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Sto is the leading global producer of a broad range of next-generation building envelope solutions and coating systems for building construction, maintenance and restoration. For more than 35 years, we have led the way in building technology, while providing customers with the most experienced technical support in the industry.


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StoTherm® ci Mineral image

StoTherm® ci Mineral

The StoTherm® ci Mineral System is a decorative and protective exterior wall system (EIFS) that combines superior air and weather tightness with excellent thermal performance and fire resistance. It incorporates noncombustible continuous exterior insulation and a continuous air and moisture barrier with Sto's high performance finishes to produce an advanced high performance wall cladding assembly.

StoTherm ci XPS image

StoTherm ci XPS

StoTherm® ci XPS Lotusan is a fully-tested EIFS system providing superior air and weather tightness, excellent long-lasting thermal performance and durability. StoTherm®
ci XPS Lotusan combines StoGuard® liquid-applied air and moisture barrier with Owens Corning Foamular CI-C or Dow STYROFOAM™ Panel Core 20 insulation, and Stolit®
Lotusan, a unique textured finish with self-cleaning properties. This sustainable, high-performance wall system helps lower energy costs and reduces the carbon footprint of buildings.

StoTherm®ci Lotusan image

StoTherm®ci Lotusan

StoTherm ci Lotusan® is Sto's best continuous insulation wall system (EIFS). It is a high-performance, energy efficient wall cladding that integrates several proven components - StoGuard®, waterproof air barrier, StoTherm® insulated cladding and drainage, and StoLit® Lotusan, a textured finish with self-cleaning properties.

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Sto Panels image

Sto Panels

Sto, the leader in wall cladding systems, now offers the most advanced technology in prefabricated insulated wall panel solutions. Our systemized approach to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional precast panels, including speed, value and superior performance.

Sto Panels are lightweight, energy effecient, durable and are available in a wide variety of aestehic options. The technical design expertise of experienced panelizers and the service you expect from Sto make Sto Panels the preferred choice for new construction and renovation projects.

StoPanel Classic ci image

StoPanel Classic ci

This lightweight prefabricated panel is both energy efficient and durable, with continuous insulation and StoGuard waterproof air barrier standard. Versatile Sto Finishes allow for almost any design aesthetic

StoPanel Classic NExT ci image

StoPanel Classic NExT ci

This lightweight prefabricated panel is both energy efficient and durable, with continuous insulation and StoGuard waterproof air barrier as standards. This panel uses the same tried and tested components as the StoPanel Classic ci assembly, but adds vertically notched adhesive, drainage wedges, and weeps.

StoPanel Impact ci image

StoPanel Impact ci

Sto's Impact panel system includes all the benefits of our Classic ci or Classic NExT ci panel systems, with the addition of high impact resistance that meets Miami-Dade small and large missile impact requirements. Upgrade to Stolit Lotusan textured finish where an owner benefits from the unique self-cleaning properties of Sto's Lotus-Effect Technology.

StoPanel XPS ci image

StoPanel XPS ci

This lightweight prefabricated panel is a decorative and protective exterior wall cladding that provides superior air and weather tightness along with excellent thermal performance and durability by incorporating extruded insulation within the panel assembly.

StoPanel Brick ci image

StoPanel Brick ci

StoPanel Brick ci is a lightweight, energy efficient pre-fabricated exterior wall panel with a continuous air & moisture barrier, exterior insulation as an option and a variety of thin veneers, such as thin brick; all at a fraction of the weight of conventional thick brick/or other thick veneers.

StoPanel Precast ci image

StoPanel Precast ci

StoPanel Precast ci is a lightweight, energy efficient pre-fabricated exterior wall panel with a continuous air & moisture barrier, exterior insulation and a variety of integral decorative & protective finish options to replicate precast concrete; all at a fraction of the weight of precast concrete.

StoPanel Metal ci image

StoPanel Metal ci

Metal panel construction at a lower cost, with StoGuard waterproof air barrier and exterior insulation standard.

StoPanel Backup image

StoPanel Backup

StoPanel Backup is the starting point for all StoPanel cladding options. Consisting of cold formed steel, glass-mat faced gypsum sheathing and StoGuard air & moisture barrier; StoPanel Backup is the backbone of StoPanel Technology.

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Air and Moisture Barrier Systems image

Air and Moisture Barrier Systems - StoGuard®

Seamless protection for the entire wall assembly.

Air Barriers are required in building walls, regardless of region or climate. Controlling air leakage through the building envelope is critical to achieving high building energy efficiency. Research has shown that air barriers can play a larger role in energy efficiency than increasing insulation thickness. But unlike building wrap barriers that are penetrated by staples and fasteners for their attachment, the StoGuard® System provides seamless control over air and moisture to improve building performance and occupant comfort.

Sto Gold Coat® image

Sto Gold Coat®

Sto Gold Coat ® is a ready-mixed flexible waterproof air barrier membrane for use in StoTherm® ci Systems. It is applied directly to vertical above grade wall sheathing and concrete masonry, and functions as a waterproof air barrier when combined with StoGuard® joint and rough opening treatment.

