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Kee® Safety is a global leader and supplier of components and custom solutions for railings, barriers, roof edge protection, fall prevention, safe access, and steel to steel connections. Founded in 1934, in Reading, England; Kee Safety has expanded from a small fittings company into a diverse product portfolio with leading industry knowledge and international presence.

At Kee Safety we strive to provide the highest level of premium safety solutions that are robust in design and OSHA compliant in practice. Whether rooftop, ground based, or within your facility, Kee Safety has the experience and expertise to meet your safety need. Kee Safety also provides non-welded solutions such as; I-beam clamps, grating clips and floor fixtures for projects where welding is not an option.

Our global team of safety solution specialists are ready to provide the highest grade of expertise and custom solutions specially tailored to meet your unique workplace need. To make workplace safety a priority, call Kee Safety today and learn more or request a Free, on location, site survey.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Fall Protection

Fall Protection System image

Fall Protection System - KeeGuard® Topfix

KeeGuard® Topfix system is fixed to the cladding panel via a base plate for metal roofs. This is either riveted or connected to the cladding panel via standing seam clamps. The complete system's design, manufacture, testing and installation has been externally assessed.
Fall Protection System image

Fall Protection System - KeeGuard®

The KeeGuard® modular component system offers maximum flexibility for your rooftop configuration. Almost any flat or low slope roof up to 3 degrees can be accommodated. Your individually engineered KeeGuard® Fall Protection System can be used for bi-level or multi-level roofs, can be adapted to varying angle or circular configurations, and can be customized to accommodate ladderways, rooftop equipment, or other rooftop obstructions.
Deadweight Anchor System image

Deadweight Anchor System - Kee Anchor® WEIGHTANKA

WEIGHTANKA is a mobile, deadweight anchor system for use on roofs up to 5 degree pitch. The quick-to-assemble system features a central attachment point which raises the height where the arrest force is applied. With the correct model the system can be used on any of the following roof surfaces in WET or DRY conditions:
  • Single Ply Membrane
  • Asphalt
  • Mineral Felt
  • Concrete
  • Stone Chippings (Brushed)
Deadweight Anchor System image

Deadweight Anchor System - Kee Anchor® WIREANKA

WIREANKA is a system of deadweight anchor devices that supports flexible safety line at each anchor. It is intended for use on flat roofs, in temporary situations, or where it is preferable that penetration of the roof surface be avoided and a larger area of the roof needs fall protection. With the correct model the system can be used on any of the following roof surfaces in WET or DRY conditions:
  • Single Ply Membrane
  • Asphalt
  • Mineral Felt
  • Concrete
  • Stone Chippings (Brushed)
Anti-Slip Rooftop Walkway image

Anti-Slip Rooftop Walkway - Kee Walk®

Kee Walk is a slip-resistant walkway for workers accessing a roof during construction or maintenance. Compliant to OSHA 1910.22, Kee Walk contrasts with the roof''s surface to provide a clear demarcation route which protects the roof from unnecessary damage and uniformly distributes the pedestrian load across its surface. Easy to install with pre-assembled standard lengths supplied from stock, Kee Walk is designed for modern roofs with composite, trapezoidal metal profile, and standing seam metal roofs. The flexible, modular system can be adjusted on-site and accommodates flat, barrel or sloping roofs, with steps and a traverse option allowing access to be created for virtually any roof configuration from 0 to 35 degrees.
Horizontal Lifelines image

Horizontal Lifelines - KeeLine®

KeeLine® Horizontal Lifeline systems provide workers fall protection at working heights during construction and maintenance or irregular tasks where collective fall protection is not feasible. It supports up to three users over each span of up to nearly 50 feet through continuous attachment while traveling the system. KeeLine conforms to OSHA 1915.159, 126.502M, ANSI Z359.1 2007 and AS/NZS 1891.2, and is CE Marked. KeeLine features in-line absorbers at the beginning and end of the system that eliminate the need for expensive '™fall-over'™ style posts at every bracket position. 316 Stainless Steel wire connects to the absorbers via a tension indicator at the start of the system that shows when the system is correctly tensioned, and a swage assembly at the end of the system.
Free Standing Skylight Guardrail image

