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1-1- 2  FLEXMAR  is changing the industry with two simple numbers.

  Flexmar® NextGen™ Polyaspartic resinous fluid-applied seamless flooring for concrete floors

  • 1 hour between coats
  • 1-2 hours return to service after final coat
  • Allows for overnight or same day return to service
  • 0 VOC
  • Virtually no odor
  • LEEDS Credits

FLEXMAR Coatings Inc. is the
  • First formulator/manufacturer to introduce polyaspartic concrete floor coatings at the “2006 World of Concrete”
  • Leading manufacturer using technology invented by Bayer Material Science
  • 12 years of industry experience and innovation history

Today we are excited and proud to feature our latest generation of polyaspartic concrete floor coatings.  It’s an extension of a concept we’ve made: Simple by Design. 1-1- 2.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Flexmar NextGen™ Polyaspartic Coating Systems image

Flexmar NextGen™ Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Simple by Design
Everything about Flexmar ® NextGen™ polyaspartic coatings is as simple as 1-1- 2 . . . because we designed them that way. They are the most user-friendly, efficient, durable, and dependable concrete floor coatings in the industry.

1- to 2- Hour Rapid Return to Service
  • 1 to 2 hours between coats allows for 2- or 3-coat high-build coatings.
  • 1 to 2 hour return to service after last coat.
  • Minimizes downtime.

  • Exceeds compliance requirements in the U.S.
  • USGBC LEED Credits: IEQ 4.2 and IEQ 4.3

Virtually No Odor
  • Apply with minimal disruption and discomfort . . .even while facilities are in use.

Superior Adhesion to Concrete
  • No bubbling.
  • No blistering.
  • No peeling.
  • No lifting.
  • No call-back.

Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • Resists abrasion and wear 3 times better than epoxy coatings.
  • Longevity and durability.

Aliphatic Polyurea Coating Technology
  • UV-resistant.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Color stable.

  • NextGen coatings feature excellent vertical hang for use as an integral cove base.
  • Enhances cleaning maintenance.
  • Eliminates need for additional materials.

Minimal Floor Care
  • Only a periodic dry sweep and wet mop with mild detergent necessary as needed.
  • No regular, labor-intensive, costly stripping, waxing, polishing, burnishing, or chemical deep cleaning.

1:1 Two-Component Mix Ratio by Volume
  • No complicated measurements or guesswork by applicators.
  • Consistent application.

  • Excellent penetration and bonding strength.
  • Separate primer unnecessary.

Long Working Time
  • Easy application.
  • Working time of up to 25 minutes (similar to epoxies) even in most adverse weather conditions.

All Seasons Application
  • Can be applied and cure at temperatures between 0°F/-17°C and 100°F/38°C at 15% to 85% relative humidity.

Factory Pigmented
  • Easy application.
  • No adding pigments in the field.
  • Consistent color from batch to batch.
  • Higher density of pigment for superior hide and filling over concrete.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Vinyl Chip Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Vinyl Chip Polyaspartic Coating Systems image

Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Vinyl Chip Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Glossy terrazzo. With Flexmar® NextGen™ vinyl chip polyaspartic coating systems, you can choose the look that fits your décor. By varying the color combination of vinyl chips and chip size, our applicators can achieve just about any appearance.

A finished Flexmar vinyl chip floor is bright, glossy, and has just a slight texture to it. And the floor will retain its appearance - without yellowing or fading due to age or exposure to fluorescent lighting or sunlight -for years to come, with no buffing, polishing, waxing, or re-sealing.
Flexmar 2-Coat High-Build Color Flake System image

Flexmar 2-Coat High-Build Color Flake System - 11-19 Mils DFT

Our most popular decorative commercial system. Vibrant granite. Glossy terrazzo. Mimic just about any appearance. Match the décor of an outdoor patio, office suite, or other light commercial surfaces by selecting from virtually limitless combinations of Color Flake and coating colors. Plus, our vinyl chip systems provide superior resistance to hot tire pickup, and have just a slight texture to help reduce the risk of slipping!
Flexmar 3-Coat High-Build Color Flake System image

