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AutoGate, Inc., is located near the shores of Lake Erie in Berlin Heights, Ohio. We are a family owned business founded in 1986. With a reputation for quality, we are a leading manufacturer of the Vertical Pivot Gate (VPG) operators. In addition to manufacturing the first UL 325 compliant vertical pivot gate operator, we also offer a full line of reversing/safety, accessory and access control devices.

Our product line includes “The Shield®”, a Department of State (DoS) / ASTM F2656 K12/ASTM 50, K8/ASTM 40, K4/ASTM 30 and a Shallow Foundation K4/ASTM 30 rated Anti-Terrorism active crash barrier gates. All of our crash systems are listed on the Department of Defense (DoD) Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List.

With a product suite focused on quality and over 90 combined years of experience in security sales and technical support, AutoGate is a complete source for secure entry solutions.

Our standard and Anti-Terrorism products are appropriate for commercial & industrial facilities, gated communities, mini storage facilities, marinas, high threat level installations and any other location where pedestrian and vehicle access needs to be controlled. With our built-in Battery Back-up feature, you will have the security of knowing your gate will continue to operate during a short term power outage.


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Vertical Pivot Gate Operators

AutoGate is the leading manufacturer of the first UL-325 Listed Vertical Pivot gate operators. Our Vertical Pivot gate operators are appropriate in almost any application where vehicles and/or pedestrians need to be controlled. Our gates are custom manufactured to meet your specifications and are available in lengths to 20 feet (steel) or 24 feet (aluminum). Our fabrication process uses a solid weld technique which is far superior in quality to tack welded, screwed or riveted constructed gates. The stand alone system is operated by 24VDC power. No hydraulics are incorporated in our automatic gate entry systems. In addition, built-in battery backup prevents security lapses during power outages. Our Vertical Pivot gate operators require very minimal preventative maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Vertical Pivot gates operate in all weather conditions including extreme heat and cold as well as snow. They are adaptable to any site challenges including uneven driveways, drainage swales, curb notches, contours, and racking. Because the Vertical Pivot pivots open 90 degrees, less space is necessary for installation and operation. Additional security features include anti-climb designs and all models have open and close cycles that range from 10-12 seconds, depending on the style and length. Our Vertical Pivot gate system is highly compatible with most access control systems as well as emergency entry devices used by Police and Fire departments.

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Security Gate - The Shield®

THE SHIELD® holds a DOS K12 (L3) /ASTM F2656 M50-P1, a DOS K8 (L3) /ASTM F2656 M40-P1, and a DOS K4 (L3)/ASTM F2656 M30-P1 Crash rating. Our K4 DOS/ASTM F2656 M30/P1 is also available in a SHALLOW FOUNDATION (SF) option for sites that are in a high water table or have underground utilities that do not permit deeper foundation excavation. Effective February 1, 2009, the United States Department of State (DOS) will no longer be certifying anti-ram barriers under its current anti-ram barrier standard, STD-02.01 Revision A dated March 2003. Beginning February 1, 2009, DOS will evaluate only new anti-ram barriers tested under ASTM F2656-07 Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers for the selection and approval for use at DOS facilities. The only barriers considered will be those with an ASTM F2656-07 rating of M30 P1, M40 P1, and M50 P1. The Shield® is installed in a variety of high threat level facilities both nationally and abroad. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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Swing Gate Operators

From the simple residential post mounted swing gate operators to the heavy duty pad mounted industrial units, AutoGate can fit your needs. Units run on either AC or DC. The DC units have built-in battery back-up. Attach to your current gates or ask us about fabricating them for you.

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Slide Gate Operator

From Residential to commercial, we can handle all your slide gate needs. We have the operator to fit your gate system. Units run on either AC or DC. The DC units have built-in battery back-up. Attach to your current gate or ask us about fabricating them for you.

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Barrier Gate Operator

When a full size gate is not required, Barrier Gates are the solution. From 10 foot arms to 30 foot arms, we have the operator for you. Units run on either AC or DC. The DC units have built-in battery back-up.

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