Sto Gold Coat® TA image

Sto Gold Coat® TA

Sto Gold Coat® TA is a ready-mixed flexible, trowel applied waterproof air barrier membrane for use in StoTherm® ci Systems. It is applied directly to vertical above grade wall sheathing and concrete masonry, and functions as a waterproof air barrier when combined with StoGuard® joint and rough opening treatment.

Sto EmeraldCoat® image

Sto EmeraldCoat®

Sto EmeraldCoat ® is a fluid-applied, vapor-permeable building membrane used under a variety of mechanically attached claddings, including cement board, wood, vinyl, brick, stone and metal panels.

Sto ExtraSeal™ image

Sto ExtraSeal™

Sto ExtraSeal™ is a portland cement-based air and moisture barrier component for use beneath direct applied stucco brown coats. It is applied by trowel or pump to vertical above grade concrete and concrete masonry (CMU) wall surfaces.

Sto AirSeal™ image

Sto AirSeal™

Sto AirSeal™ is a fluid-applied, vapor-permeable membrane designed for CMU and sheathing, as well as metal panels, cement board, vinyl, wood, brick and stone.

Sto VaporSeal™ image

Sto VaporSeal™

Sto VaporSeal™ is a ready-mixed, flexible waterproof air and vapor barrier membrane. It is used on vertical above grade walls behind various claddings including, stucco over metal lath/building paper, brick, metal panels, cement board, and others.

Sto RapidGuard™ image

Sto RapidGuard™

Sto RapidGuard™ is a single-component, multi-use air barrier and waterproof material used to seal rough openings, sheathing joints, seams, cracks, and transitions in above grade wall construction. Its fast-drying, flexible coverage makes it easy to provide high-quality air and moisture protection across multiple applications.

Sto Gold Fill® image

Sto Gold Fill®

Sto Gold Fill® is a ready-mixed, flexible, joint treatment and air barrier material for vertical above grade walls. It is applied to rough openings, corners, and sheathing joints in walls with StoGuard® Mesh.

StoGuard® Mesh image

StoGuard® Mesh

StoGuard® Mesh is a glass fiber self-adhesive mesh for use with Sto Gold Fill®. Available in 4.25- and 9.5-inch widths.

StoGuard® Fabric image

StoGuard® Fabric

StoGuard® Fabric is a non-woven cloth reinforcement. It is part of the StoGuard® assembly and is used with either Sto Gold Coat®, StoGuard® VaporSeal™ to treat sheathing joints, inside and outside corners and rough openings. Available in 4- and 6- inch widths.

StoGuard® RapidFill™ image

StoGuard® RapidFill™

StoGuard® RapidFill™ is a one-component air and moisture barrier and waterproof material used to seal sheathing joints, seams, cracks, and transitions in above grade wall construction. Rapid drying time will usually allow for same day installation of other Sto air barrier components.

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Stucco Systems image

Stucco Systems

More powerful than Conventional Stucco - Sto Stucco Systems are made up of high-performance products that are designed to work together to form a superior wall cladding. These products can be installed faster than conventional stucco, with coatings and finishes that are integrally colored and bridge hairline cracks, enhancing the weather resistance and long term appearance of your cladding.

Cement Board Stucco Systems image

Cement Board Stucco Systems

Cement Board Stucco Systems are cost-effective, impact resistant systems designed to give you the stucco look your customers appreciate, in a faster application. They combine the strength and durability of Cement Board with the proven performance of Sto's base coats and textured finishes.
StoPowerwall ci image

StoPowerwall ci

Premium stucco system with superior thermal performance and air and moisture control.

StoPowerwall DrainScreen image

StoPowerwall DrainScreen

Portland cement stucco with continuous air and moisture barrier, drainage and high performance finish.

StoPowerwall ExtraSeal image

StoPowerwall ExtraSeal

High performance stucco system with excellent moisture protection.

StoPowerwall image


Portland cement stucco with continuous air and moisture barrier, drainage and high performance finish.

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Backup Wall System image

Backup Wall System - StoEnergy Guard™

A complete, code compliant solution designed for a variety of claddings.

The StoEnergy Guard Backup Wall System provides the rough opening protection, waterproof air barrier, drainage and continuous insulation elements your walls need to be code compliant, energy-efficient and durable. This high-performing solution from Sto ensures high quality components and compatibility, and is backed by Sto's extensive system warranty.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Advanced Restoration for Building Facade Program - reStore

reStore Program image

reStore Program

The reStore program combines all of Sto's knowledge and resources to provide a comprehensive program that focuses on maintenance, repair, and energy improvements of existing EIFS, Masonry, Concrete, and Stucco structures.

The program helps to safeguard the long term value of your investment and helps your cladding meet the needs of today and the future. We combine our understanding of your goals to assist in developing a solution intended to enhance your investment, increase the performance of cladding and improve the look of the exterior. We work with Owners, Architects, Building envelope consultants, engineers and contractors to tailor a solution that will best help your design objectives.

Level 1 - CLEAN & RECOAT image

Level 1 - CLEAN & RECOAT

A basic program to remove dirt, mold and mildew, while refreshing or updating the color of the facade.

