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Versico is proud of the products we produce. To support this fact, we back all of our products up with a selection of warranties ranging from ten to thirty years.


Versico was formed in 1993 through the acquisition of a major single-ply roofing manufacturer. Now, more than two decades later, Versico has positioned itself as one of the top single-ply roofing system suppliers in the U.S. by focusing its efforts on quality products and exceptional service. Versico is able to offer you time-tested, proven solutions for your roofing needs.

Versico has been instrumental in the development of today's leading technologies in the commercial roofing industry. Versico membranes and roofing systems are rigorously evaluated and tested to ensure that you receive an unmatched roof that will provide years of protection for your valuable assets.


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EPDM Membranes image

EPDM Membranes - VersiGard

Versico offers black and white EPDM membranes, in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses, along with a full line of corresponding accessories to accommodate almost any roof type. We are proud to say that we offer some of the highest quality EPDM systems in the industry.
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TPO Membrances image

TPO Membrances - VersiWeld

Versico provides a diverse line of VersiWeld TPO membranes that offer many benefits including heat-weldable seams, highly reflective, light colored surfaces, thicker and smoother surfaces, and accessories. Our new, innovative line of VersiWeld Quick Applied TPO features factory applied adhesive right on the membrane for fast and efficient installation.
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VersiWeld TPO with APEEL™ Protective Film image

VersiWeld TPO with APEEL™ Protective Film

Versico's labor-saving VersiWeld TPO Membrane with APEEL Protective Film guards the surface of TPO membrane from scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation. APEEL increases productivity and saves on costs, as it removes the need to clean the roof upon completion - which can often cost between $0.15 and $0.75 per square foot.

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PVC Membranes image

PVC Membranes - VersiFlex

Versico offers VersiFlex PVC membranes in white, gray, and tan, in a variety of sizes. Our PVC membranes are highly reflective and easy to install. A number of accessories are available for our PVC membranes as well.
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TPO Membrane image

TPO Membrane - VersiFleece® FR

Versico's labor-saving VersiFleece Fire-Rated (FR) TPO membranes are manufactured using a hot-melt extrusion process for complete scrim encapsulation. Once the TPO is reinforced and enhanced with 10-ounce fire-resistant fleece, the total sheet thickness is 115-mils, creating a durable sheet that is quick to install and ideal for re-roofing or new construction projects.

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Adhesive-less Membrane Attachment System image

Adhesive-less Membrane Attachment System - VersiFleece RapidLock (RL™)

Revolutionary membrane attachment method that provides a fully-adhered EPDM or TPO system without the use of adhesives. The RapidLock (RL) system utilizes VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions along with 115-mil VersiFleece RL EPDM or VersiFleece RL TPO to achieve performance on par with traditional fully-adhered single-ply systems. No stirring of adhesives or waiting for flash-off required. This roofing system provides up to 80% labor savings compared to traditional bonding adhesive and up to 25% labor savings compared to a traditional VersiFleece system.

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Non-Reinforced EPDM Membrane image

Non-Reinforced EPDM Membrane - VersiGard QA

Versico's VersiGard QA (Quick-Applied) Non-Reinforced EPDM Membrane offers excellent weatherability and hail resistance, provides significant labor savings, and qualifies as a Low-VOC option with no solvent-related odors. VersiGard QA is a nominal 60-mil non-reinforced EPDM membrane laminated to a 100% -solid pressure-sensitive adhesive and is available in 10' x 100' (3m x 30m) rolls. The release liner is silicon-coated on one side for consistent release from the adhesive.

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Spray Gun-Applied Adhesive image

Spray Gun-Applied Adhesive - CAV-GRIP 3V

Versico's labor-saving spray gun-applied adhesive CAV-GRIP 3V requires no stirring, is quick to apply, and has no flash-off. CAV-GRIP 3V can be used for a variety of applications: adhering VersiFleece®, standard VersiWeld® TPO, and VersiGard® EPDM membranes to vertical walls; enhancing the bond between Versico's VapAir Seal 725 TR and various substrates; and priming unexposed asphalt prior to applying Flexible DASH Adhesive for insulation attachment. CAV-GRIP 3V is approved for horizontal field use on both EPDM and TPO membranes. This adhesive can be used in cold temperatures, and has a 5-minute set-up time. For these reasons, CAV-GRIP 3V can provide up to 60% labor savings compared to traditional adhesives.

