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Kee Hatch® Safety Railing for Roof Hatch Access

KeeHatch® perimeter safety railings provide protected access for egress and ingress at roof hatch openings. Designed to fit all standard hatch models, KeeHatch® corrosion resistant safety railings are available in galvanized finish and in Kee Lite® aluminum. KeeHatch® complies with all OSHA safety standards for railings and does not penetrate the roof membrane. Easily installed in less than 30 minutes, KeeHatch® features simple pre-built uprights and drop-in fittings for optimum strength and durability. KeeHatch® is comprised of Kee Klamp® fittings which are the most trusted name in safety railings and components.

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Kee Skylight Screens

The unique construction and mounting design of the KeeGuard® Skylight Screen attaches without penetration of the roof or piercing the skylight frame,maintaining the integrity of both surfaces.Skylight Screens are available in galvanized or stainless steel for Curb Style skylight installations, Standing Seam metal roof skylights, and for Rib/Corrugated metal roof skylights. KeeGuard® Skylight Screens exceed OSHA standards (able to withstand a load of at least 200 pounds applied perpendicularly at any one area on the screen).

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KeeGuard® Fall Protection Safety Railing System

KeeGuard® is the most trusted name in safety railing offering maximum flexibility for your rooftop configuration. Each installation is individually engineered using our modular KeeGuard® components to build a durable and safe Fall Protection System. Adaptable for bi-level or multi-level roofs, varying angles or circular configurations, our KeeGuard® Safety Railing System does not penetrate the roof membrane and always exceeds OSHA compliance.

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KeeGuard® Contractor Portable Roof Edge Fall Protection

KeeGuard® Contractor offers an innovative approach to portable and temporary railing systems. The system is free standing, eliminating the need for hardware connections to the rooftop or working surface. KeeGuard® Contractor is an easy to install, modular system and can be configured to meet all OSHA Standards for permanent railings. Solid, safe construction is assembled with basic tools and no penetration of the roof membrane.

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Kee® Mark Warning Line System for Demarcation

Kee® Mark is a sturdy, freestanding and cost effective portable warning line solution for indoors and out. The simple, modular design incorporates durable galvanized Kee Klamp® components and galvanized uprights that stay in place.Heavy-duty nylon mesh flags are available in safety orange or safety yellow for greater visibility. Stainless steel wire cable is vinyl coated in safety yellow for long-term, outdoor use. Stainless steel shackles connect the cables for easy setup and adjustment. Removable bases are made of solid, heavy duty recycled rubber, engineered to stand its ground, job site after job site. Meets all OSHA standard for warning lines.

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Rooftop Crossovers and Safe Access Platforms (SAPs)

When access to an area on the roof is hampered by obstacles or changes in level, our Safe Access Platforms can be customized to meet your specific site requirements. Constructed from Kee Klamp® galvanized or Kee Lite® aluminum railings and components, our Rooftop Crossovers provide a robust and durable access solution to safely transverse rooftop areas without the hazard of climbing over obstructions. Modular in design for ease and speed of installation, SAPs are engineered to comply with current OSHA regulations and standards.

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Kee Klamp® Galvanized Steel Railing and Components

Invented by Kee Safety, Kee Klamp® modular railing systems use slip-on components to create strong and versatile safety barriers and structures. The flexible Kee Klamp® principle has been developed and refined over 75 years resulting in a versatile range of components suited for any safety requirement.Although steel pipe is an inherently efficient structural component, the difficulty in using steel pipe to form structures arises when joining segments to create a barrier. Threaded pipe must be supplied in specific, set lengths offering zero flexibility for installation. Welding is labor intensive, requires a highly skilled workforce, often special permits and specialized equipment. Kee Klamp® is the most trusted - and longest lasting - safety railing system in the fall prevention industry.

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Kee Lite® Aluminum Safety Railing and Components

Kee Lite® safety railing is made from high grade Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy (A356-T6) for a lightweight, corrosion resistant, and strong alternative for the fabrication of safety barriers and structures. Due to its superior corrosion resistance, the Kee Lite® system is extremely low maintenance - even in the harshest environments such as wastewater treatment facilities or outdoor applications. At only one-third the weight of our cast iron fittings, and 75% of comparable tensile strength, Kee Lite® is a cost-effective solution to welded railing and offers a smooth aesthetic look and design to handrail and safety rail

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Kee® Access: ADA Safety Handrail

Kee® Access Railing System is engineered to equip architects, engineers, specifiers, builders, and contractors with the components necessary to easily construct and retrofit commercial and public structures to satisfy the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA), as well as state and local building codes. Easy to assemble and cost-effective, Kee® Access components are galvanized for low long-term maintenance and can be powder coated to any RAL System color.

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