Free Standing Skylight Guardrail - Kee® Dome

Kee Dome, is a collective, free-standing, fall-protection solution for use around skylights, rooflights and domelights up to 2m x 2m in size. The modular Kee Dome' system allows contractors and maintenance crews to access rooftops for repair and maintenance work safely and easily without the risk of falling through glazed areas. This product can also be used in seamless harmony with our other fall-protection solutions.
Skylight Screens image

Skylight Screens - KeeGuard®

Kee Safety has developed a skylight screen to exceed OSHA standards, (i.e. screen will withstand a load of at least 200 pounds applied perpendicularly at any one area on the screen.) The unique construction and mounting design allow the KeeGuard Skylight Screen to be attached without penetration of the roof or the skylight, maintaining the integrity of the roof and the skylight to further satisfy 1910.23(e)(8). "Protecting the skylight must not cause the skylight to break".

Skylight Screens are available in galvanized or stainless steel for Curb Style skylight installations, Standing Seam metal roof skylights, and for Rib/Corrugated metal roof skylights.
Roof Egress Safety Railings image

Roof Egress Safety Railings - KeeHatch®

KeeHatch aluminum railings provide safe egress and ingress at roof openings and are designed to fit all standard hatch models offered by the manufacturers of roof hatches. Constructed of high-grade Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy for strength and corrosion resistance, KeeHatch complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.23 and does not penetrate the roof membrane. Typically installed in less than 30 minutes by one person, KeeHatch features fewer parts to assemble than other hatch railings as well as pre-built uprights and drop-in fittings to install the horizontal rails with ease.
Portable Roof Edge Fall Protection image

Portable Roof Edge Fall Protection - KeeGuard® Contractor

KeeGuard® Contractor offers a new and innovative approach to portable railing systems. Since the system is free standing, there is no need for any hardware connections to the rooftop or working surface. KeeGuard™ Contractor can be configured to meet all OSHA Standards for permanent railings, including OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.502, 1910.23 & NOMMA Metal Rail manual deflection requirements.
Pre-Assembled Modules image

Pre-Assembled Modules

Pre-assembled modules make for a simple and quick assembly or installation of your project. Provides constant barrier heights and lengths. Made to suit individual project requirements.
Demarcation System image

Demarcation System - Kee Mark® Waring Lines

Kee® Mark is a sturdy, durable, freestanding and cost effective portable warning line, for indoors and out. The simple modular design incorporates durable galvanized Kee Klamp™ components and galvanized uprights that stay in place with a hidden set screw. The heavy-duty nylon mesh flags are available in safety orange or safety yellow. The stainless steel wire cable is vinyl coated for long term outdoor use in safety yellow for greater visibility. The cables are connected to the uprights with stainless steel shackles which makes adjusting the layout very easy. The removable bases are made of solid heavy duty recycled rubber. Kee™ Mark is a warning line solution that is engineered to stand its ground, job site after job site. Meets OSHA standard for warning lines.
Rooftop Crossovers image

Rooftop Crossovers

When regular access to an area on the roof or at ground level is hampered by obstacles or changes in level, our Bespoke Step Overs can be tailored to meet specific site requirements. Constructed from Kee Klampgalvanised or Kee Lite aluminium fittings to provide a robust and durable access solution, step overs can be tailored to meet virtually any configuration, height and width.

Our Step Over Platforms are custom designed to suit the individual needs of every application, this means that every platform will be designed to provide the safest method of access possible. Step Overs are modular in design for ease and speed of installation and are designed to comply with current regulations and standards such as the Work at Height Regulations, BS5395: Part 3 and EN: 14122, BS 1139-6:2005 or PAS 250.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Safe Access Solutions

Self-Closing Safety Gates image

Self-Closing Safety Gates - KEE GATE

KEE GATE is a complete range of safety gates designed specifically to provide permanent hazard protection for internal or external applications. KEE GATE can provide permanent protection for any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches and restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance & inspection is required. The gate has been specifically designed to provide a 'retro-fit™ solution to existing fixed structures where opening protection is required. The U-bolt connection allows the gate to be connected to posts from 33.7 ' 48.3mm (1™ ' 1.5™ USA version).
Access Platform image

Access Platform - Easi-Dec®

Easi-Dec is a scaffold alternative designed for the smaller jobs, giving access to the wall, second floor windows or soffits and gutters for maintenance and repair work. The platform is assembled in a matter of minutes, and can be lifted and shifted around a building with ease.
Ladder Accessories image

Ladder Accessories

Our ladder accessories ensure that your existing ladders are used in compliance with OSHA standards.