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Vent Secured Roofing System image

Vent Secured Roofing System - VACUSEAL™ V2T VENT (TDB)

Versico has partnered with V2T Technology to offer a system that leverages the power of the wind to hold the roof securely in place without the use of adhesives and fasteners. Using specialized V2T Vents, the VacuSeal Vent Secured Roofing System creates negative air pressure that removes excess air beneath the roof membrane and creates a suction effect that strengthens the entire roof and holds the membrane securely in place.

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Liquid Flashing image

Liquid Flashing - LIQUISEAL®

LIQUISEAL Liquid Flashing is a two-component, polyurethane-based system that creates a cold-applied liquid flashing that is compatible with all Versico EPDM, TPO, PVC, and KEE HP membranes. LIQUISEAL Liquid Flashing is ideal for flashing oddly shaped penetrations and tying together dissimilar roofing systems without building a knee wall or impeding drainage.

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Coverboard image

Coverboard - DuraStorm VSH™

DuraStorm VSH is an engineered composite building material made from a proprietary blend of plastic and cellulose fiber sourced from post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams. DuraStorm VSH is a durable, extremely moisture and mold resistant building material with a core that does not disintegrate or delaminate in the presence of water

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Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) image

Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) - OPTIM-R®

OPTIM-R is a high R-value vacuum insulated panel (VIP) insulating solution. OPTIM-R provides a low-profile solution when height restrictions will not allow for the code-required or building-owner desired roof insulation values. OPTIM-R is truly a next-generation insulation, providing an R-value that is up to five times the R-value of commonly used insulation products.

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PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip image

PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip - RapidLock, Velcro

VersiFlex PVC Pressure-Sensitive (PS) Cover Strip is a nominal 35-mil (0.76 mm) non-reinforced KEE HP fl ashing laminated to a nominal 35-mil (0.76 mm), fully cured, pressure-sensitive, synthetic rubber adhesive. PVC PS Cover Strip is exclusively tested and designed for use on Versico VersiFlex PVC and KEE HP membranes only and is available in white, gray, and tan 6" (152 mm) wide x 100' (30.5 m) long rolls. Performance of PVC PS Cover Strip is not guaranteed if used on other manufacturers membranes.PVC PS Cover Strip is used to strip in fl at metal edgings (e.g. drip edge).

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Insulation and Underlayments  image

Insulation and Underlayments

Versico provides a diverse line of high-performance insulation and underlayment products to cover the demands of a wide range of roofing applications. Versico offers the most competitive insulation and underlayment products providing optimum rooftop performance.
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Roof Insulation Panel image

Roof Insulation Panel - SECURSHIELD™ POLYISO

SecurShield Polyiso is a rigid, roof insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded during the manufacturing process to premium performance coated glass facers (CGF)

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Rubber Interlocking Roofing Pavers image

Rubber Interlocking Roofing Pavers

Versico's Rubber Pavers are designed to meet Versico'sdemanding specifi cations for a roof paver. These paversare 2' x 2' x 2" thick and weigh 6 lb/ft2. The pavers consistof 90% pre-consumer recycled content, providing anenvironmentally friendly product that provides superiorprotection of underlying roof membranes. Versico Paverscan be used as part of the Interlocking Rubber PaverSystem (see below) or to protect the membrane onVersico's single-ply roofi ng systems.

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Building Green

Building Green image

Building Green

At Versico, we value our environment and over the years, have supported these values by providing products that are eco-friendly. We offer a number of products and accessories that are ENERGY STAR and CRRC approved. This section outlines some of the benefits that come with building green.
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Continuing Education


By the end of this course you can expect to have a basic understanding of the history, advantages and design of roof gardens as well as visually recognize the two roof garden system types. Along the way, you will pick up information on the benefits to roof garden systems.

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