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Lighting selection is paramount to an aethetic design whether it is a commercial or residential project. The application of the light will also dictate paramters needed like power usage, type and function.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting should be considered an enhancement to the existing structure and interior. It can bring various features of the design to life and highlight specific architectural items that will make your home unique to others in your neighborhood. Integrated lighting also makes the rooms in a structure more marketable. Light fixtures and other lighting elements play a key role in the overall appearance of a structure, especially when it comes time to sell your home.

Exterior Lighting

The biggest characteristic of outdoor lighting is transforming the experience of the city at night from one of darkness and isolation to one of vibrancy. Such areas of activity are called "The City's Landscape by Night." The right exterior lighting design can also enhance this vibrancy in areas which are compromised with respect to privacy, security or aesthetics as these elements can successfully buffer and abstract these factors.


More and more interior and exterior signs using high-powered LED lights instead of pole mounted mercury vapor lights, which are more than 1 pound (25 grams) and can exceed 70 watts. Light emitting diode (LED) lights are quickly becoming the lighting choice of businesses, government offices, homeowners and event planners for their ornamental and functional value. Where once LED lights rated 10 to 50 watts were the size of a bar of soap, the new technology is moving just as quickly to reduce the size of LED bulbs. Today, LED light bulbs rated at 23 lumens contain 48 LEDs rated 10 to 20 millicandela each. Light can be replicated from one source in so many different ways. Lighting today knows literally no bounds, almost endless in its combinations and your imagination can actually introduce new concepts to the world's LED light community.