Flexmar 3-Coat High-Build Color Flake System - 15-25 Mils DFT

The commercial and retail workhorse. The Flexmar 3-Coat High-Build Color Flake System provides the same bright chip look as its two-coat counterpart. But the additional layer of Clear Coat HS provides even more gloss and protection from chipping, scratching, abrasion, and hot tire pickup. Perfect for commercial garages, medical lab facilities, warehouses, big box stores, or other surfaces that face heavy traffic or abuse.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Reverse Chip Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Flexmar 3-Coat (Including Optional Clear Coat) High-Build  Reverse Color Flake System image

Flexmar 3-Coat (Including Optional Clear Coat) High-Build Reverse Color Flake System - 15-23 Mils DFT

A finished Flexmar® NextGen™ reverse chip floor is bright, glossy, and has just a slight texture to it. It's the perfect blend between our Color Flake and solid pigment polyaspartic coating systems! Flexmar reverse chip polyaspartic coatings provide that hint of texture to the floor surface in a solid color. This system is perfect for hallways, laundries, factory floors, commercial garages, commercial kitchens, or anywhere a clean-looking, monolithic surface is essential!

From warm, creamy manila to bright, dazzling royal blue, Flexmar reverse chip polyaspartic coating systems can be formulated in just about any color you can imagine. So your new polyaspartic floor surface can be a subtle accent to your space, or a bright focal point. And, of course, you can choose multiple colors and have your Flexmar-qualified applicator create a unique design or add safety striping.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Silica Sand Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Flexmar 2-Coat High-Build Solid Broadcast Silica Sand  Color System image

Flexmar 2-Coat High-Build Solid Broadcast Silica Sand Color System - 7-11 Mils DFT

Like the 3-Coat High-Build Solid Color System, this system provides a bright, clean backdrop for concrete surfaces, indoors and out. But by broadcasting silica sand into the Self-Prime Color Coat HS base, this system offers additional slip resistance. It's ideal for pool surrounds or other surfaces that may become wet!

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Solid Color Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Flexmar 3-Coat High-Build Solid Color System image

Flexmar 3-Coat High-Build Solid Color System - 12-21 Mils DFT

Automotive dealer showrooms, auto body shops, big-box stores, fire stations, airplane hangars, and manufacturing facilities, to name a few, love the durable brilliance of Flexmar solid color polyaspartic coating systems for their floor surface. With a bold look from Flexmar Coatings, it's easy to have a bright, clean-looking, durable floor surface . . . and keep it that way!

But a Flexmar® NextGen™ solid color polyaspartic floor coating system is about more than providing a single color on the floor. It's about using solid colors to make your floor space exactly what you need it to be. Our qualified applicators can create safety striping for garage and warehouse areas, embed logos and other graphics for commercial floors, and even craft creative designs using multiple colors to make your floor a showcase.

And whether your floor is exposed to occasional foot traffic or near-constant heavy equipment traffic, Flexmar solid color polyaspartic coating systems will protect the floor and continue to look great, year after year, without fading, yellowing, staining, scratching, or cracking. All with minimal application time and minimal maintenance-just dry or wet mop as needed!

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ Clear Polyaspartic Sealer Coating Systems

Flexmar 2-Coat High-Build Clear Coat System  image

Flexmar 2-Coat High-Build Clear Coat System - 8-12 Mils DFT

Our NextGen™ clear polyaspartic sealer makes it simple to get the long-term protection for flooring you want to keep beautiful!

Sometimes you need protection from the elements rather than a completely new look. Patios, porches, walkways, and even some garage floors, decks, and other surfaces have inherent beauty. But to retain that beauty, year after year, these surfaces require protection against fading, yellowing, abrasion, chipping, staining, and cracking. Flexmar clear sealer can offer the long-term non-yellowing barrier that can keep your surface looking great without re-sealing the surface year after year.

