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Texas Quarries provides superlative craftsmanship and unique limestone in a variety of styles and textures. Since 1929, Texas Quarries has provided distinctive Texas limestone, operating two quarries and a modern fabricating facility near Austin.

Our limestone is available in a variety of finishes, for both interior and exterior applications. We quarry and fabricate limestone indigenous to Texas: Cordova Cream and Cordova Shell from the Hill Country; Lueders Buff, Gray, and Roughback from the Abilene area.


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Cordova Shell Limestone image

Cordova Shell Limestone

Cordova Shell Limestone
Cordova Cream Limestone image

Cordova Cream Limestone

Cordova Cream Limestone
Lueders Buff Limestone image

Lueders Buff Limestone

Lueders Buff Limestone
Lueders Gray Limestone image

Lueders Gray Limestone

Lueders Gray Limestone
Lueders Roughback Limestone image

Lueders Roughback Limestone

Lueders Roughback Limestone
Sea Trace Limestone image

Sea Trace Limestone

Sea Trace limestone bears the trails traced by creatures in prehistoric seas.

Texas Quarries reveals a record of marine life 270 million years old, six feet below grade, at its Lueders quarry near Abilene, Texas.

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Custom Carving image

Custom Carving

Custom carving adds the finishing touch to a distinguished stone project. Texas Quarries' artisans execute designs large and small with award-winning quality.

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Riviera Stone image

Riviera Stone

Riviera Stone units become more beautiful as they age and weather

Riviera Stone is available in a choice of two thicknesses:
  • Full Thickness units are the depth of brick veneer, 31/4-4 inches through the wall.
  • Thin Stone units are approximately 11/4 inches thick. Their light weight, roughly 15 pounds per square foot, allows them to be laid much like wall tile.

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Fast Track Stone™ image

Fast Track Stone™

Fast Track Stone&$153; masonry support system, from IBP and Texas Quarries does not require a concrete footing to support the weight of the masonry. This feature allows considerable savings.

Fast Track Stone™ weighs as little as 14 pounds per square foot and can be designed into new projects using conventional construction techniques or attaches to most structures using existing wall studs.

The channels and clips have at least 25% post-consumer recycled content and can help builders achieve LEED objectives.

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Commercial Gallery image

Commercial Gallery

Texas Quarries Commercial Gallery

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