The Original Concrete Polishing System


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The Original Concrete Polishing System

The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System is a combination of diamond grinding, polishing, and the RetroPlate densifier. Curecrete was the first to combine the effects of diamond grinding and polishing concrete with a permanent application densifier - setting the groundwork for what has now become the concrete polishing industry.

RetroPlate polished floors are highly abrasion resistant and dustproofed surfaces with increased impact resistance and reflectivity. With benefits of up to 400% increase in abrasion, 21% increase in impact resistance, and 30% increase in light reflectivity, the RetroPlate System delivers concrete floors that are durable, green (contributes to LEED points), easy to maintain, long lasting and attractive.

Whether a concrete floor is old or new, industrial, commercial or architectural, the RetroPlate System is offers endless design options. From colored concrete to varying degrees of aggregate exposure and sheen level - the RetroPlate System transforms boring concrete into beautiful works of art.


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RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System image

RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System

RetroPlate is a chemically reactive liquid which enhances concrete density and hardness, allowing concrete surfaces to be polished to a high, marble-like sheen. In conjunction with diamond tools and machinery, and the process of grinding and polishing concrete, the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System transforms new and old concrete into strong, durable and beautiful works of art.

Product Literature: 

RetroPlate Brochure
RetroPlate Photo Book
2019 Project Highlights Photobook
RetroPlate SDS

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The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System includes three basic steps (four including custom color/dye) performed by certified applicators.


Grind the floor with industrial strength diamonds to remove imperfections such as trowel marks or scratches,and expose bare concrete by removing existing coatings or mastics. Grinding can be light to heavy depending on the desired level of exposed aggregate.


Add style and personality to your polished concrete floors with an array of color options. Achieve any look and style with full color floors, custom logos or unique patterns. Color options for polished concrete include: integral color, dry shake and topical dyes and stains.


RetroPlate penetrates the concrete and chemically reacts to harden and densify the floor by filling pores and creating a denser surface. Many densifiers on the market claim to work for polished concrete, but RetroPlate has been specifically formulated to allow the concrete surface to be polished to a marble-like sheen.


Polish the floor with progressively finer diamond grits to achieve the level of shine and reflection desired. Polished concrete floors can be polished from a flat, matte appearance, to a highly polished, glossy finish.

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  • LEED Qualified
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance
  • Increased Floor Hardness
  • Marble-Like Shine / Increased Light Reflectivity
  • Densified Floor Surface, 
  • Dustproof
  • Low Maintenance
  • Unlimited Decorative Combinations

Cleaning and Maintenance image

Cleaning and Maintenance

Concrete floors are strong, functional and long wearing. However, they are not bullet proof. Proper care is vital and necessary to ensure the long term benefits of a densified and densified polished concrete floor.  Long touted as "maintenance free,"  concrete floors are actually "low maintenance," and with the proper know-how, will perform for a lifetime.

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Concrete Floors

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Pacific Audi - Automotive  - Torrance, CA image

Pacific Audi - Automotive - Torrance, CA

Beginning work on Pacific Audi included a 50, 100 and 200 resin grind. Mark Beamish Waterproofing crew members then applied the RetroPlate System and polished the floor with 400 and 800 resin diamond pads. Final work on Pacific Audi concluded with the application of RetroGuard and a burnish for protected, lasting shine.

Royal Brunei Police Force HQs - Government -  Jalan Gadong, Brunei image

Royal Brunei Police Force HQs - Government - Jalan Gadong, Brunei

The Royal Brunei Police Force Headquarters was completed in 2014 and designed with symbolic characteristics reflecting strength and structure on its southern face and transparency and openness on its northern face. The architectural symbolism showcased in the building's design reflects the purpose of the Police Force which is to provide transparency and order in the justice system.

Chipotle Mexican Grill - Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA image

Chipotle Mexican Grill - Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA

Mark Beamish Waterproofing began work on this Chipotle project in Los Angeles by filling existing cracks, joints and spalls before starting the metal polishing. The Retroplate System was installed across 1,000 ft2 after which the floor was guarded and burnished. Pleased with the final product, Chipotle has been added to Mark Beamish Waterproofing's extensive list of satisfied customers. 

Bennett High School - Schools - Salisbury, MD image

Bennett High School - Schools - Salisbury, MD

The floor was polished with the traditional RetroPlate method by starting wet from 30 metal to 200 resin and finished dry from 400 - 1,500 resin. RetroPlate was applied to the point of rejection, maintained wet for 45 minutes, left to sit no less than 24 hours before polishing and used with a fully refined polishing system. Results were quantified through the use of a profile meter. 

The school system's floor care cost were reduced by 60%. Won 2nd place in the ASCC category for polished concrete. Cuviello concrete is not a member of ASCC. The winner was an ASCC member. As a result of the significantly reduced floor care cost and aesthetic qualities, the new Bennett Middle School will receive the same flooring system to be performed in July 2014. Cuviello Concrete has been awarded this job and will not only include corridors but also classrooms totaling 95,371 ft2 of area. 