The Ladder-Spurs prevent outward slip by increasing the base of your ladder and significantly reduces the chance of a sideways slip at the top. Secured easily and quickly with heavy duty ratchet straps, the independent spurs simply wrap around the ladder side rails. They can be attached at any height position to allow for sloping ground, and eliminate the need for someone to stabilized the base.

Finally, the Ladder Stand-Off incorporates a large 'V' which allows the ladder to span around down pipes or rest on corners of buildings. The top of the ladder is kept 1ft off the wall making it using when working under eaves.
Pallet Gate for Mezzanine Access image

Pallet Gate for Mezzanine Access

Moving pallets between levels is often a necessity for saving space in the workplace. In such instances, it is important to maintain safe working standards and practices. KEE PALLET GATES provide permanent hazard protection when moving goods between different working levels. The Pallet Gate can provide protection for any opening where material and pallet access is required. The pallet gates have been designed to provide a 'retro-fit™ solution ensuring that the pallet gate works in conjunction with your existing railing rather than starting from scratch. The KEE PALLET GATE has been designed to accommodate openings up to 8 feet wide and accommodate a 9 foot depth. The bearings along the pallet gate rails allow a smooth pivot action ensuring a balanced and positive open and close action.
Mobile Work Platforms image

Mobile Work Platforms

Kee Safety's Bespoke Access Platforms allow safe access to areas where off the shelf fabricated platforms or other systems such as ladders or towers are not appropriate. Our Bespoke Access Platforms are suitable for difficult to reach areas such as access to machinery, warehouse racking, maintenance of vehicles or trains, welding or plastering; our platforms can be designed to suit virtually any requirement. Kee Safety's access platforms are custom built and can be designed up to 3m in height. When higher access is required, the platform is constructed with the addition of an extra support arm.
Static Work Platform image

Static Work Platform

Bespoke Step Overs provide safe access over pipework, plant equipment and conduits or can be used to accommodate changes in roof levels. When regular access to an area on the roof or at ground level is hampered by obstacles or changes in level, our Bespoke Step Overs can be tailored to meet specific site requirements. Constructed from Kee Klampgalvanised or Kee Lite aluminium fittings to provide a robust and durable access solution, step overs can be tailored to meet virtually any configuration, height and width.
Window Lift Systems image

Window Lift Systems - Window-Dec System

Fitting replacement windows, by including a self locking pulley system capable of lifting up to 165lbs. It gives the installer a compliant, fully protected work platform, as well as an opening in the base of the Dec for lifting windows through. After the window passes through the hinged opening it closes to maintain the platform integrity. The Window-Dec has individually height adjustable legs, so it can adjust with uneven or sloping ground without any problems.

The Window-Dec system can be transported in either a cargo van or truck rack and can be installed with no tools required in less than 10 minutes.

After assembly and erection of the platform, the replacement window is attached to the lifting frame with the 2 straps provided and hoisted up to platform level by pulling on the rope.
Solar Panel Installation image

Solar Panel Installation - Solar Platform

The Solar Platform has been designed for smaller, thermal solar jobs, to gain safe access up to roof level and gives a cost effective alternative to renting scaffolding for each job. The Solar Platform offers the installer an OSHA compliant, fully guarded work station that sets up in a matter of minutes.

The Solar Platform is 6.6' long on adjustable telescopic legs. It is built on the ground, then easily lifted into position, ensuring complete safety at all times. The system includes a cushioned rolling window bar, strap-operated legs and a hoist specifically designed for lifting solar panels to the roof.

It can be transported in either a cargo van or on a truck rack. The Solar Platform can be installed and ready to start work in less than 10 minutes, a huge time saving advantage over traditional scaffolding.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Safety Railing Systems

Galvanized Steel Railing Components image

Galvanized Steel Railing Components - Kee Klamp®

Steel pipe is an inherently efficient structural component. It is strong, has no sharp corners, and is readily available worldwide. The difficulty in using steel pipe to form structures arises when joining. Threaded pipe must be supplied in set lengths making for zero flexibility in installation. Welding is labor intensive, requires a highly skilled workforce, and specialized equipment.