Flexmar® NextGen™ clear polyaspartic sealer can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including concrete, stone, pavers, wood, and VCT tile. Flexmar clear is also applied to other polyaspartic floor coating systems as a final coat. Like all Flexmar quality products, our clear sealer dries and can be returned to normal use in about an hour after application.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Color Quartz Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Flexmar 3-Coat High-Build Broadcast Quartz Color System image

Flexmar 3-Coat High-Build Broadcast Quartz Color System - 7-11 Mils DFT

Unsurpassed beauty with polyaspartic durability. Colored quartz granules broadcast into our 3-Coat High-Build Colored Quartz System create an infinite number of combinations, providing a brilliant and naturally elegant look to any floor surface, especially retail, corporate, and outdoors areas. And the texture of the finished floor makes this ideal for added slip resistance on surfaces that are exposed to high foot and forklift traffic.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flexmar NextGen™ High-Build Metallic Color Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Flexmar High-Build Metallic Color System image

Flexmar High-Build Metallic Color System - 13-19 Mils DFT (with Optional Clear Coat)

Pearlescent and iridescent effects add unique, eye-catching depth and beauty to any floor surfaces. The system is ideal for upscale areas, including entryways and lobbies, atria and porte cochere, retail stores and bars or nightclubs, and hallways and walkways. An optional finish clear coat provides additional mil thickness for even more protection against abrasion and wear from high foot or vehicle traffic.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Additional Resources

Additional Resources image

Additional Resources

Getting to know additional is simple. click on "Additional Resources," above, and you'll have access to a variety of additional resources to help you better understand Flexmar® NextGen™ polyaspartic floor coatings and the NextGen coating system that's best for your building project.

Color Chart / Color Samples
System Animations
Application Focuses
Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance Guidelines
Guide Specifications
Technical Product Bulletins
Properties Charts

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact image

Environmental Impact

When It Comes to Satisfying Credits to Your Building Projects LEED Certification, The Choice Is Simple: Flexmar

From surface preparation, to application, to return-to- service, and beyond, Flexmar NextGen ' polyaspartic coatings offer significant reductions in materials waste, energy consumption, air contaminants, and materials use or waste from required maintenance and cleaning over the life of the concrete surface. Flexmar polyaspartic coatings have virtually no odor and are compliant to 0 VOC. They can even extend the useful life of existing floors, which reduces wasteful removal and replacement.

Flexmar Coatings is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and all Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings and sealers can contribute toward satisfying credits in the Indoor Environmental Quality and Materials and Resources categories under the LEED program.

Indoor Environmental Quality
• USGBC IEQ Credit 4.2 & 4.3 - Low Emitting Materials 1 POINT Reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants. Our polyaspartic coatings meet and exceed VOC requirements for floor coatings.

Materials and Resources
• MR Credit 1 - Building Reuse (1 Point)
Extend the life of the building structure and maintain existing floors, walls and roof to reduce waste. Our polyaspartic coatings can help repair and extend the useful life of existing concrete floors to reduce wasteful removal and replacement.
• MR Credit 5
Projects within 500 miles of our manufacturing facility in Brackenridge, Pa. 15014 can qualify for additional LEED points.
• MR Credit 5.1 - Regional Materials (1 Point)
0% extr acted, processed, and manufactured regionally.
• MR Credit 5.2 Regional Materials (1 Point)
In addition to MR Credit 5.1 Regional Materials: 20% extracted, processed, and manufactured regionally.

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Applications image


The Choice Is Simple: Flexmar

Anywhere you need a high-performance, environmentally responsible coating for slip-resistant, high-foot- traffic or high-abuse equipment and machinery, or a beautiful, eye-catching hard-surface floor treatment for an entryway, lobby, or outdoor entertainment area, a seamless floor surface that promotes cleanliness and hygiene, or a floor surface coating that's unparalleled in efficient installation with minimum disruption to revenue and services, and it's easy and inexpensive to clean and maintain . . . one producta Flexmar® NextGen™ polyaspartic coating - is perfect for the job!

Residential Applications
Commercial Applications
Architect's and Designers
Applicators and Contractors

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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

Click on the Flexmar "Photo Gallery," Link for a quick look at some of the applications where Flexmar polyaspartic coatings systems have been used.

Some of the applications you'll see include:

• Medical Rescue Team EMS Station
• Ingomar Volunteer Fire Station
• Forza Motorcars Showroom
• Rizzo's Malabar Inn Restaurant and Foodservice Kitchen
• Greensburg ACE hardware
• Collision Car Auto Body
• Boiler Room Atop a 64-Story Office Tower
• Penn State Locker Room
• Flexmar Vinyl Chip Polyaspartic Coating Systems
• Flexmar Solid Color Polyaspartic Coating Systems
• Flexmar Reverse Chip Polyaspartic Coatings Systems

Last Update: 2017-12-19