Oceanside Museum of Art - Museum - Oceanside, CA image

Oceanside Museum of Art - Museum - Oceanside, CA

Mark Beamish Waterproofing was contracted to complete the concrete polishing for the expansion of the Oceanside Museum of Art in 2008. First, Mark Beamish Waterproofing went in to clean and prep the concrete surface, including filling the slab joints and patching/repairing any spalls. The refining process was initiated by grinding and then honing the concrete with the Klindex Expander followed by the utilization of the Retroplate System to chemically densify the concrete. Mark Beamish Waterproofing then completed the concrete refining by bringing the polish up to the specified shine through a series of passes with the resin bonded diamond pads. 

SEW Eurodrive - Manufacturing - Germany image

SEW Eurodrive - Manufacturing - Germany

Our exclusive distributor in Germany, NORSA GmbH recently completed the floor for SEW Eurodrive's corporate headquarters in Bruchssal, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. The owners of the building specified the Ashford Formula on the 416,029 square feet / 38,650 square meter project, which was started in December 2008 and completed in August 2009. SEW Eurodrive is an international organization that manufactures geared motors, frequency inverters and servo drives. They employ over 11,000 people worldwide. 

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Green & Sustainable image

Green & Sustainable

The RetroPlate System was designed with environmentally responsible ingredients and as a result, contributes to LEED Points. It has been used in many facilities earning LEED Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified status.

LEED Point Credits
Green Projects

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Ashford Formula - The Original Concrete Densifier image

Ashford Formula - The Original Concrete Densifier

Ashford Formula is a chemically reactive liquid that penetrates the concrete, solidifying the concrete surface components into a solid mass.It produces a permanently denser, harder, penetration and abrasion-resistant concrete surface. Ashford Formula is inorganic, nontoxic, VOC free, colorless and odorless.

Product Literature:
Ashford Formula Brochure
Ashford Formula SDS
2019 Project Highlights Photobook

CreteStrip - Concrete Stripper image

CreteStrip - Concrete Stripper

CreteStrip is a chemical agent specifically designed to remove residues and coatings like tire marks, acrylics, carpet and tile mastics, paint, etc. from concrete and masonry surfaces in preparation for the application of the Ashford Formula and RetroPlate concrete densifiers.

Product Literature:
CreteStrip Sales Sheet
CreteStrip SDS

KickStart - Concrete Grinding Accelerator & Clarity Enhancer image

KickStart - Concrete Grinding Accelerator & Clarity Enhancer

KickStart is a concrete grinding accelerator and clarity enhancer that provides accelerated and enhanced clarity to hard steel troweled concrete in fewer grinding/polishing steps. In conjunction with CreteClean Plus, KickStart produces enhanced clarity at any finish, whether cream, salt ‘n pepper or exposed aggregate.

Product Literature:
KickStart - Sales Sheet
KickStart - SDS

CreteFill Pro Series - Concrete Joint Filler, Crack & Spall Repair image

CreteFill Pro Series - Concrete Joint Filler, Crack & Spall Repair

The CreteFill Pro Series line of products is designed to fill new or damaged control joints and repair cracks and spalls in concrete floors. These products can be custom color matched to any color specification and can be used in a variety of applications to mend and repair imperfections in concrete.

Product Literature:
CreteFill Pro 85 MI - Sales Sheet

CreteFill Pro 85 MI - SDS

CreteFill Crack Repair EZ Shave - Sales Sheet

CreteFill Crack Repair EZ Shave - SDS

Crete Fill Spall Repair - Sales Sheet

Crete Fill Spall Repair - SDS

CreteFill Joint Filler Estimating Chart

CreteFill - Color Selection Guide

CreteClean Plus - Concrete Cleaner image

CreteClean Plus - Concrete Cleaner

Not all floor cleaners are created equal, and this is especially true for concrete cleaners. CreteClean Plus is specifically designed to complement and work with concrete floors, helping them remain in excellent working condition and always looking great. CreteClean Plus is void of acids, hydroxides and sulfates which can be harmful to concrete, has a pH level complementary to that of aged/cured concrete, and utilizes Polar Micelle Technology for maximum pick-up of soil and grit from the floor surface.

Product Literature:
Cleaning & Maintenance Guide for Concrete Floors
CreteClean Plus - Sales Sheet
CreteClean Plus SDS
CreteClean Plus - Single Dose - Sales Sheet

RetroPel - Concrete Protection image

RetroPel - Concrete Protection

RetroPel is a stain repellant that has been specifically formulated for concrete and terrazzo floors. RetroPel resists oil and waterborne stains, and when used in conjunction with the Ashford Formula or RetroPlate, provides additional protection.

Product Literature:
RetroPel - Sales Sheet
RetroPel - SDS

RetroGuard - Concrete Protection image

RetroGuard - Concrete Protection

RetroGuard is a modified acrylic sealer yielding high reflectivity. The topical coating is suitable for protecting concrete and natural or synthetic stone surfaces against oil and food staining. It is UV-stable, and therefore, applicable on both exterior as well as interior surfaces. RetroGuard is highly effective at preventing acid staining on all stone and concrete surfaces, even keeping acidic fumes from the surface to which it is applied.

Product Literature:
RetroGuard - Sales Sheet
RetroGuard - SDS

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