The answer is KEE KLAMP® components. The underlying principle is simple but highly effective: use slip-on components to create versatile and rigid tubular structures. The Kee Klamp® principle has been developed and refined for more than 75 years resulting in an extensive range of components suited for any need.
Flexible Aluminum Components image

Flexible Aluminum Components - Kee Lite®

Kee Lite® components offer flexibility and can be used for a variety of applications from contemporary to industrial; your imagination is the only limitation. The Kee Lite™ solution offers a lightweight and versatile safety solution. Because Kee Lite™ can be easily installed with a hex tool and pipe cutters, there is no need for welding, saving you both time and money. Kee Lite® is securely locked into place using recessed set screws that provide a sleek and smooth look to your railing system or pipe structure.
ADA Safety Handrail Components image

ADA Safety Handrail Components - Kee® Access

Kee® Access Railing System was designed specifically to equip architects, engineers, specifiers, builders, and contractors with the components necessary to easily construct and retrofit commercial and public structures to satisfy the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as state and local building codes.
Pre-packaged Safety Railing Kits image

Pre-packaged Safety Railing Kits - Kwik Kit®

Everything you need for the Kwik Kit assembly is included in one box. Railing Uprights are pre-assembled to save you even more time and eliminate parts guesswork.

Kwik Kit railing kits are quick to assemble using a hex key to tighten the large, easy to use set screws. Kwik Kit™ safety railing kits are pre-packaged with 6-foot post spacing for straight sections, corner sections or extension sections. By using a combination of Straight, Corner, or Extension Kits, almost any basic railing requirement can be fulfilled.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Steel to Steel Connections

Grating Clip Fastener image

Grating Clip Fastener

The Grating Clip™ fastener from BeamClamp is a cost effective method of securing steel grating to existing structural steel members. Clamping the grating eliminates costly and time consuming welding and drilling. Access below the grating is not required, resulting in a quick and simple installation.
Secondary Steelwork Connections image

Secondary Steelwork Connections - BeamClamp™

BeamClamp products offer an alternative method of securing secondary steelwork and building services equipment to primary steelwork. The BeamClamp product range, as the name suggests, clamps new steel in position eliminating the need for drilling and welding while providing a high degree of adjustability. The BeamClamp range features technical innovations that provide a steelwork connection that is stronger, quicker and easier to install than traditional or competitive methods.
Steel To Steel Connection System image

Steel To Steel Connection System - Beam Clamp Fast Fitting

Fast Fit, a product from Beam Clamp range, is an off the shelf engineered clamping solution to connect two steel sections together without the need for on-site drilling or welding. All you need to secure two sections together comes in one box. The system allows for varying angles that can be easily achieved by sliding the beams relative to each other.
Steel Tube Cavity Connection image

Steel Tube Cavity Connection - BoxBolt™

The Box Bolt cavity connection is used to make connections to structural steel sections. The Box Bolt is suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular sections, or other types of steelwork where access is restricted to one side only.
Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass Grating Clamp image

Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass Grating Clamp - GrateFix™

The GRATEFIX™ fastener is used to securely fasten steel, aluminum and fiberglass grating to supporting steelwork. Using only a hexagon key to install, grating can be secured without welding or drilling. The GRATEFIX™ fastener is designed to be installed from above the grating by one person. No access below the grating is required resulting in a quick and simple installation. The GRATEFIX™ fastener consists of stepped malleable iron or stainless steel bottom casting complete with screw and saddle clip bracket. All items are available galvanized or in grades 304 and 316 stainless steel.
Steel Floor Plate to Existing Steel Fastener image

Steel Floor Plate to Existing Steel Fastener - FloorFix™

The FloorFix™ connector is designed for positioning raised pattern floor plates without the need for welding or drilling of the supporting steelwork. With simple hand tools, it can be installed by one person working from above and eliminates the need for access to the underside of the floor plate.

The FloorFix™ is T™V certified for vibration. The FloorFix™ connector can be secured quickly and likewise removed or repositioned with ease. The FloorFix' connector is supplied with a galvanized finish.

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