens as a result, and this trend is set to continue, so it’s no surprise that kitchen design enthusiasts will continue to make fascinating observations about the art of home cookery for many years to come.

Kitchen Materials

There are many materials for kitchen cabinets and countertops available on the market today. Most cabinet and countertop materials you see in the market are a blend of wood, particle board or fiber and resin. Other materials are available, but they are expensive and are usually only found in very high end kitchens. Additionally, the choice of whether to go with a solid wood or engineered wood may come into play. Solid wood is much heavier, typically costs more and has problems with warping and possible insect intrusion. Engineered wood can be outstanding. These are pre-manufactured, precision-built products that use composite wood products to create a substrate, which is then covered with a real wood veneer. A large variety of these products are available.

Work Triangle

The work triangle in a kitchen is defined by three main features: the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop. This is the optimum layout, allowing both front and back work. The smaller the kitchen, the greater the importance of having very good side and back work areas. Breadth is arguably more important that depth. The refrigerator, one of the three key areas of a practical kitchen, can be either full size (one side of the triangle) or its width can be delineated by cabinetry with drawers or some other type of pull-out storage. The dishwasher is another feature to consider, if it will be the first set of appliances counter-top hight. The stronger central work area of the kitchen is usually fully or semiexposed. In the case of private kitchens in a home, often this part of the kitchen is the last remodeled. In smaller kitchens, the work triangle must be as open as possible, and in larger kitchens, it can still be open where counter and cabinetry allow. The open work triangle concept leads to the prep area, usually against the work triangle.