The clean and recoat process combines a thorough pressure washing and surface finishing with a high performance Sto coating. Sto coatings deliver far more than paint; they actually resist accumulation of dirt, mold and pollutants, preserving a building's value while enhancing its appearance and reducing maintenance needs. Sto coatings are integrally colored with high-quality pigments to complement building additions or to totally transform a structure's appearance.

You'll see real, quantifiable results when you protect your building with a Sto high performance coating, including improved resistance to water, mildew, cracks and fading.

Level 2 - REPAIR & FINISH image


A program to repair minor damage to EIFS or stucco facades before it becomes a major problem.

Cracking and other damage is repaired with a substrate-specific repair product. Often, an additional layer of basecoat with embedded mesh is used to restore the building exterior to its original condition. Sto repair products are engineered for most substrates, including EIFS, stucco, concrete and masonry.

After damage is repaired, a high performance Sto finish is applied to finish and seal the surface, protecting it from the elements and slowing down natural wear and tear. Now the exterior is resistant to wind-driven rain, UV rays, mold and mildew.

Level 3 - OVERCLAD image

Level 3 - OVERCLAD

A cost-efficient program to correct moisture intrusion problems and improve the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of brick, block or stucco facades.

Sto insulated wall claddings have the power to transform an unsightly, inefficient older building. Sto's latest Continuous Insulation innovation is StoTherm® ci Lotusan®, which integrates three key components into an energy-efficient insulated wall cladding system: StoGuard® continuous fluid applied air barrier, StoTherm® exterior insulated cladding and Stolit® Lotusan® textured finish with patented self-cleaning properties. This state-of-the-art system stays attractive for years, in addition to significantly increasing thermal heating and cooling efficiency while improving indoor air quality and lowering the overall lifecycle costs.

Level 4 - REMOVE & RECLAD image


For extensive renovations, it often is most efficient to start over with a new cladding.

Sto offers you options. Instead of extensive repairs, it's often more efficient to remove all existing cladding and replace with a superior, sustainable Sto wall cladding system that's extremely durable, improves building performance and looks fresh far longer.

When it makes more sense to reclad than repair, a Sto wall cladding system is the low maintenance, high performance solution. Sto can also overclad brick, block and stucco walls, dramatically improving curb appeal and extending the life of the building's exterior.

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Hurricane Impact Systems image

Hurricane Impact Systems

Every year, hurricanes threaten the coastlines of North America, striking vulnerable areas in 82 of the last 100 years. Sto offers a wide range of decorative and protective wall finish systems that deliver superior protection against these severe weather events impacting coastal communities and buildings.

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Specialty Systems image

Specialty Systems

Our system portfolio includes a series of special wall assemblies engineered to meet very particular design requirements of the building enclosure and to accommodate different types of building substrates such as Aerated Autoclave Concrete or Insulated Concrete Forms.
Gold System for Soffits and Ceilings image

Gold System for Soffits and Ceilings - StoQuik®

Direct-applied exterior finish system over glass mat faced gypsum sheathing for use on ceilings, soffits and weather-protected walls.

Sto Interior Finish System for Pool Rooms image

Sto Interior Finish System for Pool Rooms

Decorative and protective finish system for interior walls and ceilings of residential or commercial indoor swimming pool rooms.

Sto ICF Coating System image

Sto ICF Coating System

Decorative and protective finish system for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

Sto ICF Stucco System image

Sto ICF Stucco System

Decorative and protective stucco finish system for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

Sto ICF Insulated Finish System image

Sto ICF Insulated Finish System

Decorative, protective and insulated finish system for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

Sto AAC Finish System image

Sto AAC Finish System

Decorative and protective finish system for above grade exterior AAC wall construction.

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Standard Finishes image

Standard Finishes

Sto Standard Finishes feature pure white marble aggregate, acrylic polymers, available in a variety of textures an extensive range of color options to enhance your design and harmonize with the surrounding environment.
StoSignature™ image


In modern building design, beauty is in the details. StoSignature makes it easier than ever to create a signature look the world has never seen before. StoSignature is a virtually endless blend of color, texture, profiles, and effects utilizing Sto products that create customizable finished surfaces that can be applied to any Sto wall system. With your imagination and StoSignature, extraordinary awaits.

Specialty Finishes image

Specialty Finishes

Sto has moved beyond the look of basic stucco to deliver new opportunities for creativity. Today, you can replicate virtually any look - including brick, granite, limestone and metal - with Sto Specialty Finishes. Our finishes are lightweight and easier to install than traditional cladding materials, which means reduced structural requirements, fewer specialty trades and greater cost savings.

Coatings image


Sto offers a full line of premium, high-performance coatings including primers, acrylic and elastomeric coatings that create dramatic visual appeal and help safeguard your building's value. Sto architectural and exterior coatings are able to repel wind-driven rain, yet still allow a building to breathe. They are resistant to fading and buildup of dirt, mold and mildew for long-lasting beauty. A variety of color and texture options give you a full array of design choices.

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