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Paint directory includes comprehensive cad drawings, BIM families, and csi 3 part interior paint specs. Additional content; Paint videos, details on exterior paint that contribute to LEED credits, e-Catalogs and Arcat's patented SpecWizard® for accurately creating csi 3-part interior paint specifications quickly and easily. Arcat content is free to all architects, spec writers and builders that need to select exterior paint for projects.

Selecting the Right Paint Manufacturer From a Myriad of Paint Manufacturing Companies

With as many paint manufacturing companies out there as there are colors, choosing the correct interior paint or exterior paint can be a daunting task. Niche paints, such as epoxy paints, for metal and even marine applications; acrylic spray paint, used for quick and easy applications; and powder coating, used for coating appliances and vehicle parts, only add to the extensive selection available for both commercial and residential customers.

Paint Types for all Occasions

Today"s paint companies have a paint for everything. Interior paints and wall paints have evolved to the point where many paint manufacturers offer primers that change color when they have dried, and color coatings that apply evenly to give a professional quality to the job. Exterior paints, generally the acrylic latex variety, can now resist peeling, dirt, and other maladies for years. Professionals can use industrial paints on just about any surface where protection against chemical and corrosive elements is desired.

Making Your Paint Manufacturer Choice Easier

To promote choice rather than confusion, ARCAT has collected information and developed tools to give the consumer the ability to easily determine for themselves what paint or paint manufacturer is best for their project. ARCAT lists manufacturers and provide comprehensive CAD details, paint BIM families, CSI 3part specs relating to paint manufacturers in addition to other content.