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Stair manufacturer selection is paramount to an aesthetic design whether it is a commercial or residential project. Select a stair manufacturer category below to select stairs for your project and the content you need like cad details, bim objects, and specifications.


Stairs serve the purpose of providing access up or down the vertical level of a structure. A flight of stairs is two or more stairs that join together to cover a certain vertical distance, known as a story or flight. Stairs may either be open or enclosed.


Whatever the architectural style, from classic to contemporary, no project succeeds until the space is carefully considered and the floor plan is readied before any building begins. So at the same time you collect samples of window treatments, check out stairways as well. Often the stairway is the grand focal point of the interior, and the openings can be as small or as large as the budget will allow. For cost-minded designers, though, the easiest method is to select a pre-fabricated one, which usually includes options to customize the overall look of the stairs according to your particular creative vision and much of the labor is already subsidized in the price of the unit. Designers who want the look of the stairs to match the other custom elements will have to adopt a much more hands-on approach, so again, careful consideration of the entire project is vital to getting a dream staircase that will please not only aesthetics but safety as well.


not all stairs are intended to go up and down. Spiral stairs and helical staircases are used almost exclusively by architects and interior designers; however many people have seen them in historic structures and are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary homes. The stepped looks of linear stair cases are often used as an architectural detail in modern and contemporary homes. There has been increased interest (credited to interest in low-impact building design and steam punk styles) in building spiral stairs to reduce unusable floor space.