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People across the building industry tell us the LP® name represents quality, dependability and consistency. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, we are a leading manufacturer and distributor of building products. Founded in 1973, today we operate 26 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Chile and Brazil.

We strive to deliver innovative, high-quality building products to retail, wholesale, home building and industrial customers. That's how we like it: we thrive on our reputation for ethics and teamwork - both internally and with our customers.


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Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing image

Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing - LP® FlameBlock®

LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing is ICC-certified to meet code and provides additional value - strength, savings and greater design flexibility. It helps you build fire-rated wall assemblies and roof deck faster - at a lower cost - than most common alternatives.
Sub-Flooring image

Sub-Flooring - LP Legacy

Super-tough, moisture-resistant sub-flooring
Radiant Barrier image

Radiant Barrier - LP TechShield®

The original, #1 brand of radiant barrier sheathing, LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing reduces monthly cooling costs by blocking up to 97% of the radiant heat in the panel from emitting into a home's attic, lowering attic temperatures by up to 30° F.
OSB Sheathing image

OSB Sheathing

Everyone knows LP OSB as a cost-effective alternative engineered to meet the same performance standards as plywood. But it's things like our 25 years of experience, superior customer service and 20-year limited warranty that make LP OSB Sheathing the No. 1 selling sheathing in the world.

OSB meets the same performance standards as plywood, yet it won't cup or warp as easily.

Sub-Flooring image

Sub-Flooring - LP® TopNotch®

LP TopNotch is already one of the best-selling OSB sub-floorings in the world, thanks to its patented self-draining notch system and moisture-resistant edge sealant. Those advancements, together with our engineered panel composition, enable us to offer some of the industry's strongest sub-flooring warranties.

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Lap Siding image

Lap Siding - LP® SmartSide®, CanExel®

LP SmartSide®
The standard for durable siding with a complete line of primed trims, fascia, soffit, lap and panel offerings. Made of treated engineered wood, LP SmartSide® products can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

LP CanExel®
For more than 30 years, LP CanExel® Siding has adorned stately Victorian mansions, and accented charming seaside cottages through harsh weather. Through it all, LP CanExel products shone through.
Panel Siding image

Panel Siding - LP® SmartSide®

LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding offers all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood siding, along with the advantages of our treated wood technology. Our advanced processes actually improve upon nature, creating siding panels that are more durable, dimensionally stable and consistent than traditional wood materials.
Trim & Fascia image

Trim & Fascia - LP® SmartSide®

Now you can easily achieve the look you want with LP® SmartSide® Trim & Fascia. It's available in lengths up to 16' for fewer seams than most house trim, and you'll get a premium appearance that enhances the curb appeal of any home. Plus, LP SmartSide Trim & Fascia come in a wide assortment of styles so you can add a touch of craftsmanship that''s hard to miss.
Vertical Siding image

Vertical Siding - LP® SmartSide®

LP® SmartSide® Vertical Siding lets you recreate the charming appearance of board and batten while providing the added protection of the SmartGuard® process. All LP SmartSide products are treated to the core through our proprietary SmartGuard process. With four components of protection, the SmartGuard process adds strength and helps LP SmartSide products withstand impacts, freeze-thaw cycles, high humidity, fungal decay and more.
Soffit image

Soffit - LP® SmartSide®

Available in vented and non-vented, when you use LP® SmartSide® Soffit on your projects people will notice your attention to every detail. You'll get the same wood grain or smooth look that matches other LP SmartSide products in a soffit that's pre-cut to the width you need. Plus, our vented soffit is the perfect alternative to hand-installed metal vents with its precisely cut, bug-resistant vents.
Cedar Texture Shakes image

Cedar Texture Shakes

LP® SmartSide® Cedar Texture Shake Siding is a great choice for adding charm and character to any home. It's an affordable alternative to achieving the natural look of real shake siding with easy maintenance and upkeep. Use it for decorative accents or your entire home.
Perfection Shingle image

Perfection Shingle - LP® SmartSide®

All LP® SmartSide® products are treated to the core through our proprietary SmartGuard® process. With four components of protection, the SmartGuard process adds strength and helps LP SmartSide products withstand impacts, freeze-thaw cycles, high humidity, fungal decay and more.

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Laminated Strand Lumber image

Laminated Strand Lumber - LP® SolidStart® LSL

LP SolidStart LSL is ideal as a cost-competitive alternative to LVL and traditional lumber making it the smartest choice for beams and headers. And its consistent performance ensures kitchen, bath, and tall entry walls start straight and stay straight. LP SolidStart LSL is the strongest laminated strand lumber on the market, delivering superior performance and it's backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
Treated Laminated Strand Lumber image

Treated Laminated Strand Lumber - LP® SolidGuard® LSL

LP® SolidGuard® LSL is a zinc borate treated product that protects against termites and fungal decay. When used in multi-story buildings, LSL helps mitigate shrinkage and reduces the risk of callbacks.
I-Joists image

I-Joists - LP® SolidStart®

High-performance LP SolidStart I-Joists are stronger pound for pound, straighter and more reliable than traditional lumber, with reduced moisture content for floors with fewer pops and squeaks. And, because pound for pound they have a greater load-bearing capacity than sawn lumber, you can engineer the structural components of floors and cathedral ceilings with fewer pieces, saving installation and materials costs.

Laminated Veneer Lumber image

Laminated Veneer Lumber - LP® SolidStart® LVL

LP® SolidStart® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) has consistent dimensions and density and is stronger and straighter than traditional lumber. Pound-for- pound, LP SolidStart LVL has more load-carrying capacity than common grades of sawn lumber, making it ideal for beams, headers and other primary load carrying members.
Rim Board image

Rim Board - LP® SolidStart®

LP SolidStart Rim Board is more convenient than field-ripped sheathing because it matches the depths of our LP SolidStart I-Joists: 9-1/2", 11-7/8", 14", and 16". We also offer prompt, courteous customer service. Our LP service team will answer questions and provide product application, installation and warranty information.

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Environmental Responsibility image

Environmental Responsibility

More and more builders now recognize the value of green building certification, both long- and short-term. Participation in programs such as NAHB's Green Home Building® impacts both the environment and your bottom line in a positive way. All those points you earn toward green building certification lead to more saleable homes, as well as local, state and Federal credits, rebates and other financial incentives.

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LP University image

LP University

LP University is a service of LP Building Products devoted to providing continuing education to those in the building trades. We offer both in-person and online courses. Whether you're interested in completing a course to earn or maintain a license or certification, or simply because you want to learn more about a specific subject, our programs are designed to help you reach the highest level of success possible.

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